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Race And Racism Define Southern Politics, But Maybe Not For Long
The GOP wouldn’t be wise to think it can rely on its white voter base in the South for much longer. Despite an onslaught of restrictive voting laws in recent years, Republicans will need to shift gears from the “Southern Strategy” to inclusion to stay relevant.
Save The Climate Or Save Capitalism? A Flood Wall Street Dispatch
Flood Wall Street exceeded organizers expectations, with over 3000 people shutting down Broadway between Exchange place and the iconic Wall Street Bull for eight hours just one day ahead of the 2014 UN Climate meeting.
Nebraska’s Cowboys And Indians Unite Against Keystone XL Pipeline
The U.S. government must consult with tribes on any issue that might affect them, but tribes say the government has failed to do so in regards to the path of the Keystone XL pipeline -- a project that carries massive environmental and social concerns.
Who’s Getting Caught In The “School-to-Prison” Pipeline? And Why?
The U.S. prison population is disproportionately black. The same racial disparity can be seen in the students who are punished in the nation’s schools. The connection between these two phenomena are stronger -- and more insidious -- than many may understand.
North Carolina Prison Imposes 9-Month Lockdown On 600 Inmates
“We haven’t had any outside rec since December 28, 2013, and our skin and health is showing that,” one prisoner under solitary confinement-like conditions writes.
Report: “Critical Action” Needed To Fight Enormous Energy Waste At Data Centers
Data centers consume colossal amounts of energy and water, with most waste -- largely stemming from operating inefficiencies -- actually coming from the country’s millions of small data centers.
Record Response Urges SEC To Require Disclosure Of Corporate Political Spending
“What gets disclosed gets managed,” the Teamsters’ director of capital strategies tells MintPress. The union is one of more than a million groups and individuals formally urging the government to move forward on requiring publicly traded corporations to report their political contributions.
California Counties Push Back On Proposal To Ease Federal Indian Recognition Process
A proposed new rule would make it easier for tribes to gain federal recognition, but some California counties -- notably, Napa and Sonoma -- oppose the change, saying it’s the first step toward casinos and other unwanted developments.
VIDEO: Gitmo Exclusive: An Untold History Of Occupation, Torture & Resistance
Abby Martin Breaks the Set on the history of Gitmo, methods of torture, the remaining detainees and the ongoing hunger strikes by prisoners.
New Englanders Oppose Proposed Pipeline — And The Tariff To Pay For It
“This pipeline would destroy hundreds of our trees because the pipeline swath will be over a hundred feet wide, and it would destroy our piece of the American dream,” one Massachusetts property owner says.