Foreign Affairs
3 Questions As Chaotic Protests Continue In Hong Kong
HONG KONG (AP) — Three weeks ago, students at a rally stormed a fenced-off courtyard outside Hong Kong’s government headquarters, triggering unprecedented mass protests for greater democracy in the semiautonomous Chinese city. Since then, a movement that began as peaceful sit-ins in key business districts to press for democratic reforms has spiraled into an increasingly volatile and dangerous crisis with no clear endgame. Support for protesters is fast waning, as days of violent clashes
Not Drowning, Fighting: Pacific Climate Warriors Blockade Australian Coal Port
Only four of the twelve ships, including two coal ships, scheduled to pass through the port were able to break the blockade lead by a group of Pacific Climate Warriors representing 12 Pacific Island nations.
Saudis Take To Social Media To Express Rage Over al-Nimr’s Death Sentence
No one knows or can predict the possible repercussions of the death sentence passed against Saudi cleric Nimr al-Nimr, which was first reported on Twitter by his brother Mohammed.
UN: We Botched Response To The Ebola Outbreak
LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization has admitted that it botched attempts to stop the now-spiraling Ebola outbreak in West Africa, blaming factors including incompetent staff and a lack of information. In a draft internal document obtained by The Associated Press, the agency wrote that experts should have realized that traditional infectious disease containment methods wouldn’t work in a region with porous borders and broken health systems. “Nearly everyone involved in the
ISIS: Military Contractors’ “Gravy Train” To Profits
“Wall Street’s looking ahead and saying, ‘War’s good for business and companies are going to cash in,’” the director of a think tank aimed at addressing war and corruption, among other issues, tells MintPress News.
Analysis: The Fifth Caliph And ISIS: Looking To History To Understand The Present
Could ISIS be the carriers of black flags and people with “hearts of iron” Muslims were warned about centuries ago? History may provide more insight than the talking heads who seem bewildered by ISIS’ bloody campaign of terror.
VIDEO: Kobani Residents Remain Defiant As Battle Rages In Their Hometown
As the battle for Kobani intensifies and the world takes notice, the people of Kobani can only wait. Many gather on a hilltop in a Turkish border town, their hometown’s fate out of their hands but still within sight.
How America’s War Machine Turns On Itself
The US soldiers exposed to chemical weapons in Iraq is just the latest in a long tradition of American troops endangered by American-made munitions.
Clashes Intensify As Israel Restricts Access To Islamic Holy Site
On Tuesday, Israeli forces restricted the entry of Palestinian worshipers into Al-Aqsa Mosque while allowing dozens of Zionist settlers in.
Saudi Arabia Sentences Political Dissident To Death By Crucifiction
The death sentence against Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr is part of a campaign by the authorities in Saudi Arabia to crush all dissent, including those defending the rights of the Kingdom’s Shi’a Muslim community.