Israel’s Future In FIFA Is Uncertain Over Treatment Of Palestinian National Team
The Palestinian Football Association wants Israel suspended from world soccer because its security forces restrict movement of players in the West Bank and Gaza.
Black Israelis Are Protesting Against Institutional Racism, Police Brutality
The unrest followed video that emerged last week of an Ethiopian Israeli soldier being beaten by police in what appeared to be an unprovoked attack.
Too Big To Prosecute: Army Struggles To Cope With Rampant Fraud In The Military
Despite over 100 successful prosecutions and hundreds more cases awaiting their day in court, U.S. Army officials warn that the problem of corruption is more than the system can handle
Lauryn Hill Cancels Israel Concert After #KillingMeSoftly Social Media Campaign
Under pressure from a social media campaign, musician Lauryn Hill canceled a scheduled concert in Tel Aviv, becoming the latest artist to honor the cultural boycott of Israel.
While Europe Wrestles With Migrant Issue, A Vigil Is Held In Malta
Though anti-immigrant sentiment runs high in Malta, a tiny island in the Mediterranean, it’s not stopping citizens from reflecting on the humanitarian disaster reflected in the deaths
Israeli Soldiers: “Army Deliberately Targeted Civilians In Gaza”
“I think, deep inside, it bothered me a little. But after three weeks in Gaza, when you’re firing at everything that moves, and even things that don’t move, at a psychotic pace,
The Staggering Size Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis Threatens Aid Efforts
Foreign aid budgets and NGOs are overwhelmed by the massive Syrian refugee crisis, and it’s only getting worse as time goes on.
Israel Fuels The Syrian Crisis With Aid To Al-Qaida Rebels
Media reports hammer home the notion that Israel’s borders are under new threat from fighting from ISIS and al-Qaida, but rarely explain how Israel offers direct aid to al-Qaida.
Poll: Americans Approve Of Drone Strikes On American Citizens
While the U.S. once condemned Israel for targeted killing from the air, such operations are now the centerpiece of American counterterrorism policy, and they enjoy widespread public
Israel’s Gaza Onslaught Targeted Children And UN Shelters
As Israel faces mounting criticism over its killings of at least 44 Palestinians in six UN shelters and 547 children overall last summer, 100,000 in Gaza remain displaced as “not