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This Memorial Day, Remember The ‘Used & Betrayed’ Veterans Subjected To Horrific Experimentation
‘It felt like you were on fire,’ recalled one black Army veteran who was deliberately exposed to mustard gas by the U.S. military during World War II.
‘Chilling Attack On Free Speech’: Multinational Corporation Sues Gov’t Transparency Watchdog MuckRock
Undaunted by the legal threats, the founder of MuckRock promised that the website ‘will not be complying with their demands’ to remove Seattle city records and share site visitors’ private information.
Come To Guantanamo & See The Iguanas: Snowden Files Offer Glimpse Inside NSA Culture
Newly released internal NSA documents show that torturing prisoners and water skiing were part of the daily routine for agents stationed in Guantanamo Bay during the Iraq War.
Ikea Looks Into Replacing Styrofoam With Biodegradable Mushroom Packaging
‘We always look for new and innovative processes and sustainable materials that can contribute to our commitment’ to sustainability, an Ikea representative said.
March Against Monsanto Takes Manhattan As Global Protests Approach
Representatives of the March Against Monsanto campaign reported that glyphosate, the major ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide, ‘is consistently being discovered in everything from hospital feeding tubes and tampons to the breast milk of nursing mothers.’
Texas Grand Jury Won’t Indict Cop Who Shot Naked, Unarmed Black Teen
The lawyer for the family of the slain teen called it ‘a sad day for justice’ and said the case ‘calls into question the entire grand jury process in cases involving police misconduct.’
Government Docs Reveal White House Efforts To Stop The Next Whistleblower
One linguist employed by the military even faced police investigation due to an ill-timed visit to the WikiLeaks website.
Police Are Getting Shot More In 2016, And It’s White Men Pulling The Trigger
Although police unions and conservative politicians blame Black Lives Matter and Beyoncé, in 71 percent of fatal shootings of police so far in 2016, the shooter was a white man.
Maryland’s Green Party Senate Candidate Says It’s Time To ‘Build A Political Alternative’
Inspired by the success of Seattle’s third-party City Council member, Kshama Sawant, Margaret Flowers is using her campaign as an opportunity to ‘build a political alternative that’s the opposite of the two corporate parties.’
Journalist Quits Las Vegas Review-Journal After Ban On Writing About Its Owner, Sheldon Adelson
John L. Smith is the latest journalist to leave the Las Vegas Review-Journal since it was purchased by casino magnate and billionaire Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson.