BRICS Under Attack: Western Banks, Governments Launch Full-Spectrum Assault On Russia (Part I)

Russia is the target of a multi-faceted, asymmetric campaign of destabilization that has employed economic, political, and psychological forms of warfare -- each of which has been specifically designed to inflict maximum damage on the Kremlin.
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    U.S. Marine Corps amphibious assault vehicles line up by the Trondheim Fjord, Norway, Jan. 9. These vehicles from the Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway will support exercise Cold Response 16, scheduled for later this month, with crisis response equipment including M1A1 battle tanks, amphibious assault vehicles, artillery, and logistics equipment drawn from Norwegian caves. (Photo: U.S. Marine Corps)

    U.S. Marine Corps amphibious assault vehicles line up by the Trondheim Fjord, Norway, Jan. 9. (Photo: U.S. Marine Corps)

    This article is part of a series on Western meddling to foment unrest and destabilize BRICS nations in an effort to ensure the continuation of Western economic and political control over the Global South. The first two parts, focusing on Brazil and South Africa, can be found here and here. Up next: Part II on the assault on Russia, which focuses on the political, psychological and military aspects that run in tandem with the economic war on Moscow.

    NEW YORK — The U.S.-NATO Empire, with its centers of power in Washington, on Wall Street, and in the city of London, is on the offensive against the BRICS countries. This assault takes many forms, each tailored to its specific target.

    The ongoing soft coup in Brazil has recently entered a new stage with the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff of the left-wing Workers’ Party. Simultaneously, the destabilization of the ANC-led government in South Africa continues as political forces align to remove President Jacob Zuma. These two situations illustrate clearly the very potent forms of subversion via Western-funded political formations and movements being employed against Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the bloc of emerging economies also known as BRICS.  

    However, when it comes to a country as large as Russia, with its vast military capabilities, consolidated and wildly popular political leadership, and growing antagonism toward the West, the tools available to the Empire to undermine and destabilize are in some ways more limited.

    Indeed, in the context of Russia, the popular mobilization pretext does not apply, and so that weapon in the imperial arsenal is blunted considerably. But there are other, equally potent (and equally dangerous) methods to achieve the desired effect.  

    Russia is the target of a multi-faceted, asymmetric campaign of destabilization that has employed economic, political, and psychological forms of warfare, each of which has been specifically designed to inflict maximum damage on the Kremlin. While the results of this multi-pronged assault have been mixed, and their ultimate effect being the subject of much debate, Moscow is, without a doubt, ground zero in a global assault against the BRICS nations.


    Economic war: Hitting Russia where it’s vulnerable

    While Russia is a world class power militarily, it is highly vulnerable economically. For that obvious reason, this area has been a primary focus of the destabilization thrust.

    Russia has for decades been overly reliant, if not entirely dependent, on revenues from the energy sector to maintain its economic growth and fund its budget. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration and Russia’s Federal Customs Service, oil and gas sales accounted for 68 percent of Russia’s total export revenues in 2013. With more than two-thirds of total export revenues and roughly 50 percent of the federal budget, not to mention 25 percent of total GDP, coming from oil and gas revenue, Russia’s very economic survival has been as dependent on energy as almost any country in the world.

    In light of this, it’s no surprise that the drop in oil prices over the 18-month period from April 2014 to January 2016, which saw prices dive from $105 per barrel to under $30 per barrel, has caused tremendous economic instability in Russia. Even many leading Russian officials have conceded that the negative impact to Russia’s economy is substantial, to say the least.  

    At the World Economic Forum in January, former Russian Finance Minister Alexey Kudrin explained that not only has the drop in oil prices badly hurt the Russian economy, but the worst may be yet to come. Kudrin noted the potential for prices to drop even further, possibly even below $20 per barrel, and he warned that the impact to the economy will be significant.

    Specifically, it’s not just the loss of revenue, but the negative effect on wages and the currency which have many economic analysts and political figures worried.  

    According to the Russian Federal Statistics Service, real wages for Russian workers have dropped significantly since the end of 2014, with steep declines throughout 2015 continuing into early 2016. This has been felt by ordinary Russians, whose wages have stagnated while inflation causes prices to shoot upwards and who have had to endure belt-tightening in terms of personal consumption, and at the national level, where the Russian government has been facing a potentially large budget shortfall for 2016.

    It must be noted, however, that recent months have seen an improvement in the relative performance of the ruble, but the long-term outlook from experts remains gloomy.

    This has led many Russian analysts and policymakers to advocate yet again for a decreased dependence on energy revenues. They argue that the current climate could force economic restructuring away from the critical energy sector. Aside from Kudrin, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev made the case for potential “structural economic reforms,” as did Vladimir Mau of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.  

    Writing earlier this year in Vedomosti, Russia’s leading business publication, Mau explained:

    “The demand for oil as a commodity depends on technological progress…And it’s not obvious that oil as a fuel will be always in demand in times of economic growth. With the change of the technological model, it is not ruled out that oil will become just a stock commodity for the energy and chemical industry.”

    This last point — how oil is used relative to the market — is the most salient; in other words, it’s the financialization of oil. But the analysis must go a step further and explore how the financialization is, in effect, a weaponization process as oil prices become increasingly the playthings of powerful financial institutions, particularly the major banks on Wall Street and in the city of London. And this is no mere conspiracy theory.


    How Wall Street targeted Russia using oil

    Senator Sherrod Brown. (Photo/ Senate Democrats via Flickr)

    Senator Sherrod Brown. (Photo/ Senate Democrats via Flickr)

    In July 2013, Sen. Sherrod Brown, chair of the Senate Banking Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection, opened a hearing to probe just how connected major Wall Street banks were to the holding of physical oil assets, and the attendant ability of these companies to manipulate oil prices. The findings of the hearing, considered damning by multiple analysts knowledgeable on the subject, prompted an investigation by the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, published as “Wall Street Bank Involvement with Physical Commodities.”

