Shocker: Palestinians Withdraw Call To Suspend Israel From FIFA
Sepp Blatter overrules attempt to refer status of Israeli clubs to UN, prompting Palestinian Football Association to drop suspension motion.
VIDEO: US Military Accidentally Ships Live Anthrax Spores To 9 States, South Korea
Last week, a Department of Defense lab mistakenly sent live anthrax samples to labs in 9 US states and one on a US base in South Korea. Consequently, 26 lab workers have begun post-exposure
VIDEO: ISIS Lays Claim For Attack Outside Mosque In Dammam, Saudi Arabia – Killing 4
Many are calling this strategy by ISIS as "chickens coming home to roost" as Saudi Arabia and several gulf states funded and armed the terror group in it's early stages to topple Shiite
Media Blame Lone Gaza Rocket While Ignoring Israel’s History Of Breaking Ceasefires
Bombing Gaza in retaliation for a lone rocket attack is just the latest in hundreds of provocations by Israel which inevitably lead to further conflict and horror.
Israel’s Antisemitism Ad Hominem To Silence Dissent Under Fire
“The anti-Semitism allegation against BDS is clear evidence that Israel and its allies have lost the battle to defend Israeli state policies. Name-calling and smearing opponents is
Israeli Air Force Carries Out Airstrikes On Besieged Gaza Strip
The Israeli army said the shelling was in retaliation for at least one shell, allegedly fired from Gaza into open areas in the Lachish Regional Council of Settlements.
Saudi Arabia Breaks Record For Number Of Beheadings In Only 5 Months
Saudi Arabia’s state-ordered death count by beheading now sits at 88 for 2015. Even scarier, it only took five months to surpass the 12-month record set only last year.
Threat Of ‘Inevitable’ War Looms Between US And China Over Pacific Island Row
Chinese military white paper accuses US of 'meddling' in South China Sea.
New Explosions Possible At Fukushima As UN Issues Final Disaster Report
The U.N.-based International Atomic Energy Agency also criticized TEPCO, the operators of the plant, for their lack of preparedness for the devastating tsunami that hit Japan’s coast
Palestinian Detainees In Israeli Prisons Continue To Be Abused By Interrogators
Israeli forces use extreme and brutal methods to force confessions out of Palestinian detainees for "crimes against Israel" such as stone-throwing.