CIA Whistleblower Kiriakou Joins Anti-War Activists To Write Letters To Political Prisoners
He spent 30 months in federal prison for blowing the whistle on the CIA’s government-sanctioned torture practices. Now John Kiriakou joins activists from the anti-war group Code Pink
Gentrifiers And Prison Profiteers Are “Re-Engineering” The NYPD
A “re-engineering” proposal bankrolled by the wealthiest interests in New York City will likely push for the NYPD to hire hundreds of new cops for an already bloated police force
Not Just Rand Paul: Patriot Act Renewal Divides Republican Party
The Kentucky senator told a New Hampshire paper he will intervene this month when Congress debates renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act, source of modern surveillance programs.
Reverse Drug Stings: The Latest Tool For Creating Criminals In The War On Drugs
"The time has come to remind the Executive Branch that the Constitution charges it with law enforcement — not crime creation,” one California judge writes in a damning indictment
How Seymour Hersh Became One Of Today’s Greatest, Most Controversial Journalists
Unlike journalists who “trade their integrity for the access” to government sources, Hersh remains dedicated to pushing back against White House propaganda.
Will Charges Against 6 Baltimore Police Bring Justice?
A comparison of the charges leveled against the Baltimore police actors in the death of Freddie Gray, as well as police and court treatment of protesters, journalists and medics alike,
Why The NYPD Is Cracking Down On Anti-Police Brutality Protests
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton's hope that demonstrations against police killings would "peter out" has apparently fallen flat.
Texas Bans Fracking Bans
Last election, the people of Denton, Texas, voted to ban fracking from their city. In response, the Texas Legislature took away their democratic power.
Too Big To Prosecute: Army Struggles To Cope With Rampant Fraud In The Military
Despite over 100 successful prosecutions and hundreds more cases awaiting their day in court, U.S. Army officials warn that the problem of corruption is more than the system can handle
Former Iranian Terrorist Group, MEK, To Testify Before Congress
Why is a Texas Congressman inviting the political leader of a former Iranian terrorist group to testify about ISIS and Islamic Extremism before a House subcommittee on terrorism?