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Clinton Campaign Has Astounding Record Of Smugness Towards Young Voters
“I feel sorry for the young people who believe” the lies Sanders is telling them about money accepted from executives and lobbyists tied to the fossil fuel industry. "
TSA Whistleblower Reveals Supervisors Instructed Him To Profile Somali Imams
An assistant director for the TSA in Minneapolis blew the whistle on a request to racially profile Somali imams and community members.
Map Of Cannabis Genome Could Keep Greedy Corporations From Patenting Pot DNA
A new initiative could help keep agribusiness giants like Monsanto from controlling the future of cannabis by blocking patents.
Mnar Muhawesh: ‘We Don’t Have A Mainstream Media, We Have A Very Extremist Media’
According to a recent poll, almost half of Americans distrust the mainstream media, which the MintPress News editor-in-chief believes is because “the media is lying to us.”
Forget Panama: Why Corporations And The Rich Love US Tax Havens
Both Panama and the U.S. have refused to sign a treaty that requires the sharing of financial information with other countries, making both nations attractive to wealthy people and businesses eager to hide their earnings.
US News Editors Find It Increasingly Difficult To Defend The First Amendment
'When representatives of the First Amendment’s “most important historic defenders say they are worried, all Americans should be worried.'
Teflon Pollutes The World: Deadly Chemical Spreads Into Global Water Supplies
From Holland to Ohio, PFOA, the toxic key ingredient in Teflon, has spread into waterways and rivers from former DuPont factories.
Billionaires Give $12.3M To Dems & Hillary Via Joint Fundraising Committee Loophole
While past presidential candidates waited until they received the nomination to join joint fundraising committees, the Hillary Victory Committee has already distributed over $44 million to her campaign and other Democratic candidates.
Keynote Speaker At New York Police Conference Is Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist
Although the expo’s executive director called Ryan Mauro a “national expert on terrorism and Islamic extremism,” Mauro perpetuates dangerous myths and propaganda about American Muslims.
Task Force Lambastes Chicago Police For Decades Of Systematic Racism
"Of the 404 shootings, which occurred between 2008 and 2015, 74 percent of those shot or killed were black, while 14 percent were Hispanic. Eight percent were white."