    The report highlighted just one of the big banks, Morgan Stanley, noting:   

    “One of Morgan Stanley’s primary physical oil activities was to store vast quantities of oil in facilities located within the United States and abroad. According to Morgan Stanley, in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area alone, by 2011, it had leases on oil storage facilities with a total capacity of 8.2 million barrels, increasing to 9.1 million barrels in 2012, and then decreasing to 7.7 million barrels in 2013. Morgan Stanley also had storage facilities in Europe and Asia.  According to the Federal Reserve, by 2012, Morgan Stanley held ‘operating leases on over 100 oil storage tank fields with 58 million barrels of storage capacity globally.’”

    Pam and Russ Martens of the well-respected financial analysis site succinctly noted in their analysis of this issue: “With financial derivatives and 58 million barrels of physical storage capacity, it might not be so hard to manipulate the oil market.”

    Indeed, the sheer scope of Morgan Stanley’s market influence demonstrates the obvious fact that the major Wall Street banks, and their cousins in the city of London, are able to significantly affect global prices using multiple levers like supply and derivatives, among others.

    The Senate report’s brazen honesty is likely the main reason the corporate media failed to cover it all.  As noted in the report:

    “Due to their physical commodity activities, Goldman, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley incurred increased financial, operational, and catastrophic event risks, faced accusations of unfair trading advantages, conflicts of interest, and market manipulation, and intensified problems with being too big to manage or regulate, introducing new systemic risks into the U.S. financial system.”

    But perhaps most jaw-dropping is this January 2014 statement by Norman Bay, director of the Office of Enforcement at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, who testified before the Committee on Banking and Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection Subcommittee. He plainly outlined how the big banks manipulate global oil markets:

    “A fundamental point necessary to understanding many of our manipulation cases is that financial and physical energy markets are interrelated … a manipulator can use physical trades (or other energy transactions that affect physical prices) to move prices in a way that benefits his overall financial position. One useful way of looking at manipulation is that the physical transaction is a ‘tool’ that is used to ‘target’ a physical price.”

    When one considers how much influence these large banks have on global prices, it’s almost self-evident that they would be able to use oil prices to execute a political and geopolitical agenda. With that in mind, it seems highly suspicious (to say the least) that the collapse of the oil price coincided directly with Russia’s move to annex Crimea and assert its dominance over its sphere of influence, thereby effectively stopping the eastward expansion of NATO in Ukraine.

    It’s amusing then when one reads The New York Times reporting this month that “simple economics” explains the drop in oil prices. In fact, it’s clear that it’s just the opposite: The collapse of oil is the result of financial manipulation by Wall Street in the service of the broader agenda of the Empire.

    Indeed, in late 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin implied strongly that the oil plunge had less to do with economic factors than with political decisions. Putin openly theorized: “There’s lots of talk about what’s causing (the lowering of the oil price). Could it be the agreement between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to punish Iran and affect the economies of Russia and Venezuela? It could.”

    Of course, Putin was not alone in this assessment, as many international observers spread “conspiracy theories” about collusion between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to deliberately depress oil prices by not cutting production despite all market indicators pointing to a needed decrease.

    With U.S.-Russia relations having reached their nadir at precisely that moment, and with Venezuela and Iran also on the enemies list, it is no surprise that many analysts around the world concluded that Washington and Riyadh were conspiring on oil for political reasons.

    Of course, the other major impact of the oil plunge on Russia has to do with the burgeoning energy-trade relationship between Russia and China. After the massive oil and gas deals announced between Russia and China in 2014 — deals worth hundreds of billions of dollars over the next three decades, it seems that Washington calculated that while it could not prevent the deals from moving forward, it could undermine them by fundamentally changing the calculus of the deals by tanking oil prices. In so doing, not only have the contracts been rendered less profitable for Russia, they are now subject to decreasing demand from China, which is experiencing its own economic slowdown.    

    In short, Russia’s attempt to break free of its dependence on revenue from gas sales to Europe by shifting its focus eastward has left Moscow in a bind. Facing the prospect of significantly less revenue than it anticipated coming from the deals with Beijing, Russia has been forced to adjust its own estimates and outlook for the coming years.


    Sanctions: The other economic weapon

    The overall impact of Western sanctions against Russia is a hotly debated subject. Russian media tends to downplay the overall impact of the sanctions, while the Western media paints a picture of imminent collapse. Notably, Paul Krugman, the leading liberal doomsayer, prognosticated in The New York Times in 2014 that “Putin’s Bubble Bursts,” warning that Russia was headed for economic meltdown thanks to the courageous sanctions regime imposed by the fearless leader President Barack Obama.  

    In reality, the sanctions had little immediate, direct impact on the Russian economy, but the indirect bruising might be significant, particularly over the medium- and long-term. Last year, the International Monetary Fund issued a report, noting:

    “IMF estimates suggest that sanctions and counter sanctions might have initially reduced real GDP by 1 to 1½ percent. Prolonged sanctions may compound already declining productivity growth. The cumulative output loss could amount to 9 percent of GDP over the medium term. However, the report’s authors underline that these model-driven results are subject to significant uncertainty.”

    But, looking beyond the raw numbers, one must realize that the policy prescriptions outlined by the IMF and leading economists internationally are perhaps the actual target for the West.  

    The IMF recommended “reforming the pension system” (read: reduce pensions), reducing energy subsidies, reducing tax exemptions, and other measures, while also suggesting that education, health care, and public investment be safeguarded. However, the subtext of the recommendations is that austerity, which by its very definition starves public programs of much needed funding, is the way to go for Russia.

    There are likely strategic planners in Washington who recognize that the political subversion model employed in Brazil and South Africa simply won’t work in Russia. If nothing else, the failed “White Revolution” protests of late 2011 led by Russian liberals and various pro-Western political forces, demonstrated unequivocally that the Russian state was prepared to prevent precisely this sort of outcome.  

