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Steve Bannon Says Joining Goldman Sachs Is Like ‘Joining The Jesuits’
Despite Steve Bannon’s embrace of economic nationalism in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bannon was singing the praises of Goldman Sachs as recently as 2012.
Washington Post’s ‘Fake News’: MSM Supports ‘Shameful,’ Anonymous Attack On Independent Media
‘The article is rife with obviously reckless and unproven allegations, and fundamentally shaped by shoddy, slothful journalistic tactics,’ Glenn Greenwald and Ben Norton wrote in an analysis of the Washington Post report attacking alternative media as Russian propagandists.
‘Liberal Global Order’: How Bush’s Neocons Crafted Obama’s Policy Of Endless War
Foreign policy analysts at the Brookings Institution urged Obama to begin ‘the provision of lethal assistance by an American-led coalition’ to Syrian rebels, while acknowledging the presence of al-Qaida fighters among their ranks.
New Study Suggests Cannabis Could Help Ease The Opioid Epidemic
‘I like to say that instead of cannabis being a gateway drug into harder drugs, I think that we might see cannabis being used as a gateway drug out of our current opioid epidemic,’ a cannabis industry consultant with a background in law enforcement tells MintPress News.
After Brutal Assault By Police, Volunteers Prepare A Thanksgiving Feast For Standing Rock Water Protectors
‘To this day, treaties are being broken for the benefit of white expansionism,’ wrote the organizer of a Thanksgiving Day feast to be served at the encampment where Native ‘water protectors’ and their allies continue to resist the Dakota Access pipeline.
Three Hundred Injured Following Police Attack On Dakota Access Pipeline Protestors
20 mace canisters were fired by police in a period of five minutes at one point. The police also fired mace canisters at medics.
The Hate Spiral Of 2016: 701 Acts Of ‘Hateful Harassment’ Since Election Day
Southern Poverty Law Center has documented 701 incidents targeting Muslims, immigrants, LGBT people, women, blacks, and other minorities since Election Day.
The Election Revealed More About The Democratic Slump Than A ‘Trump Surge’
The biggest story of the 2016 presidential election is not a ‘Trump surge,’ but a Democratic collapse.
The Hubris Of Democratic Elites, Clinton Campaign Gave Us President Trump
The Clinton campaign engaged in steps that would help ensure Trump was the Republican presidential nominee. Their acts enabled the rise of Trump, and they lost to the opponent they wanted to face because they made the same mistakes Democrats make time and time again.
Major Gains For Cannabis On Election Day Make Full Legalization Almost Inevitable
‘It’s likely now a question of when, and not if, the rest of the country will follow suit,’ according to an analysis published after legalization made major gains in voting booths around the country on Election Day.