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After Bottling Michigan’s Clean Water, Nestle Comes Under Fire For Ties To Snyder Admin
Nestle, which bottles 200 gallons of Michigan water per minute and has ties to the Snyder administration, has become a target for activists who don’t want the corporation to profit from the Flint water crisis.
‘The ACLU Effect: Chicago Police Blame Change To Stop And Frisk For Spike In Violence
Following increased scrutiny, Chicago police are engaged in a work stoppage similar to the one that occurred after Freddie Gray was killed by Baltimore police.
Through The Revolving Door: Most Former Congress Members Become DC Lobbyists
The authors of a recent study warned that these revolving door lobbyists could give employers “insider information about government operations that gives them an unfair advantage.”
Doctor Who Tried To Warn About Flint Water In August Attacked By Media, Government
Even now that the Flint water crisis is under investigation, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha believes government officials are dramatically underreporting the number of victims.
Monsanto To Cut 3,600 Jobs Over 2 Years As Public Protests Stymie Profits
Monsanto’s stock price crashed from a one-month high of $99.28 before reports of layoffs and low earnings brought it to a low of $89.81. Some analysts think it should be even lower.
Fresno Whistleblower Found Stabbed In Torched Home Days After Warning That Cops Might Kill Him
“Corrupt Fresno cops are going to try to kill me this weekend, possibly tonight,” the activist wrote on Facebook just before his death.
Tax Revenue Expected To Reach $125 Million As 2015 Colorado Cannabis Sales Near $1B
That’s a major increase from 2014, when legal marijuana sales hit $700 million, earning $44 million in tax money for the state.
Police Target Prominent Civil Rights Lawyer That Cost City Big In Lost Lawsuits
Although the right to film police is protected by the First Amendment, the well-known advocate laments: "They’ve got the guns, and badges, and they want total control of the situation they're in.”
Anti-Corruption Gyrocopter Pilot Seeks Return To Congress, This Time By Election
“We’re going to literally pack the courtroom” with supporters and media, said Doug Hughes, who hopes to turn his April 13 sentencing hearing for a felony charge into a campaign opportunity.
Navy SEALs Carry Out Domestic War Games, U.S. Citizens Normalized As ‘The Enemy’
The war games suggest a future where many more military exercises run roughshod over public spaces and soldiers simulate how citizens could pose a danger to them.