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2014 Elections Paint Gruesome Future For Republican Party
With Republicans likely to take the Senate on the back of the “six-year itch,” the lead-up to 2016 is going to reveal whether the GOP can overcome party in-fighting and come up with a unified front to address the nation’s dilemmas.
Zim Shipping “On The Ropes” In Oakland As Activists Prepare To Block The Boat Again
A diverse coalition of pro-Palestine activists and organizations prepare to return to stop Israel’s largest maritime cargo corporation from unloading cargo at the Port of Oakland, costing the Israeli shipping company money and time and hurting its reputation.
The Fate Of Net Neutrality: A Complicated Dance Between Corporate Interests And Consumer Demand
“In this democratized system we call the Internet, anyone can put up an idea and it can be weighed fairly and openly by the consumer,” one Internet start-up CEO says. As consumers increasingly turn to video streaming services, what will that mean for net neutrality?
Post-Michael Brown Agenda Moves To End Racist, Militarized Policing
"It’s difficult to view citizens as partners when you’re looking at them through a Kevlar helmet and a riot shield "
FEC Acts On Citizens United But Sidesteps Disclosure Entirely
The Federal Election Commission has made a rare break from its near-constant deadlock, but critics say its new rule changes fail to address the disclosure of the “tsunami of dark money” flooding the U.S. election system.
California Love: Only Yes Means Yes For Sexual Consent
A controversial new law states that during a sexual encounter, only “yes” means “yes” -- silence or the absence of “no” doesn’t constitute consent. Supporters say it’s a huge step forward, but critics worry it’s a mood-killing overreach into students’ bedrooms.
Texans Build A Diverse Movement For Reproductive Choice And Health Care
Part I: Pro-abortion rights activists seek to help those most affected by Texas’ anti-abortion law -- namely, those who have already been left behind by the reproductive rights movement.
Chronically Underfunded Public Defense System Goes On Trial In New York
New York state’s public defense system -- underfunded, overwhelmed -- goes on trial for failing to provide adequate legal representation to the state’s poor. With other states’ defense systems in similar shambles, what happens in New York could have huge implications.
Judge Denies DOJ’s Request For Closed Hearing At Force-feeding Trial
One “of the strongest pillars of our system of justice in the United States is the presumption that all judicial proceedings are open to the public,” the judge wrote, rejecting the Justice Department’s request to close the courtroom less than two weeks before the trial.
Global Warming, Big Ag, US Military Standing In Way Of Native Food Sovereignty
Native people from coast to coast are struggling to maintain their ties to foods that have sustained them for generations. Global warming, Big Ag and even the U.S. military are all standing in the way of food sovereignty.