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Recent NYT Hire Describes Arabs And Africans As “Diseased” And “Depraved”
The New York Times is attempting to “diversify” its pages by hiring Bret Stephens, a writer who has used slurs to denigrate Arabs and Africans in his previous writing. He has also argued in favor of colonialism, despite the negative effect it has had in the past on the communities he attacks.
The Federal Government Wants To Imprison These Six Water Protectors
These cases likely mark the first time that United States authorities have pursued felonies against individuals involved in demonstrations against fossil fuel infrastructure.
Chomsky Says Republicans Most Dangerous Group In History – Assange Points To CIA
While the Republican Party’s denial of climate change may very well be a major threat to humanity – as academic Noam Chomsky believes – it is perhaps more likely that the CIA and its history of assassination and destabilization are the greater terror facing the modern world.
Chelsea Manning Is Free And Pledges Not To Confine Herself To The Past
"In the pantheon of cases involving disclosures motivated by whistleblowing, Pfc. Manning’s is far and away the most severe sentence ever adjudged."
NSA To Expand Surveillance Of U.S., Foreign Elections Over “Russian Hacker” Fears
While U.S. authorities are pushing for greater participation by the NSA in supervising elections both at home and abroad, a closer look at recent elections suggests that concerns about hacking or other interference only emerge when the U.S. establishment’s preferred candidate fails to win.
Trumpcare Proves Politicians Are Willing To Challenge The Healthcare Industry
Pragmatic opponents to Medicare-for-all claim it is politically impossible to get a majority in Congress to vote against the health care industry. The House Republicans just proved this argument is unfounded.
New Documentary, Cruel And Unusual, Promises Unique Look Into Solitary Confinement
"The great Constitution indeed forbids cruel and unusual punishment. And if any treatment can be called that, it is the decades-long treatment of the ‘Angola 3’ in solitary confinement.”
Poll: Over 40% Of Americans Back Sanctions on Israel For Crimes Against Palestinians
The results of a recent poll show that a growing number of Americans approve the use of sanctions to punish Israel for its occupation of Palestine. This rising support could result in such measures being put into place, much to the displeasure of the U.S.-Israeli lobby.
Surprise, Surprise -New Study Finds Money Plays Major Role in Influencing the DNC
“...the voice of the people is really often the sound of money talking.” Such were the findings of researchers who recently analyzed the impact of political financing on decisions made by legislators - once again confirming that money does indeed buy influence in Washington.
Immigrants In Georgia Detention Centers Hunger Strike For Medical Care, Instead Receive Solitary Confinement
“When I requested medical care, sometimes no one would reply. I was not given medical care until ICE later approved it. When I reached out for medical help, I was placed in solitary confinement.”