    And so it seems that those who play on what former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski famously called “The Grand Chessboard,” have made their moves in an attempt to corner Russia economically. Whether that strategy has been, or will be, effective likely depends on perspective. While it alone will not bring about the Western pipe dream of regime change in Russia, the Empire’s elites are banking on the collective assault on Russia and the BRICS broadly to do what political subversion alone could not.

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    • hazel

      Show me one CIA subversive intervention anywhere that didn’t end in disaster.

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    • Ali

      Russia will not let them .
      because she knows in advance the US plots and machinations of the alleged empire as it is gaining new allies.
      and we know it is now the world’s largest military power.

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    • weilunion

      This is an excellent site, truly great analysis. Remember John ‘Forbes’ Kerry met with the Saudis in August of last year, no doubt to jump the plan. And they have destroyed VZ, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia in the process. Currency devaluations for countries not dollarized, even Candaa that suffered thirty percent, has been devastating.

      This is financial the interest of Global capitalism US led.

    • Itsover2016

      Oil is going to go back up , Saudi Arabia can’t hold out much longer.

      • James Wherry

        In which case, Sa’udi Arabia will do quite well.

      • weilunion

        We are dumping the Saudis and siding with the Shiites for the majority of the oil, from which the carbon must come, is in Shiite regions.

    • Itsover2016

      America is the enemy of the world…get rid of the UN.

      • James Wherry

        Yeah, the Ruskies attack Georgia and the Ukraine, shoot down yet more civilians airliners and run subs up against Norway and Sweden. Putin is the only one looking to bring back the Cold War.

        • summitwalker

          Everything you said is wrong. How is life in your propaganda induced coma? Russia attacked Ukraine, when was this, got a date? Shot down an airliner? Again, lets see some proof, oh wait you don’t have any because the Ukrainians did it. Subs? You mean the subs the Swedes thought they say but could never find, even after mobilizing everything they had. You’re a troll leaking weaksauce. Carry on.

          • James Wherry

            Dimwit, even Earl knows that the Malaysian Airlines MH-17 was shot down over the Ukraine. I cited it, above. You’re free to argue who was responsible, NOT that it happened.

            As to the attack on the Ukraine, Russia’s seizure of the Crimea, here’s your “date,” buttercup: “On 23 February pro-Russian demonstrations were held in the Crimean city of Sevastopol. On 27 February masked Russian troops without insignia[2] took over the Supreme Council of Crimea,[35][36] and captured strategic sites across Crimea, which led to the installation of the pro-Russian Aksyonov government in Crimea and the declaration of Crimea’s independence.[37][38]”


        • Earl

          You don’t get out much do you? The Crimeans VOTED TO SECEDE from Ukraine, as did The Donbass region of SE Ukraine. Georgia was an action in ’08 to protect it’s Russian enclave, S. Ossetia, which was in the process of being shelled unprovoked,by the Georgian government (civilians, not military forces.) Moscow responded, ended the conflict, then exited back thru the Roki tunnel back to Russia after a stabilization period. FYI, the Ukrainian puppet government is doing much the same as Georgia did to the Russian speaking SE Ukraine by shelling the Donbass, the only difference being the “rebels” fought back, actually routing the Kyiv army. They Russians did NOT invade Donbass, just the opposite. They did supply materiel, just like we do for the other sides of conflicts. Might want to update your knowledge of the conflicts rather than parrot what someone else said or you read in the MSM media….

          • James Wherry

            There was NO VOTE TO SECEDE. That was not one of choices given.

            “The available choices did not include keeping the status quo of Crimea and Sevastopol as they were at the time the referendum was held. The 1992 constitution accords greater powers to the Crimean parliament including full sovereign powers to establish relations with other states, therefore many commentators argued that both provided referendum choices would result in de facto separation from Ukraine.[3][4][5]”


            • Abdulhakov

              YES, Crimeans, Syrians and many others do not have the right to have an opinion, do not have the right to vote, because they are not people but cattle. Cattle do not have the right to choose a President or to choose where to live. USA – cowboy-shepherd, he points out, who needs to be or not to be their President. USA – point where the cattle should live. Russia is bad, she is drawn with cattle as with people. … But they are not cattles, they really are – people.

              • James Wherry

                Sarcasm or not, Abdul, if Crimea was part of the Ukraine, the referendum should have been one approved by their own nation.

                As it is, I have contempt both for the kleptomaniac who ran the Ukraine and was ousted (taking with him billions of dollars illegally stolen from his own government) and the kleptomaniacs how in charge of the Ukraine. Corruption is rampant. We’ll see if the new PM can stop THAT.

                That said, I’m sympathetic to those seeking independence: the decision to remove Russian as an official language of the Ukraine was racist and wrong, but without a referendum overseen by neutral, international monitors and observers and a clear-cut “Shall we stay, or shall we go?” choice, the referendum remains disputed.

        • Earl

          The MH-17 flight that was shot down over Ukraine was shot down by a Ukrainian pilot of the Kyiv government, (“puppet”) by the name of Vladislav Voloshin. Upon returning to his flight line, he was visibly upset and said “that plane wasn’t supposed to be there”. He has since fled to Russia and defected. Understandable since his bosses tried to throw him under the bus. We run reconnaissance flights and subs all over the world including near Russia and other countries, so, what’s the big deal? Kinda hypocritical, no?

          • James Wherry

            Why would the pilot go to Russia? Russia would have every incentive to turn him over to exonerate itself, ESPECIALLY SINCE THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT CLAIMED FULL RESPONSIBILTY FOR SHOOTING THE PLANE DOWN, WHEN THEY THOUGHT IT WAS A MILITARY FLIGHT!

