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America Needs Another Civil Rights Movement
“This nation is steeped in racial violence and racial prejudice, and anyone who thinks differently is living in a dream world,” a trial attorney and author tells MintPress, stressing the need to address the underlying issues driving police violence.
U.S. Laws Criminalizing Homelessness Mount, Even As Courts Strike Them Down
Rather than redoubling efforts to address growing rates of homelessness and hunger since the 2008 financial crisis, many local governments seem intent on criminalizing aspects of homelessness such as panhandling and sleeping in cars.
In Historic Shift, US To Normalize Relations With Cuba
Wednesday's announcements followed more than a year of secret talks between U.S. and Cuban officials in Canada and the Vatican.
“Lynching Rebranded”: Mothers Who Lost Children To Police Violence Speak Out
Who has felt the pain of police killings more acutely, more intimately than the mothers of the victims of police violence? Armed with their pain and a will to change the system, some of these mothers met in Washington earlier this month to find ways to work together.
ANALYSIS: How Does The US Get Away With Torture?
From Human Rights Day to the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s long-awaited torture report, this week has seen human rights celebrated and proof of their undermining revealed. Why does the U.S. get to have it both ways?
Justice Is Blind To Those Who Can’t Afford It
MintPress explores the two vastly different prosecutory worlds available to those with money, power and influence, and those without it, finding discrepancies between how the U.S. justice system handles corporate and street crimes.
There’s More Stalling A Nuclear Deal With Iran Than You Might Think
A final deal between Iran and the West is being held up by hardliners, quarrels over sanctions and even Russian gas.
Ferguson Case Reveals US Media’s Flaws In Covering Issues Of Race
Journalism needs less sporadic, more comprehensive coverage of race relations, experts say.
No Substitute For Justice: Police Officer Who Killed Michael Brown Has Resigned
Less than a week after a grand jury's non-indictment, Darren Wilson said he hopes decision to leave the Ferguson Police Department will help the "community to heal."
Systemic Injustice Condemned As Ferguson Galvanizes National Outrage
Demonstrations are taking place around the nation following grand jury decision in the death of Micheal Brown.