CIA Sex Scandal Continues: Paula Broadwell’s Promotion Revoked

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    David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell. (Photo/via Wikimedia Commons)

    David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell. (Photo/via Wikimedia Commons)

    (MintPress) – Paula Broadwell’s promotion to lieutenant colonel, issued in August 2012, has been revoked, according to an Army spokesperson.

    The revocation of her rank stems from her affair with former CIA Director David Petraeus and the investigation that followed. The Army, however, would not comment to ABC News regarding the specifics that led to her demotion.

    However, the Federal Bureau of Investigation stated that it was previously looking into Broadwell’s transportation of classified documents to her home. At the time of this alleged incident, Broadwell was writing a biography for Petraeus, which could explain why she had such documents on hand.

    Army regulations state that, up to six months after a promotion, the revocation of such can occur if new evidence comes to light.

    George Wright, an Army spokesperson, told ABC News that her rank was “revoked in accordance with Army regulation 135-155,” but would not discuss the specifics regarding what led to the revocation.

    While Petraeus stepped down following the scandal, the CIA inspector general has started an investigation looking into whether “agency resources” were used to help facilitate his affair with Broadwell.

    Broadwell remains in the Army. What is yet to be seen is whether the investigation will lead to more damning blows to her career.

    At this point, Broadwell is a promotable lieutenant colonel until the investigation wraps up. If the investigation reveals no new evidence, she could be reinstated to her former promoted status. If not, she could be used as an example of what happens when an affair that threatens the public’s trust is carried out.

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    • March 01, 2013

      — The US Army needs to hire a civilian Public Relations expert to guide it through its misery. It is taking forever to do two things: (1) Court Martial the Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan for Mass Murder; and (2) Court Martial Maj. Paula Broadwell for Adultery.

      Since a Court Martial would be very embarrassing for the Army and Gen. David Petraeus, it ppears
      the Army is trying to stall the Broadwell case long enough for her to quietly retire and fade into the sunset, but that is still almost two years away. It is doubtful that justice (and the American people) are willing to wait that long for closure to both of these cases.

      In all probability, Broadwell couldn’t care less what the Army does. She is already at peace with the fact her military career is over. Her promotion to LTC has been suspended and she’s been stripped of her Security Clearance. The proverbial KP (Kitchen Police), peeling potatoes, is just about the only duty she could legally perform if she were called to active duty. And you can bet she’s already working on her next book … her autobiography … which will no doubt be a best seller. And I wouldn’t be surprised to learn she’s already negotiating the film rights to a movie based on her life and adventures with Gen. Petraeus.
      Personally, I’d pay good money to see both her and Petraeus burned at the stake. And I’d pay a bonus if her husband is the guy who lights the match.

    • Chick is obviously mentally deranged and tried to obtain contacts through sexual exploitment. She also took classified information to her personal home where it was more than compromised. She is beyond a irresponsible disgrace and should have already been discharged from the Army!!!