            “According to American and German intelligence sources, the plane was mistakenly shot down by pro-Russian insurgents using a Buk surface-to-air missile (SA-11) fired from the territory which they controlled.[5] Their judgement was based on sensors that traced the path of the missile, analysis of fragment patterns in the wreckage, voice print analysis of conversations in which separatist militants claimed credit for the strike, as well as photos and other data from social media sites.[6] On 13 October 2015, the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) released a final report on their investigation into the incident, concluding that the airliner was downed by a Buk surface-to-air 9M38-series missile with 9N314M warhead launched from Eastern Ukraine.[7]

            “The Russian government blamed the Ukrainian government for the incident,[6] saying that Ukraine is responsible for the crash because it happened in Ukrainian airspace.[8] Immediately after the crash, a post appeared on the VKontakte social media profile attributed to Russian Colonel Igor Girkin, leader of the Donbass separatists, claiming responsibility for shooting down an AN-26 near Torez,[9][10][11] but after it became clear that a civilian aircraft had been shot down, the separatists denied any involvement, and the post was removed. An independent analysis by Bellingcat of open-source evidence indicated that Russian-backed separatists were in control of a Buk missile launcher on 17 July and transported it from Donetsk to Snizhne,[12][13][14] while three eyewitnesses told the BBC that such a missile launcher was operated by a crew that seemed to be Russian in the area on that date.[15]”

            • and

              This craps all been heavily , laudably debunked .
              shill fail

            • Earl

              Old news, long since debunked. Incidentally, the so called evidence is being held by dutch authorities without having released the final report. It’s a pretty clear indication of a cover-up by the American and Ukrainian PTB. I’ve followed this thread for a long time, in detail, and my conclusion based on ALL the evidence is that what happened is as I stated it. Time will vindicate the facts, deniers like yourself notwithstanding……save your argument, facts and logic speak for themselves. Do some more research and quit echoing the pronouncements of pro-western sources with an agenda. BTW, Wikipedia is an editable website, with it’s own set of political agendas, not to mention the CIA has a daily presence there. Pray tell, what would Russia have to gain by such actions (or Rebels for that matter)?

          • Graham Innes

            Just an idea and maybe completely off the mark here!. Was MH370 actually shot down by the US as the plane was indeed hi-jacked and the intended target was the huge military base of Diego Garcia in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With this said only 2 nations pose complete control of Satellite and air space movement globally the US and Russia. The Russians knew this and kept this information up their sleeve so when MH17 was shot down over Ukraine it was indeed Russia, to show the US that two can play at this game. Both sides knowing exactly what the other side did. This would be a perfect rhetoric answer by Russia demonstrating that they have the technology and media control to do the same as what the US did without ever being exposed – what’s good for the goose is good for the gander as they say!!!

          • Dalton

            And you have a reference source for this claim?

            • Earl

              Dalton, do your own research. It’s out there. If you were really interested in the truth, you can find it. Google and others are your friends. I’m not going to waste my time with reponses to doubters. Find out for yourselves.

              • Dalton

                I’m not going to “do my own research” to prove something that isn’t true. You made the claim. You got your info from somewhere. All I asked was that you tell me where you got it so I can show you what a bunch of garbage Propaganda it is.
                “The MH-17 flight that was shot down over Ukraine was shot down by a Ukrainian pilot of the Kyiv government, (“puppet”) by the name of Vladislav Voloshin. Upon returning to his flight line, he was visibly upset and said “that plane wasn’t supposed to be there”. He has since fled to Russia and defected.

                A. Show the evidence of him “shooting down” the plane.
                B. Show the evidence of him being “visibly upset upon returning to his flight line.” Were you there? Did you hear him?
                C. Show the evidence of him defecting to Russia.

                Now show any actual facts that support your BullSh*T claims that aren’t conspiracy theory, Russian media fed garbage. Just one.

                After you do this, perhaps you can answer why Putin wouldn’t want a tribunal to be initiated to find and punish the guilty party? He vetoed the request.

                The problem with propaganda lies is that it’s hard to keep the story straight.

                • Earl

                  I would hardly call Bellingcat and Elliot an unbiased source. The reputation around the blogs is that he is a tool of Washington. I’ve known about him for a while, and I don’t see much credibility there. Having said that, I have no intention of prolonging this blog, as you so-called debunkers all run to type. I have no intent to spar with you, since a simple google search will bring up all the info you need regarding what I mentioned. End of this thread as I am concerned………..

                  • Dalton

                    Bellingcat is good enough for Russian court, good enough for me.
                    Ditto on the remaining drivel.

        • and

          Stop it shillary

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    • Jo

      They do this to innocent citizens too – they attack us economically (blacklisting), socially, legally, and psychologically with COINTELPRO. We believe there are 350,000 of us in the country and 3 million in the world. They consider us “dissenters” or “undesirables.” Many have committed forced suicides to escape the persecution.

    • Zoe Butcher

      You make this article sound like it’s a bad thing what the U.S. is doing, and doing it it is, in fact, I’m absolutely convinced Zbigniew Bzrezinski is still running the U.S. calls on the Grand Chessboard, Obama loves Zbiggy and he has him up to the White House constantly. We have no greater tactical and strategic mind for geo-political maneuvering than Bzrezinski, so I think it’s fine to let him keep going with what he’s doing because it’s working, Eric.

      The BRICS joined together in order to break our global power and hegemony as well as our Western financial system and wreck the U.S. economy so badly we might never recover. What did you expect the U.S. to do, just sit back and wait for Armageddon like a gaggle of panicking hens for Christ’s sakes? ;P

      Bzrezinski must be congratulated for turning the newly named BRICS Bank into the RICS Bank, yes? <3

      • MB

        Absolutely myopic assessment. The US global empire is stretched to the limit, therefore it act in increasingly desperate ways to maintain the status quo including destroying nations through economic warfare and austerity programs (including domestic ones), disposing of government’s that threaten the empire’s unilateralism and placing their own puppet regime who is friendly to their multinational plunderers as well as maintaining the mythological threat of America’s official “enemies” so as to continue the highly lucrative business of arms sales, security contracts, and maintaining and expanding countless oversees military bases worldwide. All empires fall; the rubber-band will soon snap back. The US empire’s unipolar world view is not to be believed, not to be trusted.

