Foreign Affairs
Mystery Sniper Dubbed ‘Daesh Hunter’ Takes Out Three ISIS Leaders
The mysterious gunman has become something of a hero to those living ISIS rule.
Censorship Around The World Remains High
Truth will always be more powerful than lies. And ultimately, a lie can only be censored and can only exist for so long until it is uncovered, exposed, disbelieved and tossed away. Today, we live in an age of uncovering lies and promoting the truth as has never happened before.​
Iran No Longer Accepting Dollars For Oil, Demanding Euros Instead
The new currency policy will be yet one more blow to the dollar as the world reserve currency.
Erdogan Says US Must Choose Between Turkey And Syrian Kurds
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Washington should choose between Turkey and the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, or PYD, as its partner.
NATO Plans Biggest Military Build-Up Against Russia Since The Cold War
Armed with new U.S. money, NATO plans to strengthen their 'Russia deterrence.'
British Doctors Demand Israel’s Expulsion From World Medical Association
The letter follows another in 2009, which laid out similar concerns about the Israeli medical establishment’s collusion with the country’s security apparatus and other violations of international medical ethics.
Saudi Arabia Reduces Poet’s Sentence From Beheading To 800 Lashes
The Saudi ‘justice’ system continues to execute individuals at an alarming rate, earning a designation from Amnesty International as one of “the most prolific executioners in the world.”
‘Gay Conversion’ Group Banned In US For Consumer Fraud Finds New Home In Israel
In Israel, practitioners say their services are in demand, mostly by Orthodox Jewish men who want to marry women and raise a traditional family.
London Moves To Criminalize Homelessness
A new law in London would fine the homeless £1,000 for sleeping outside or “loitering.”
Israeli Military Censor Seeks To Expand Control To ‘Prominent’ Facebook Users
At least 30 Israelis have received gag orders for social media activity.