Foreign Affairs
U.S.’ Role In Saudi’s War On Yemen May Include Torture
It has been reported that U.S. forces have interrogated prisoners in secret prisons in Yemen, many of which are run by the United Arab Emirates, a member of the Saudi-led coalition that is waging war in the country. Acts of torture are said to have taken place in the prisons.
Pakistan: We Won’t Tolerate Drone Strikes On Our Soil
The announcement came after news that the Trump Administration is looking to take a “hard line” toward Pakistan, including launching a new drone campaign.
Finsbury Park: On Whitewashing The ‘White Crusade’
The puritan perception of white-supremacists acknowledges that to sustain Britishness, both Muslims and Islam must be "cleansed" from Britain to keep it "terror-free."
Court Rules UK Government Acted Illegally In Blocking Israel Boycott
The judgment also declared that "anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian campaigning is not in itself anti-Semitic"
Israel’s Intelligence Chief Calls For Normalizing Ties With Saudi Arabia
Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz has also invited King Salman to send new crown prince to Israel to establish mutual ties.
South Korea: US Was Only Supposed To Install One Missile Defense Launcher This Year
Shortly after his election, South Korea's president announced that he’d learned the US had sent four additional un-approved launchers to the site.
America’s “Shadow War” In Somalia Gets A Fresh Start Under Trump
U.S. airstrikes in Somalia have killed over 400 people in the last eight years as part of a quiet war on “terrorism.” Parts of the country have been designated as “active war zones,” allowing for more strikes to take place with little to no oversight.
US ‘Interrogating Detainees Tortured In UAE Black-Sites’ In Yemen
One former detainee reported that inmates were kept blindfolded in cramped conditions in shipping containers for weeks at a time.
US & Russia Inch Toward Hot War In Syria
With the US having already directly targeted Syria’s military once, another move against them especially would risk provoking a Russian reaction, which could quickly spiral out of control.