        What can we learn from the BRICS? There is another way. There is a mutually beneficial, multilateral way. It’s win-win, it’s not hegemony but horizontalism.

        One part of your assessment is correct the global power and financial system will inevitably be wrecked; but the empire will have no one to blame but themselves.

        • Zoe Butcher

          Yeah, well I live in the U.S., so I want the U.S. financial system to win, not BRICS. I don’t want Russia and China calling the shots globally. They’re too aggressive and they steal and they constantly throw sand into the gears of most nation’s choices… They’re annoying.

          • Fabricio

            Well, I also live in the US but want the US to stop being a global bully. Everything you said about Russia and China fits to the US even better. The US policy is “annoying” (just to use the same word as you).

            One just need to look at the US growing debt to figure out what is going on in the country. Its wealth and power, solid in the past, is now built on fake foundations. This is so crystal-clear to deserve explanation here.

            The US overstretched its influence and power. It is not a matter of “whether” it will collapse but a matter of “when”.

            • Zoe Butcher

              Nothing fake about it, Fabricio. our GDP continues to rise because the U.S. has figured out how to monetize the dollar as a reserve currency. For anyone who wants to learn to play the markets they too could become wealthy but they must take a few risks and try, it’s just most people are ignorant and choose to work low wage jobs rather than learn something and risk something…

              • GIVVO6_B

                Everything is fake about America. Fake claims of WMDs in Iraq. Fake claims of attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin. Totally fake pretence of being solvent when the unfunded liabilities are $124 trillion and the government debt is almost $20 trillion. USA is only staying afloat by the fraud set up in 1944 at Bretton Woods. I look forward to the world stamping America in the mud like you did to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon and Palestine. When you don’t pay the world back I look forward to the world having their tons of flesh.
                You never win wars and you won’t win this one.

                • James Wherry

                  If you have to live in a fantasy world like this to justify your position, it sounds like a position not worth justifying.

                • weilunion

                  Yes, America Inc,. is one big open air prison they call a Mall. The environment will not be as forgiving as some people. And this will be the endgame

              • weilunion

                The petrol dollar we call it. And yes, it is alive and well until the global capitalists can come up with a worldwide currency they can use. Or until we take them down

              • Earl

                You are dreaming. Government Kool-aid. Our national DEBT is 19 Trillion Dollars and the interest will soon be unpayable. We will inevitably go the way of the old Soviet Union, for the same reasons. Economic collapse.

                • Zoe Butcher

                  OUR NATIONAL DEBT IS 19 TRILLION and our YEARLY GDP, meaning what the U.S. BRINGS IN EVERY SINGLE “year” is 18.5 TRILLION. Are you mathematically challenged, Earl, or just willfully ignorant?

                  • Earl

                    Actually, there are other “unfunded liabilities” as well, not mention any financial corruptions along the way. Also, the 19 trillion is only ONE mentioned figure. Some claim it is as high as 124 trillion. BTW, nice ad hominem crack; how typical…….

                    • Zoe Butcher

                      I find it ludicrous to mention 19 trillion in public debt(regardless of other hidden debt numbers possibly or possibly not out there) without also mentioning in the same sentence that the U.S. Yearly GDP is 18.5 Trillion.

                      To flip out over a debt number that small would be like some poor homeless man trying to tell Bill Gates that he will almost certainly go broke from taking out a 200 million dollar loan and only paying the interest.

                      LooooooooooL! Bill wouldn’t even bother trying to explain to the no-nothing poor worthless homeless man that he’s worth billions. ;P

                      Poor people will never understand wealthy people’s totally different economics VS a wage slave who believes in kitchen table economics, Earl.

                      I got angry with you because you shift the argument without admitting basic simple truths that are easily verifiable, thus you abandoned the argument logically before me, and so my ad hominem fallacious attack was invalid and unnecessary in the end… <3

          • brokenhearted

            Zoe im afraid you are whats wrong with the world right now…war monger

          • Earl

            Poor uninformed Zoe. I say WE are too aggressive. Just ask around in other countries. Britain would be an exception, were joined at the hip with them……More like they’re (the world) annoyed with us.

          • James Wherry

            Sorry, Zoe, “Earl” is an idiot. He has denied Russia shot down the MH-17 flight over the Ukraine (when they admitted responsibility) and tried to claim that the Crimeans were EVER given a vote to secede, which they were not.

            • and

              Now your lying .

            • Zoe Butcher

              lol i got absolutely furious and called him willfully ignorant, I should’ve read this post first, thanks James. 😉

      • Tama

        BRICS wasn’t made to “wreck the US economy so badly we might never recover…” What next? BRICS will cause “Armageddon!” Oh wait, wait said that, lol!

      • weilunion

        This is not about individuals, they come they go, they die they live. This is about global capitalism, imperialism, war and resources. There is no Wizard behind the curtain, the issue is the logic of capitalism and the hsitory we live in

    • SeaNote

      The BRICs blew it all on commodities. They are responsible for their own failure.
      The Oligarchs blew Putin. They are responsible for Russia’s failure.

    • Danica

      All those sophisticated analyses overlooked one very important fact, Russian mentality. People in Russia are aware of the monstrous attack on their country and are ready to sacrifice current welfare for the safe future. Selfish and pampered western people cannot understand that.

