Jewish Man Goes On Stabbing Rampage At Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade
A similar attack took place at the event in 2005.
New Report Finds ‘Strong Evidence’ Of Israeli War Crimes In Gaza
'The obligation to take precautions to avoid the loss of civilian lives was completely neglected.'
Man Fined For Calling Police ‘Slackers’ On Facebook Under Spain’s New Gag Law
Man Fined For Calling Police 'Slackers' On Facebook Under Spain's New Gag Law
Wreckage Discovered Off African Coast Maybe From Missing Malaysian Airliner
Debris discovered on the coast of the island of Reunion could be that from the airframe of a Boeing 777, like the Malaysia Airlines jetliner which disappeared without trace last year
Girls Scam ISIS On Social Media For Travel Money
Three girls turned the tables on ISIS recruiters.
As The World Mourned Cecil The Lion, Five Of Kenya’s Endangered Elephants Were Slain
While the killing of the lion in Zimbabwe has attracted the world’s attention, the death of the five elephants has received almost no coverage, even though elephants are under a far
The Private Sector Is Cashing In On The Pentagon’s ‘Insatiable Demand’ For Drone War Intelligence
With the ratio of contractors to governmental personnel swelling, many worry that targeting decisions could become meaningless.
OPEC’s Internal Politics Threaten Global Energy Security
In many ways, the current conflict in Yemen can be seen as a “proxy war” between two OPEC members, motivated by oil.
Saudi Arabia Weaponizes Humanitarian Aid In Yemen
Saudi Arabia opened its checkbook in response to a U.N. appeal for funds to cover the most urgent humanitarian aid to Yemen. But that aid would come at a steep price and with more than
Iran Ceases Financial Aid To Hamas
Hamas's politburo chief Moussa Abu Marzouk, who is believed to currently reside in exile in Egypt, has now claimed that Iran's financial backing has dried up.