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The Passion Of Colin Kaepernick
By directly challenging white supremacy, racism and imperialism, Colin Kaepernick is making himself a household name for all the right reasons. And the NFL, its billionaire owners and the corporate errand boys of sports journalism simply cannot stand it.
Ford’s “Vote of Confidence” In Trump Reversed – Company Will Send Jobs To China
Ford has announced that it will move production of its Focus compact car to China, making the car the biggest automotive export from China to the U.S. in history. President Trump, who previously gloated about keeping Ford jobs in the U.S., has yet to respond to the move.
Redneck Revolt Builds New Anti-racist, Anti-capitalist Working Class White Movement
Redneck Revolt inserts themselves into overwhelmingly white spaces—NASCAR races, gun shows, flea markets in rural communities, and country music concerts—to offer a meaningful alternative to the white supremacist groups who often also recruit in those spaces.
America’s Oligarchs Will Control 70% Of National Wealth By 2021
A new study by the Boston Consulting Group has found that while wealth inequality is growing on a global scale, it has kicked into overdrive in the United States – where America’s 1% are expected to control 70 percent of the nation’s private wealth by the year 2021.
How The Government Gained The Upper Hand Against Leakers
We may be entering a post-Pentagon Papers era that shifts the power back to political elites, who seem more emboldened to go after leakers.
New Polling Data Reveals Trump’s “Blue-Collar” Populism Is A Myth
Trump supporters are looking for scapegoats for their downwardly trending economic fortunes. And right-wing politicians and conservative media are more than happy to provide them with targets.
Pundits Seize On Tragic Shooting To Demonize Left-Wing Social Movements
Angry protest, absent incitements to violence, is not a precursor to political assassinations. Voting third party or refusing to support the two-party system is not a precursor to violence.
The Next “Standing Rock”? Florida Protesters Fighting Sabal Trail Pipeline
A pipeline that is under construction in several southern U.S. states has local residents fired up, as they fear potential contamination of their groundwater. The EPA and local authorities have given the pipeline a thumbs-up, despite the likelihood of significant damage to the environment.
9 Of The World’s 10 Least Peaceful Nations Were All Targeted By U.S. Intervention
The 2017 Global Peace Index has declared Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and South Sudan to be among the “least peaceful” countries in the world. Incidentally, all four have been targets of U.S.-led destabilization efforts that were used to pursue economic interests that suit the U.S.
Chicago PD Faces Lawsuit Over Secretive ‘Predictive Policing’ Program
“We have learned too many times that a lack of transparency into the Chicago Police Department leads to unconstitutional policing and violations of civil rights.”