      • Earl

        And, I’ll add to that if they are engaged in a physical WWIII scenario, They (the Russian population) will fight back to the last man. Never mind that they have a VERY modernized and up to date military. Our aging fleet and Air force wouldn’t stand a chance against their air force, never mind if it went nuclear-NO winners

    • Pingback: BRICS Under Attack: Western Banks, Governments Launch Full-Spectrum Assault On Russia* | Hwaairfan's Blog()

    • tapatio


      Evidence of the Jewish Rothschild-Bilderberg Criminal Bankster Cartel’s sponsorship of the Bolshevik-Communist “Revolution”. It’s interesting to note that Karl Marx was Jewish and both he and Friedrich Engels had connections to the Rothschild banking family. There is a great deal more evidence that the Rothschilds sponsored the Bolshevik “Revolution” and the slaughter of over fifty million Christian (with some Muslim) Russians. There were almost no Jewish victims of this genocidal act.
      Letters written by Baruch Levy, a close associate of the
      Rothschild family, and by Lev Trotsky/Bronstein…..
      “The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the J6ws will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.
      In this New World Order, the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the J6ws. It will then be possible for the J6wish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state.
      Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said that when the Messianic time is come, the J6ws will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”
      –Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx (written – 1879), printed in La Revue de Paris, p. 574, June 1, 1928
      “We should turn Russia into a desert populated with white Ni**ers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in color. Its color will be red literally because we would spill such torrents of blood that they will pale all human losses of the capitalist wars and make (the survivors) shudder.
      THE LARGEST OVERSEAS BANKS WILL COOPERATE WITH US MOST CLOSELY (Rothschild Cartel, which financed the Bolsheviks). If we win the Revolution and squash Russia, on the funeral pyres of its remains we will strengthen thepower of Zionism and become a power the whole world would drop in the face of on its knees. We will show (to the world) what real power means. By way of terror and blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia into a state of total stupor, to idiocy, to the animal state of being…. And so far our young men dressed in leather – the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza – oh, how beautifully, how brilliantly do they master hatred of everything Russian!
      With what a great delight do they physically destroy the Russian intelligentsia ~ officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, agronomists, academicians, writers!” ~ Leib Bronstein (also known as Lev TROTSKY)
      Few in the world today are aware that the original leadership of the Bolshevik-Communist “Revolution” was almost entirely Jewish and VERY FEW WERE RUSSIAN.
      Everything below was taken from Wikipedia and verified through at least one other source………….
      Leaders of the Bolshevik/Communist “Revolution” in Russia. These are the people who fomented this revolution and carried it out. After they had won, they embarked on a slaughter of 30 Million Russians, ALL Christians and a few Muslims. There were no known Jewish
      victims of this genocidal act.
      Leading Bolsheviks…….
      Vladimir Lenin (aka Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov) Russian, Jewish
      Lev Trotsky (aka Bronstein) Jewish
      Lazar M. Kaganovich Jewish (oversaw slaughter of
      30+ million Russian Christians and Muslims)
      Alexander Israel Helphand [aka “Parvus”] Jewish
      (helped Trotsky develop the theory of “permanent revolution.”)
      Avel Enukidze Jewish
      Mikhail Kalinin Jewish
      Nikolai Bukharin Jewish
      Mikhail Tomsky Jewish
      Mikhail Lashevich Jewish
      Lev Kamenev Jewish
      Yevgeni Preobrazhensky uncertain
      Leonid Serebryakov Jewish
      Vladimir Lenin Jewish
      Alexei Rykov Jewish
      Grigori Y. Sokolnikov Jewish
      Grigory Zinoviev [aka Apfelbaum; aka Radomyslsky
      Felix Dzherzhinsky Jewish
      (founder of Cheka/NKVD/KGB/etc)
      Lavrenti Beria Jewish
      (Turned Cheka/NKVD/KGB into a monster. Beria instigated the mass executions of the Katyn massacre)
      Yakov Sverdlov [aka Solomon] Jewish
      (supervised massacre of Czar’s family)
      Sergei M. Kirov Jewish
      (supervised party purges/executions of late 1930s – 20 million dead)
      Yakov Yurovsky Jewish
      (carried out massacre of Czar’s family)
      (other members of the Czar death squad: Goloshchekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov, Yurovsky……..all Jewish)
      Nikolai Bukharin Jewish
      Ilya Ehrenburg Jewish (Propaganda Minister)

    • dale ruff

      Oil and gas is NOT 25% of Russia’s GDP.

      ” As of 2012 the oil-and-gas sector accounted for 16% of the GDP,”
      “World Development Indicators: Contribution of natural resources to gross domestic product”. World Bank. Retrieved 21 July 2014.
      ^ Jump up to: a b “Russia – Analysis”. EIA. 12 March 2014. Archived from the original on 2014-03-24. Retrieved 21 July 2014.

      With prices dropping by nearly 2/3 since 2012, the percent of GDP of oil and gas is even less today.

      Because the Russian people have seen wages double since Putin was elected, and understand that the economic downturn has been deliberately externally engineer thru sanctions and the oil price war, Putin’s support remains higher than any leader in the world.

      As the situation in Saudi Arabia deteriorates, the price war will end and Russia will resume its amazing growth (GDP tripled since 2000) even stronger for having been forced to diversity by sanctions and the price war.

      People in Crimia continue to support their decision to rejoin Russia, since the per capita income in Ukraine is 3.6K (3d world) and falling while the income in Russia, despite recent declines, is still 13K, ranking it as a high income nation. When the bridge from Russia to Crimea is completed, it will provide a huge boost to Crimea, which currently is being sabotaged by the Kiev coup regime, which has cut off electricity, water, etc.

      Crimeans are happy to be back in Russia, a nation rising and not falling into the cesspool like Western Ukraine, with its unholy alliance of corrupt oligarchs, neo-Nazi-thugs, and Western stooge bankers. Now, no one wants Ukraine…….Denmark’s people voted against it, Putin won’t touch it………..and the Ukraine public overwhelmingly is disgusted with the thieves and thugs in power.

      “17% approve of Poroshenko’s job performance
      8% confident in their national government
      5% say government doing enough to fight corruption (polls/Dec 2015)

      The ousted elected President had 28% approval over 50% higher than the current billionaire the US State
      Dept in 2006 called “a corrupt oligarch.” Ukraine is a sinking ship, rotting from within.

