Foreign Affairs
US Police Corrupted By Mexico’s Cartels Along Border
The corrupting power of Mexican drug traffickers is finding its way into the police forces of the southern United States. An investigation by the Dromomanos collective, winner of the Ortega y Gasset Journalism Awards, published in El Universal, reveals drug traffickers have bribed a large number of sheriffs, border patrol officers, and customs officials in Texas.
VIDEO: Protests Mushroom In Mexico Over Forced Disappearance Of 43 Students
A mayor, corrupt cops and narco gunmen are all implicated in the crime, which thousands of officers so far haven’t been able to solve.
Bahrain’s Inconvenient Revolution: A Battle Between A King And A Family Of Freedom Fighters
“There is a pattern of economic interests, political allegiances and military parameters that come into play when it comes to Bahrain. We know that, but yet a people cannot be made to live in slavery because it is politically and economically convenient to foreign powers.”
Are Vulture Funds A US Tool Against Argentina In An Energy War With Russia?
Argentine President Kirchner tells U.N. General Assembly that the roots of terrorism run deep, calling on member states -- and particularly the U.S. -- to address the policy-linked and economic issues that give rise to violent extremism.
Four Blackwater Guards Found Guilty Of Shooting 31 Unarmed Iraqi Civilians
The men claimed self-defense, but federal prosecutors argued that they had shown "a grave indifference" to the carnage their actions would cause. All four were ordered immediately to jail.
The US Has Spent $7.6 Billion On A Drug War In Afghanistan, Where Opium Production Just Hit A New Record High
The US Has Spent $7.6 Billion On A Drug War In Afghanistan, Where Opium Production Just Hit A New Record High.
Dozens Of Civilians Killed By US-Led Bombing Of Syria: Report
In addition to hundreds of fighters reported killed in month of airstrikes, women and children among the many innocent bystanders left dead
In Pakistan, The Push To Eradicate Polio Competes With “The Zillion Other Issues”
Despite hundreds of millions in international aid funds, vaccination drives and decades of awareness campaigns, Pakistan remains polio’s last refuge.
American Citizen On The Verge Of Death In Egyptian Jail
Imprisoned for over a year in an Egyptian jail without proper medical care and under a self-imposed hunger strike, an American citizen’s health is fast deteriorating. But because of his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the U.S. hasn’t been very vocal in demanding his release.
Hong Kong Talks Between Protesters And Police Fail To Achieve Resolution To Standoff
Obama admistration must justify suppression of never-before-seen photographs depicting US military torture of detainees.