Film The Police: How To Use Your Smartphone To Hold Cops Accountable
Video evidence is a key tool in exposing police brutality and misconduct, but it’s not always easy to make police respect the public’s constitutional right to film their actions
Death Of Paul Castaway Highlights Denver’s Overlooked Police Brutality Problem
A broad coalition of Denver activists are demanding justice and an end to police brutality, but they’re coming up against increasing police violence and arrests.
‘Mastering The Human Domain’: What’s At Stake With Jade Helm 15
The conspiracy theories around the Jade Helm 15 exercise turned into a national joke, obscuring the real issues with the normalization of the police state and possible psychological
Police Misconduct Cost Taxpayers Over $1B Since 2010
New York City taxpayers will ultimately foot the bill on a recent $5.9 million settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit over the police killing of Eric Garner last year on Staten Island,
Despite Support By Experts, Marijuana Still Unavailable To Most Veterans With PTSD
Research also suggests MDMA, also known as “Ecstasy,” can offer relief from PTSD symptoms but, like cannabis, at the federal level it remains illegal, even for medicinal purposes.
Feds Raid Native American Reservation, Seize 12,000 Legal Marijuana Plants
New federal regulations allow Native American tribes to legalize cannabis on their reservations only if they are located in a state with similarly permissive laws.
Bernie Sanders Stance On Israel Is More Of The Same Ole, Same Ole
The Vermont senator’s fans have been circulating a 20-year-old speech in which he blatantly objects to attacks on Israel, but his current views are harder to pin down.
US Might Let Snowden Come Home, If He Pleads Guilty To A Felony & Serves Time
Former Attorney General Eric Holder suggested the possibility of a deal exists, but there’s little substantial evidence of a shift in attitude from the Justice Department.
California Using Recycled Fracking Water To Irrigate Crops
Tests found that small amounts of potentially harmful or carcinogenic chemicals remain in the recycled fracking water used to irrigate crops in California’s fertile Central Valley.
UPDATE: Charges Dropped Against Okla. Veteran Treating His PTSD With Marijuana
UPDATE: After Kristoffer Lewandowski was violently extradited from California to Oklahoma, felony charges were dropped amid intense pressure from social networks and independent media.