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Journalists Risk Legal Battles & Prison Time For Covering Dakota Access Pipeline Protests
Three reporters face felony charges for documenting nonviolent actions against the pipeline, including an Emmy-winning documentarian who could serve a maximum sentence of 45 years in prison.
WikiLeaks’ Podesta Emails: Lawyer For 9/11 Families Warned Campaign About Clinton’s Saudi Ties
‘Those of us who have been concerned about that politicization have had some thoughts about how to defang the issue and would be happy to knock those around with you,’ wrote Jack Quinn, former White House counsel and current lawyer to families of 9/11 victims.
Video Reveals Clinton Campaign’s Role In Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies
‘There’s a script of engagement. Sometimes the crazies bite, and sometimes the crazies don’t bite,’ says the former national field director of a group that trains and pays people to incite violence at GOP rallies.
Ecuador Denies US Influence In Decision To Cut Off Julian Assange’s Internet
‘Ecuador’s foreign policy responds to sovereign decisions alone and does not yield to pressure from other states,’ the Ecuadorean government wrote in a statement.
Clinton Campaign Nixed Ban On Funds From Foreign Registered Agents
“How do we explain to people that we’ll take money from a corporate lobbyist but not them? Or that the Clinton Foundation takes money from foreign governments but now the campaign won’t?"
WikiLeaks’ Podesta Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton’s Anti-BDS Strategy
‘I think it is important for Hillary not to alienate or criticize liberal Democrats and liberal Jews,’ one political strategist wrote in an email, acknowledging the left’s growing discomfort with Israel’s treatment of Palestine.
‘F*ck It, I Quit’: News Anchor-Turned-Cannabis Advocate Faces 54 Years In Prison
While concluding a live, on-air report, Greene infamously quit her job as a local news anchor to run a cannabis club which police raided just before the plant became legal in the state.
Clinton Repeats Call For Syrian No-Fly Zone As Pundits Push Pro-War Propaganda
Calling for a no-fly zone ‘has become the most effective way of calling for regime change in Syria without appearing to do so,’ one mainstream media analyst noted.
Booz Allen Hamilton: NSA’s ‘Digital Blackwater’ A Sign Of Deep Ties Between US Gov’t & Private Spies
‘4 out of 6 Booz Allen Hamilton lobbyists in 2015-2016 have previously held government jobs,’ government watchdog OpenSecrets reported.
Noam Chomsky: US Had A ‘Pretty Supportive Attitude’ Toward Fascism In 1930s
‘The State Department described Hitler as a moderate who was holding off the forces, the dangerous forces of the left … and of the right, namely the extremist Nazis,’ explained the noted scholar.