Foreign Affairs
Mossad, Other Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed In Russian Missile Strike On Aleppo
Several US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and British officers were also killed along with the Israeli officers.
34 Years Ago – The IDF’s Forgetten Massacres Of 3500 People – Including Women And Children
“I saw dead women in their houses with their skirts up to their waists and their legs spread apart; dozens of young men shot after being lined up against an alley wall; children with their throats slit, a pregnant woman with her stomach chopped open, her eyes still wide open."
Israeli-Canadian Thought Police Take Aim…. At Me
How the Internet trolls at B’nai Brith that have shown themselves to be unrelenting in planting lies and innuendo with the aim of silencing criticism of Israel.
Saudi Royal Says He Twice Saved Donald Trump From Bankruptcy
In an interview with Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper, the prince said he bought Trump’s hotels from the bank after they were seized following one of Trump's bankruptcies,
American Pastor Deported From Botswana After Calling For Gays To Be Murdered
"We don't want hate speech in this country. Let him do it in his own country," said Botswana's president.
Leaked Colin Powell Email: Israel Has 200 Nukes, All Targeting Iran
In the latest batch of leaked Democratic Party emails released on, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell asserts that Israel is in possession of around 200 nuclear weapons.
Journey To Aleppo: Exposing The Truth Buried Under NATO Propaganda
The Syrian people are suffering under the ‘moderate rebels’ and ‘opposition forces’ backed by the US, NATO member states and their allies in the Gulf states and Israel. Yet their suffering is largely ignored in the mainstream media unless it furthers the agenda dictated by the State Department.
US Admits To Supplying Saudi Arabia With White Phosphorus Munitions
The US has faced growing pressure in recent months over arms sales to Saudi Arabia, as their airstrikes in Yemen have caused massive numbers of civilian casualties.
Leaked: ‘New TTIP’ Could Undermine Global Action On Climate Change
Unlike global trade deals global climate agreements currently have no enforcement mechanism.
New Report Confirms CIA Arming al-Qaeda Fighters In Syria
The report concludes that the FSA was quickly becoming a cover name for Nusra, a fact which apparently didn’t phase the CIA, which was just as eager to use this pretense, so long as they were arming a group that was fighting against the Syrian government.