Foreign Affairs
Why Iran Believes ISIS Is A US Creation
“We believe that the West has been influential in the creation of ISIS for a number of reasons. First to engage Muslims against each other, to waste their energy and in this way Israel’s security would be guaranteed or at least enhanced,” says Ganji. “Secondly, an ugly, violent and homicidal face of Islam is presented to the world. And third, to create an inconvenience for Iran.”
Rights Group: Israel Used “Disappearance” Of Soldier As Pretext For Killing Spree Of Palestinians
Israel’s response to the disappearance of the three Israeli teens was one of “shooting at anything and anybody,” according to an analysis published this week by the Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq.
VIDEO: Is Israel Denying Asylum to Jewish African Refugees Because They Are Black?
Since 2009, 17,778 Africans, mostly Jews, have applied for asylum in Israel seeking refuge in the Jewish state. Only 45 of these applicants have been granted refugee status, as most applications have been denied & withdrawn or imprisoned in the Negev Desert allegedly on the basis of being Black.
Angry At Local Police, Gunman Kills 8 In The Czech Republic
Czech public radio said the perpetrator called a local television station before the attack, complaining that police weren't solving his problems and threatening that he would "take things into his hands."
Mobile Technology A Lever For Women’s Empowerment
Mark West, a UNESCO project officer says that the fact that 25 percent fewer women than men currently access the Internet “was alarming” and that changes needed to occur early in education so that girls were not left out of future jobs.
MintPress #TBT: A Ret. Pentagon Official Predicted Saudi Ambitions For ME Through Use Of Terror In 2011
In 2011, Mnar Muhawesh, founder and editor-in-chief of MintPress News, interviewed Air Force Col. B. Wayne Quist (Ret.) about goings on in the Middle East. Quist detailed Saudi plans for the region -- plans that are important to reflect upon today.
VIDEO: The Origins Of ISIS
Ben Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media. Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by "inaction" by the United States government or by "direct" action.
Artist Banksy Releases New Short Film On Gaza
Make this the year YOU discover a new destination.
Netanyahu Admits Sabotage Of Iran Talks His Primary Mission
'It is my obligation,' says Israeli prime minister, 'to do everything that I can to prevent this agreement.'
Details On An Alleged US-Backed Coup In Venezuela Come To Light
Failing to bring down Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution and Hugo Chavez, the U.S. is now allegedly orchestrating coups in the South American country and imposing sanctions in response to what it says are violations of human rights.