Foreign Affairs
Gunman Kills Nine, Then Himself, In Munich Rampage
German authorities are stating that there is the possibility that this attack was carried out by “right wing extremists” who are upset over Germany’s immigration policies.
Iraq War families smash crowdfund target to put Tony Blair on trial
Roger Bacon, whose son Matthew was killed serving in Iraq, told RT that any money raised in a civil case by military families against Tony Blair will be donated to the Iraqi people to improve their lives. Matthew Bacon, a British Army major, was killed by a roadside bomb while traveling in a lightly-armored Snatch vehicle in Iraq in 2005. His bereaved father described to RT his awe at the staggering success of the Iraq War Families Campaign’s crowdfunding drive to fund a full legal examination
Erdogan Purges 60,000 Positions After Failed Coup, Shifting Turkey Into Totalitarianism
Erdogan's purge took a dark turn when the Erdoğan government moved beyond ferreting out coup supporters in the military. Soldiers, police, judges, civil servants, teachers, and others—over 60,000 people so far—have been suspended, terminated, or detained, and a putatively temporary prohibition on international travel for all academics is now in effect.
Al-Qaeda Releases Video Executing at Least 12 ‘Pro-Govt’ Syrians
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had reported a previous video from Nusra showing 14 captives, with one reading a prepared statement asking the government not to enter Harira, and warning that all the detainees would be killed if they did.
$6B Spent Fighting ISIS, 50,000 Bombs Dropped In Iraq & Syria, And Still No End In Sight
‘The U.S. taxpayers will pay once to blow the place up and then pay again to build it back up,’ wrote one analyst of the seemingly endless campaign to destabilize Syria and the Middle East.
Over One Third Of Nice Attack Victims Were Muslim
Muslims suffer the worst consequences of terrorism, undermining the usual racist narrative portraying Islam as a violent religion targeting Western values and populations.
US-Backed Syrian Rebels Film Themselves Beheading 10 Year-Old Boy
The US says it may reconsider its affiliation and support for the Syrian opposition if reports of anti-Assad rebels beheading a Palestinian boy are confirmed. The State Department has vowed “consequences” if the gruesome videos of the death are true.
US Air Strike In Syria Kills Nearly 60 Civilians ‘Mistaken’ For ISIS
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the strikes appeared to have been carried out in error, with the civilians mistaken for ISIS militants.
Wikileaks Dumps Years’ Worth Of Emails From Turkey’s Ruling Party
WikiLeaks has said in its Twitter feed that it’s been under sustained cyber-attacks since Monday, seemingly an effort to take the site offline or prevent its release.
Damascus: Life Returns 5 Years After NATO Destabilization Efforts
Life for many in Damascus, Syria is beginning to regain a sense of normalcy. Once besieged by foreign fighters, the ancient city and it's residents struggle to rebuild their lives, land and livelihood, rejoicing in the simple mundanity of day-to-day life.