Bernie Sanders’ Foreign Policy Includes Military Aid To Israel, Saudi Arabia
Bernie Sanders doesn’t talk much about foreign policy, and his website has no mention of it, but his open military support for Israel and Saudi Arabia speaks volumes.
Delays Abound In Prosecution Of Austin Police Detective For 2013 Shooting Of Larry Jackson
An “out of control” Det. Charles Kleinert commandeered a citizen vehicle during his pursuit of Larry Jackson, Jr., an unarmed black man.
US Falls Behind Canada, Finland And Hong Kong In Freedom Index
The ongoing U.S. “war on terror” and changes to property laws after the 2008 financial crisis were among the factors cited as causing a loss of freedom.
Almost One-Third Of Children Live In Poverty In ‘The Richest Nation In The World’
Even the standard measurement of poverty, the “poverty line,” fails to accurately reflect the struggles of modern Americans to make ends meet.
Matisyahu Raps About World Peace While Supporting Israeli War Crimes
The Spanish Reggae Festival back-tracked and apologized for removing Matisyahu from the line up. Was it anti-Semitism that led them to ban the popular singer in the first place?
4,000 Prison Inmates Fighting California Wildfires For $2 Per Day
Prisoners often work 24-hour shifts battling raging wildfires. For each day they engage in this dangerous work, they receive two days off their sentences.
Monsanto’s Cancer-Linked Weed Killer Sprayed In Fields Near 12,000 Churches
Spraying of a new combination weed killer, Enlist Duo, which combines glyphosate with another potentially harmful toxin, is also beginning in much of the United States.
‘We Charge Genocide’: Systematic Murder & Oppression Of Blacks Continues In US
A U.S. civil rights group presented its evidence of genocide against black people to the United Nations in 1951, but has anything improved since then?
A Year After Mike Brown’s Death, Ferguson Activists Fear Little Has Changed
Activists say a lot of work remains to be done in Ferguson, despite national attention, a black police chief and the election of three new black City Council members.
What Norway Is Getting Right About Policing That American Cops Just Can’t Figure Out
American police kill an average of three people a day. Norwegian police fired guns twice last year, and they haven’t killed anyone since 2006.