Cop Who Beat Kelly Thomas To Death Gets $40,000/Year To Sit At Home

Kelly Thomas, a homeless man in Los Angeles, died days after a brutal beating five years ago this month.
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    Jay Cicinelli was one of two former Fullerton, California cops who was acquitted in the brutal 2011 beating death of Kelly Thomas. This much well known.

    What many don’t realize is this killer cop has been receiving $40,000 in an annual pension, paid out in tax-payer dollars from the City of Los Angeles.

    Former Officer Cicinelli is receiving this pension while sitting at home, after walking free – not facing any prison time for his crimes.

    Back before Cicinelli worked for the small Southern California city of Fullerton, he attempted to “rise through the ranks” in the Los Angeles Police Department.

    But that career path was cut short only three weeks after graduating from the police academy in 1996. That’s when Cicinelli was shot in the face, and lost his left eye.

    The man who shot him, Raul Jimenez ended up being sentenced to life in prison. That’s right, even though Cicinelli didn’t die, the shooter – because he shot a cop – got life in prison for shooting Cicinelli. After Cicinelli managed to survive the attempt on his life, he went on to kill an innocent man and face no punishment.

    The LAPD explained that after the loss of his eye, they couldn’t find a place on the force for Cicinelli.

    As a result, they agreed to an annual pension of 70% of his salary, which came out to $40,000 a year, as part of a disability pension.

    The Los Angeles Times reported back in 2011, that “despite his disability, Cicinelli was hired as an officer by the Fullerton Police Department, where he worked his way up from a reserve officer to a corporal earning $88,544 a year.”

    Are you doing the math? This was all on top of the $40,000 that the LAPD was already paying him and still pays him to this very day.

    Since then, Cicinelli has been receiving around $40,000 from the City of Los Angeles.

    That’s 18 years. You would have thought the beating death of Kelly Thomas might have changed things, but it hasn’t. The city pension board in fact reconvened to examine the merits of the pension and consider stripping Cicinelli of his LAPD benefits after the 2011 beating death of Kelly Thomas.

    Ultimately, however, the board decided to allow those payments to continue.

    Meanwhile, Cicinelli has kept busy filing motions begging to be reinstated. If he were to be reinstated, that would put his salary back to a staggering $130,000 a year!

    (Article by M. David)

    This Cop Beat Kelly Thomas To Death, Now He Gets $40,000 a Year To Sit At Home” was originally published by Counter Current NewsCopyright © 2015.
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    • ben dover

      Dead cops can do no harm

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    • wilson blauheuer

      I don’t like cops, and I HATE murdering cops- but fair is fair- unless you are a leftist jew

      • Snake Plissken

        You rang?

        There’s nothing fair about this. The pig and his punk kids should have Meow Mix for Thanksgiving every year.

        The only one I’m pissed at is Jimenez for not finishing the job.

    • rbdthnfngfnh

      “That’s right, even though Cicinelli didn’t die, the shooter – because he shot a cop – got life in prison for shooting Cicinelli.”

      Yeah… I’m done with this website.

    • doktorjimmy .

      What a waste, it’s too bad that drug addiction is treated as a crime instead of an illness. Bust the dealers who profit from the misery but help the victims like Kelly Thomas. I believe it is much more economical to rehabilitate people instead of putting them in jail or worse. This lawsuit will cost millions of $ that could be much better spent helping people.

    • Jim

      If I beat a homeless man to death, I wouldn’t be so lucky. Must be nice to have a license to kill

      • dxsmopuim

        A license to kill AND get paid to do it !

    • Jeffrey Jarvis

      Wish I had half of that

    • Greg Lamon

      Since when is $130,000 a year a “staggering” amount? Not these days in California.

      • Fred Pine

        I’ll take it!

      • I’ll take it if you don’t want it.

      • Inc.

        I should ruin your life for saying that stupid zhit.

      • Gobby

        Christ $130,000 is a staggering amount to me, I earn $28,000 a year

    • Dan

      Well, he was found “Not Guilty” by a jury of his peers, so technically he’s innocent of any wrong doing. This article is basically saying that they piss on the people who represent the jury, and want to lynch someone, a cop, simply because they hate cops, and/or simply want to get reactions. Either way, the only reaction I got from this article caused me to roll my eyes at the writer’s awful use of rhetoric and terrible data gathering and absolute absurd delivery of his “facts” I fully believe that this writer believes what he’s writing, but I also truly believe that this writer is a moron….so..ya… this guy took a bullet in the face to serve and protect at some point in his career; so the real question is, what have any of all the haters on here done with their lives that comes close to heroic. Keyboard warrior doesn’t make you a real warrior, guys….

      • Fred Pine

        Never killed anyone! I boxed and did full contact. I never did anything heroic like beat a skinny mentally handicapped man to death – sorry. I guess I don’t measure up to that challenge.

      • I am proud to have never murdered anyone. Whereas Officer Cicinelli got caught on video WITH AUDIO murdering a homeless man as he lay in a pool of his own blood begging for his father to help him. Kelly Thomas did not resist, did not become aggressive, and this piece of trash, along with his trash friends grabbed Thomas, held him down and spent fifteen minutes beating him to death. After they were acquitted, they went back on duty and started terrorizing innocent people and threatening all kinds of horrible things that would get away with because they were “fully justified”. The only reason you’re even talking is because there are no cops around whose dicks you can suck.

