Bill Maher Is Anti-War, Except When It Comes To Israel
Though best known for his atheist rhetoric and claims that he supports the separation of church and state, a closer look at Bill Maher’s statements and stances reveals a trend of
US Still Bans, Suppresses Books Despite The First Amendment
Censorship doesn’t often involve book burnings and dissident disappearances in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean free speech is truly free.
Neil Young Teams Up With Willie Nelson’s Sons On An Anti-Monsanto Album
A jam session at Farm Aid led to the award-winning musician’s new concept album that follows the plight of the small American farmer.
John McCain And Endless War: Best Friends Forever
The Arizona Republican and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee never misses an opportunity to promote war and American imperialism.
Did Prison Officials Single Out Political Prisoner Barrett Brown For Solitary Confinement?
Incarcerated for collaborating with Anonymous hacktivists, Brown now reports on prison corruption from behind bars.
Department Of Homeland Security Still Controls What You Read
Where Americans turn for news, U.S. intelligence agencies follow. And infiltrate. And monitor.
Hillary Clinton Has The Most Fake Twitter Followers Of Any Presidential Candidate
Clinton also let the owner of a New Hampshire design firm take over her account for a day to show how she supports small business.
Koch, Exxon And Other Big Oil Spend $141 Million Lobbying Washington For More War
Fossil fuel lobbyists are also fighting to put new restrictions on clean energy alternatives such as solar and wind power.
First Church Of Cannabis To Open, Challenging Drug War And Religious Freedom Law
In addition to treating cannabis as a sacrament, the church’s commandments include respecting one’s body, other people, and nature, and opposing trolls and bullying on the Internet.
‘This Is Not A Revival’: MintPress Visits Detroiters Reclaiming The City’s Image
MintPress goes to Detroit to meet the activists, entrepreneurs, social experimenters and proactive members of the community who are ready to show the rest of the country and the world