      • cliffcollins

        And all thanks to the FAILED US staged coup. The people of Western Ukraine have been used as cattle fodder so America can broaden it’s reach an enrich itself off this destitute country. Rinse and repeat as they say in the stock market.

    • James Wherry

      Perhaps Putin should end his illegal land grabs in Georgia, the Ukraine and elsewhere.

      While he’s on the subject, he could also end his efforts to revive the Cold War. “Earth to Putin: It’s not just President Obama – America is not interested in playing.”

      • dale ruff

        “An independent, international fact-finding mission headed by Swiss diplomat Heidi Tagliavini was established by the European Union to determine the causes of the war, and published it’s report on September 30, 2009. The commission was given a budget of €1.6 million, and it relied on the expertise of military officials, political scientists, historians and international law experts.[217] Media commented the report mainly as showing the Georgians as attackers……” Wikipedia

      • tapatio

        The little Jewish troll, “James Wherry” believes that a PART OF RUSSIA, that was part of Russia before the United States existed and has a large percentage of Russian citizens should just go back to being a third world barbarian region, controlled by neo-Naz! criminals selected by the Rothschilds. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, HASBARA!!!

        • James Wherry
          • tapatio

            THIS IS JUDAISM in Palestine…………….

            A cult capable of committing, supporting and defending the crimes below IS A DISEASE and should be eradicated from this Earth …………….

            Jews Blow Up and Kill Palestinian Boy By Force-Feeding Him Gasoline

            IDF snipers caught on camera shooting at Gaza children and celebrating a ‘hit’

            UN: Palestinian Children Tortured, Used as Human Shields by Israel

            Israeli soldiers who used Palestinian boy, 9, as a human shield avoid jail

            “Concentrate” and “exterminate”: Israel parliament deputy speaker’s Gaza genocide plan

            Leading Rabbi Encourages IDF Soldiers to Use Palestinian Human Shields

            IDF T-Shirts Boast of Killing Babies, Pregnant Women, Sodomizing Hamas Leaders


            Jews Murdering and Harvesting the Organs of Palestinian and Kidnapped Children






            Take No Prisoners – The Fatal Shooting of Palestinians by Israeli Security Forces during “Arrest Operations”

            Human rights situation in Palestine and other Jewish occupied Arab territories



            • James Wherry

              THIS IS ISLAM

              • tapatio

                IF the “suicide bombings” weren’t false-flag attacks by Mossad and other Jew gangs, Jews still murder at least 100 Palestinian civilians for every Jew (combatant or not) killed by Palestinians.

                If you baboons want to bring your camp followers and ba5tards to your invasions, that is a Jew problem. You’re attacking Palestinian homes and families and Palestinians have no choice about the presence of their families.

                THIS was a 15 year old Palestinian boy who Israeli Jews force-fed gasoline and burned to death TWO YEARS AGO.
                THIS was Muhammad Abu Khdeir before the Jews tortured him to death.

                The Torture-Murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir by Jew settlers was in mainstream media ALL over Europe – though it was NEVER MENTIONED by the JEW OWNED US MEDIA.

                NO CULT that can commit or tolerate such crimes should exist among humans. This Judeo-Naz! Cult is NOT human..






                • James Wherry

                  Why even raise the lie that “the Mossad” did the bombing? Hamas and the bomber’s mother admitted it quite freely.

                  Meanwhile, you have more than 50 people BURNED by Hamas, LAST WEEK.

                  • tapatio

                    Why is it that you have the delusion that the CULTure renowned for its lies for 2000+ years is credible?

                    You vomit up a Times of IsraHELL story as “evidence” of Jew claims. Their story starts out with a whine about paint on the tomb of some Jewish street-wh0re and more hate mongering about Palestinian celebration of death.

                    Reality is that suicide bombings are very rare in Palestine. Suicide is forbidden in the Quran as is the killing of non-combatants. But, EVERY Jew criminal in occupied Palestinian territory IS A COMBATANT according to international law to which the Jew state is signatory.

                    Fourth Geneva Convention, Article 49 (signed by the Jewish state in 1951 and legally binding on that state)


                    Article 49 is derived from the Tokyo Draft which prohibited the deportation of the inhabitants of an occupied country. As a result of the experience of the Second World War, the International Committee of the Red Cross submitted this important question to the government experts who met in 1947. On the basis of the text prepared by the experts the Committee drafted detailed provisions which were adopted in all their essentials by the Diplomatic Conference of 1949.


                    The first of the six paragraphs in Article 49 is by far the most important, in that it prohibits the forcible transfer or deportation from occupied territory of protected persons.
                    There is doubtless no need to give an account here of the painful recollections called forth by the “deportations” of the Second World War, for they are still present in everyone’s memory. It will suffice to mention that millions of human beings were torn from their homes, separated from their families and deported from their country, usually under inhumane conditions. These mass transfers took place for the greatest possible variety of reasons, mainly as a consequence of the formation of a forced labour service. The thought of the physical and mental suffering endured by these “displaced persons”, among whom there were a great many women, children, old people and sick, can only lead to thankfulness for the prohibition embodied in this paragraph, which is intended to forbid such hateful practices for all time.
                    The authors of the Convention voted unanimously in favour of this prohibition, but there was some discussion on the wording. The draft submitted by the International Committee of the Red Cross reads: “Deportations or transfers of protected persons out of occupied territory are prohibited…” (3); the Diplomatic Conference preferred not to place an absolute prohibition on transfers of all kinds, as some might up to a certain point have the consent of those being transferred. The Conference had particularly in mind the case of protected persons belonging to ethnic or political minorities who might have suffered discrimination or persecution on that account and might therefore wish to leave the country. In order to make due allowances for that legitimate desire the Conference decided to authorize voluntary transfers by implication, and only to prohibit “forcible” transfers.
                    The prohibition is absolute and allows of no exceptions, apart from those stipulated in paragraph 2. It is, moreover, strengthened by other Articles in the cases in which its observance appeared to be least certain: in this connection mention may be made of Article 51, paragraph 2 , dealing with compulsory labour, Article 76, paragraph 1 , concerning the treatment of protected persons accused of offences or serving sentences and also under certain circumstances Article 70, paragraph 2, which deals with refugees.
                    The Hague Regulations do not refer to the question of deportation; this was probably because the practice of deporting persons was regarded at the beginning of this century as having fallen into abeyance. The events of the last few years have, however, made it necessary to make more detailed provisions on this point which may be regarded to-day as having been embodied in international law. Consequently, “unlawful deportation or transfer” was introduced among the grave breaches, defined in Article 147 of the Convention as calling for the most severe penal sanctions.

