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DNC 2016: Protesters React To ‘Shameful’ DNC Leaks, Voice Support For Jill Stein (VIDEO)
According to one pro-Bernie Sanders activist, leaked internal party emails show that ‘the Democratic Party is just as corrupt as the Republicans in many senses.’
Hillary Clinton Starts Her Own Cold War, Blames Russia For WikiLeaks’ DNC Email Dump
Experts hired by the DNC to investigate the breach which led to WikiLeaks’ publication of 20,000 DNC emails are singing a tune to anyone familiar with the Cold War: It was the Russians!
Google Hit With Record Number Of Requests For User Data In Second Half Of 2015
More tech companies now release transparency data, and the tech giant wrote that it ‘is proud to have led the charge on publishing these reports.’
See You In Philly: MintPress News Will Report Live From DNC 2016 Protests
From demands for third party inclusiveness in American elections to protests against the war on drugs, the streets of Philadelphia could prove even more lively than the convention itself.
Hundreds Gather To ‘Wall Off Trump’ & Police Arrest 18 In Flag-Burning Demonstration At RNC 2016
Although targeted at the GOP and its nominee, Donald Trump, activists also criticized President Barack Obama, writing, ‘When he leaves office he will leave behind to his successor the most sophisticated and well-funded human-expulsion machine in the history of the country.’
From Anti-Trump Activists To Open Carry Advocates: RNC 2016 Opens With A Day Of Peaceful Protest
The opening day of the Republican National Convention also featured a concert and protest by Prophets of Rage, a ‘supergroup’ featuring members of Public Enemy, Cypress Hill and Rage Against the Machine.
Mnar Muhawesh: Why I’m Choosing Peace & Voting Jill Stein For President
The Green Party candidate promises to re-invest the billions wasted on America’s deadly foreign policy into job creation and universal healthcare, and she’s committed to a total divestment from fossil fuels.
Secretive Internet ‘Kill Switch’ And Apple Patent Could Stop You From Filming Police & Protests
The Supreme Court refused to force the Department of Homeland Security to reveal further details of its program to shut off internet access during ‘emergencies’ despite the concerns this poses for freedom of speech.
Black Open Carry Activist Flees Death Threats After Dallas Police Wrongly Accuse Him Of Mass Shooting
A Time magazine reporter called the false accusations against Hughes ‘a story of everything that is wrong with race relations and policing in America today.’
City University Of New York Responds To Boycott Israel Movement By Shutting Down Free Speech
“It’s our belief that the reason why this policy was drafted in 2013 and again reintroduced in 2016 has a lot to do with pressure that has been coming from institutions and politicians that seek to silence any criticism of Israel on campus,"