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Systemic Injustice Condemned As Ferguson Galvanizes National Outrage
Demonstrations are taking place around the nation following grand jury decision in the death of Micheal Brown.
Fires Burn As Community Feels Pain Of Injustice: Dispatches From Ferguson
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon deploys National Guard troops following outpouring of community anger in response to grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown.
California Case Could Be A Pivotal Moment In Ending The War On Marijuana
Over half of Americans think marijuana should be legalized, and one California case challenging the constitutionality of the DEA’s scheduling of the drug could prove instrumental in ultimately putting an end to the government’s war on marijuana.
HP Becomes First Tech Company To Eliminate Foreign Labor Recruiters
The electronics maker’s new policies are aimed at protecting laborers along its supply chains from abuses like passport retention and excessive recruiter fees. Labor advocates are applauding the move, which they hope will send ripples throughout the industry.
Study: More Homeless Children Now Than Any Point In US History
A new report on child homelessness in America finds that 2.5 million children experience homelessness annually.
US Delegation Contrite At UN Review On Torture
While the U.S. record on “enhanced interrogation” outside its borders was a major part of the review, the country’s handling of domestic issues, including the criminalization of homelessness and the use of deadly force by police, was also scrutinized.
America’s Polarized Congress Reflects A Divided U.S. Public
The polarized, gridlocked nature of Congress reflects the increasing divisions in U.S. society itself.
In Policy Turnaround, US Will Attend Conference On Redirecting Nuclear Weapons Framework
Over 150 countries have participated in a series of high-level meetings lauded as the most significant movement on nuclear disarmament in decades – meetings from which the U.S. has remained notably absent. Now, Washington says it will participate.
The Day After: Obama, GOP In New Political Dynamic After Election
WASHINGTON — A weakened President Barack Obama and emboldened Republican leaders in Congress began adjusting to a new political dynamic Wednesday after voters coast to coast used the midterm elections to sharpen the dividing lines in an already divided government. The president scheduled an afternoon news conference to offer his take on an Election Day thumping of Democrats that gave Republicans new power to check his proposals. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell was to give his version,
2014 Elections Paint Gruesome Future For Republican Party
With Republicans likely to take the Senate on the back of the “six-year itch,” the lead-up to 2016 is going to reveal whether the GOP can overcome party in-fighting and come up with a unified front to address the nation’s dilemmas.