        • alicia arol

          I was living in LA at the time but lost track of this case that SHOCKED ME BEYOND BELIEF when I watched the video footage & heard that terrified, mentally ill, homeless, man crying out to his father for help=Besides the OBVIOUS REASONS (ie that this world is beyond CORRUPT) does anybody know why/HOW the cops involved in this obvious to any non moron BRUTAL MURDER were acquitted of all charges?

      • Inc.

        I hate people like you. Cop worshipers who think cops can do no wrong. Maybe you need your lights tuned out and your bank account emptied. I’m not done with you bro. Not even close.

      • Brian Youse

        Dan, the only moron here is YOU. And technically speaking, you’re wrong; getting off on a jury of your peers only makes you legally right, not overall right. There’s audio and video here implicating him and his scum partners. Clearly you’re not a fan of any objective truth. I also piss on the people who represent the jury, mostly because they represent a lot of cop-apologist trash like yourself. And if you were familiar with jury processes, it only takes one sheepish thoughtless low-life such as yourself to pardon a cop. People have been pardoning crimes by people wearing a uniform for too long. I’m sure someone so unreasonable, heartless, and overall deranged like you has never come even remotely close to doing anything heroic. Neither has your scumbag hero Cincinelli, (who unfortunately for humanity the bullet missed his brain), whose only claim to fame is beating a subdued homeless guy. Some of us actually have true courage. Then there’s the cowards in blue, and low-life trash like yourself (who happens to be just as big a keyboard warrior as anybody).

      • Dan

        Wow, that’s why I used the term, “technically” Not justifiably, not correctly, not morally, or any other words. I wasn’t there. But my issue is with the writer’s style of writing. It’s written in a way to cause the exact comments that everyone’s getting all frazzled about

      • Thomas Grimes

        i believe that you are technically moronic

      • yehuda braun

        O.J. Simpson is also “not guilty”

      • alicia arol

        The question on my mind is how the fk could any of those EVIL cops who participated in the GROUP FATAL BEATING of that poor, mentally ill, homeless, man have been found NOT GUILTY????? (I was living in LA at the time but lost track of this case that I remember SHOCKED
        ME BEYOND BELIEF when I watched the video footage & heard that
        terrified, mentally ill, homeless, man crying out to his father for
        help while he was being BEATEN TO DEATH=Besides the OBVIOUS REASONS- that this world/our judicial system is beyond CORRUPT-does anybody know why/HOW the cops involved in this obvious to any non
        moron BRUTAL MURDER were acquitted of all charges?)

      • Maud Kennedy

        Let’s say what Kelly Thomas thinks! Oups,sorry,he can’t:he’s dead after having been violently beaten by that thug and his mates.

      • aaronf44

        Not done anything heroic, but I also haven’t beaten someone to death with 6 of my friends. So yeah, i’ll take the moral high ground.

    • Cilisi

      First of all; Be aware that the writer is from “Counter Current News”. They pride themselves on slanted stories about anything they disagree with. They have the anarchist philosophy and well known cop haters.

      The writer keeps calling him guilty of the crime, but a jury found him NOT GUILTY. So if I call M. David guilty of anything it’s true if I just repeat it enough. Common sense plays no part in his writing.

      Being that the officer was found not guilty he’s entitled to his disability pension, after all it was from being shot in the face by a criminal, who righteously got life in prison. LAPD could have put him back to work, but they chose to pay the disability retirement.

      Get a clue M.David. We know you’re nothing but a hater.

      • Thomas Grimes

        So where is the common sense in the American justice system…How many innocent people have the police murdered and it is still happening daily .. You are confusing common sense with burying ones head in the sad ..

        • Cilisi

          Give it a rest hippie. 99.999% or better are completely justified. You have NO evidence to the contrary.

          • ALLxIN

            Hippie?? Wow soooo disconnected from any form of reality…Swallow it whole eh? Killer cop just gets his pension, and the city pays a huge sum to the family. What part of that makes sense to you, never mind….

          • Brian Youse

            The constitution is actually against murder. And there is plenty of video evidence, you weak trash. Set yourself on fire, fascist scum

          • James Michael


    • donqpublic

      Well, I have some comments. He was found not guilty, so he didn’t commit the crime and is entitled to his disability pension. Perhaps if there were more light duty clerical positions not requiring two eyes filled by female officers–such as doing Infernal affairs investigations or departmental information officer–they could have found a “place” for him on the “force” and would not have forced him out on a disability retirement. Curious, if he was hired by Fullerton while on disability, LA could have canceled his disability retirement and called him back to work on one of those light duty assignments they claim they didn’t have, like giving polygraphs tests to new candidates seeking employment as a police officer. Of course, I assume Fullerton as well as LA does background checks and polygraphs. But whatever. Like the writer of this article, apparently it’s not what you know but who you blow that gets by.

    • He earned the $40K, he had NO business being hired by FPD. In fact he was ONLY HIRED because he had a connection, his old Sgt @ LAPD who was by then working at FPD.

    • ReginaKSmith

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    • Mahhn

      One can only hope, that his house burns down while he’s tied up inside.

    • leastyebejudged


    • Angel Cat

      it happen in fullerton “orange county ca” and it was 4 yrs ago.. J4KT

    • DavidBPeters

      …..All time hit the mintpressnews Find Here