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VIDEO: Chomsky Takes On Mainstream Media, US Warmongering On RT
Political philosopher Noam Chomsky discusses the dismal state of the American media and the collapse of democracy in preparation for the release of a new documentary about his life.
Indigenous Tribes Are Abandoning American Style ‘Justice’ In Favor Of Traditional Punishments
Tribal communities in the U.S. and Canada are increasingly turning to traditional punishments like banishment to handle crimes on their land. “It’s a lot more effective than putting someone in front of a judge or behind bars,” one advocate tells MintPress.
UN To Review Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty On Eve Of 70th Anniversary Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki
It’s been 70 years since atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, and 45 years since the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty went into effect. An upcoming conference aims to evaluate the NPT, including its strengths and weaknesses.
Beyond Gentrification: Hundreds Of DC Residents Being Forced From Their Homes
It’s no secret that the nation’s capital is also the country’s capital of gentrification. But when MintPress investigated, we found that the city’s poor residents aren’t just getting squeezed out by skyrocketing rents -- they’re victims of forced evictions.
US, UN Fight To Keep Rape Allegations Against Them Quiet
Whether directly or indirectly, the U.S. and U.N. are both responsible for allowing sexual violence and degradation to occur and for failing to punish those responsible after acknowledging their heinous crimes.
White House Blog Reveals A Profound Lack Of Support For TPP
Widespread environmental opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership prompts an embarrassing White House statement claiming environmental support from some of the country’s most conservative, corporate-funded environmental organizations.
Time Is Running Out For Israel’s Special Place In America’s Heart
“I think this U.S. policy of protecting Israel on the nuclear issue is not guaranteed, and it’s not necessarily permanent under any circumstances,” Cohen, an expert on Israel’s nuclear program, tells MintPress.
Craft Beer Industry Boldly Brews With Sustainability In Mind
Once a niche market reserved for aficionados and curious consumers, the U.S. craft beer industry is experiencing notable growth -- not just in sales, but also in sustainable brewing and distribution practices.
Pro-Israel Funders Target Surging Israeli Apartheid Week
As the global mobilization in solidarity with Palestinians grows, a new report traces cash from the ultra-wealthy donors who seek to torpedo the anti-apartheid, pro-peace movement.
How The Flood Wall Street Trial Changed The Game Of Policing
“By ordering protesters to leave the entire Wall Street area, police violated protesters’ First Amendment right to carry their message directly to its intended recipients: the Wall Street bankers who bankroll climate change,” Judge Mandelbaum said in his decision.