                    PARAGRAPH 2. — EVACUATION

                    As an exception to the rule contained in paragraph 1, paragraph 2 authorizes the Occupying Power to evacuate an occupied territory wholly or partly.
                    Unlike deportation and forcible transfers, evacuation is a provisional measure entirely negative in character, and is, moreover, often taken in the interests of the protected persons themselves. The clause may be compared with other provisions already commented upon, where the aim in view is similar, such as Articles 14, 15 and 17, which deal with hospital and safety zones, neutralized zones, and the evacuation of besieged or encircled areas. These provisions which apply to the whole population of countries engaged in a conflict are, of course, fully valid in occupied territory.
                    In order to protect the interests of the populations concerned, a number of safeguards are laid down with regard to evacuation, some of them in this paragraph and some in the next.
                    The first stipulation is that evacuation may only be ordered in two cases which are defined in great detail, namely when the safety of the population or imperative military reasons so demand. If therefore an area is in danger as a result of military operations or is liable to be subjected to intense bombing, the Occupying Power has the right and, subject to the provisions of Article 5, the duty of evacuating it partially or wholly, by placing the inhabitants in places of refuge. The same applies when the presence of protected persons in an area hampers military operations. Evacuation is only permitted in such cases, however, when overriding military considerations make it imperative; if it is not imperative, evacuation ceases to be legitimate.
                    It is stipulated that evacuation must not involve the movement of protected persons to places outside the occupied territory, unless it is physically impossible to do otherwise . Thus, as a rule evacuation must be to reception centres inside the territory.
                    The last sentence of the paragraph was added by the Diplomatic Conference; it stipulates that protected persons who have been evacuated are to be brought back to their homes as soon as the hostilities in the area have ended. This clause naturally applies both to evacuation inside the territory and to cases where circumstances have made it necessary to evacuate the protected persons to a place outside the occupied territory.


                    Evacuation with all it implies — leaving home, moving into an unknown environment, etc. — represents a radical change in the position of those concerned. The unfortunate consequences of evacuation should therefore be mitigated as far as possible by adding to the measure a minimum of humanitarian safeguards.
                    That is what this paragraph is intended to do. It represents a very strong recommendation to the Occupying Power. In the corresponding provision of the draft text put forward by the International Committee of the Red Cross the safeguards were expressed in the form of an absolute obligation (8); but the Diplomatic Conference made the clause rather less rigid by inserting the words “to the greatest practicable extent”.
                    It must not be forgotten, however, that this wording is intended to cover the contingency of an improvised evacuation of a temporary character when urgent action is absolutely necessary in order to protect the population effectively against an imminent and unforeseen danger. If the evacuation has to be prolonged as a result of military operations and it is not possible to return the evacuated persons to their homes within a comparatively short period, it will be the duty of the Occupying Power to provide them with suitable accommodation and make proper feeding and sanitary arrangements.
                    Attention should finally be drawn to the last clause in the paragraph which stipulates that members of the same family are not to be separated from one another. This provision represents a very appropriate addition to those of Article 27 under which the Parties to the conflict are in general obliged to respect family rights. Like Articles 25, 26 and 82 it is essentially intended to keep the family united or to re-unite it if it becomes separated.


                    The importance attached in the Convention to evacuation taking place under the conditions defined above is underlined by the fact that the Protecting Power is given the right to be informed of them.
                    The text proposed by the International Committee of the Red Cross read: “The Protecting Power shall be informed of any proposed transfers and evacuations. It may supervise the preparations and the conditions in which such operations are carried out.”
                    The Diplomatic Conference did not wish to make the prior notification of evacuation compulsory, as that would have made it more difficult to keep military operations secret. It therefore confined itself to providing that the information was to be given a posteriori.
                    The Protecting Power cannot therefore exercise its right of supervision during the preparations or when the moves themselves are taking place; it can, however, verify whether the Occupying Power fulfils the conditions which the Convention lays down with regard to the accommodation and other arrangements for the evacuees. The Protecting Power will take action to ensure that they are treated as humanely as possible and will help to improve their lot by co-operating with the competent authorities. The rights of supervision and check of the Protecting Power in regard to evacuation will, of course, apply not only inside the occupied territory but also outside it, in particular if the transfer is to a place within the territory of the Occupying Power.

                    FROM PLACE TO PLACE

                    This paragraph is based on a clause proposed by the International Committee of the Red Cross. The Conference decided to include it in each of the first 4 sections of Part III (Articles 28, 38, 49, paragraph 5, and 83, paragraph 1.
                    It was pointed out in the commentary on Article 27 [ Link ] that the rule whereby individuals are free to move from place to place is subject to certain restrictions in wartime. Two such restrictions are mentioned here: the Occupying Power is entitled to prevent protected persons from moving, even if they are in an area particularly exposed to the dangers of war, if the security of the population or imperative military reasons so demand.
                    This clause is the result of the lessons drawn from the Second World War.
                    It will be enough to remember the disastrous consequences of the exodus of the civilian population during the invasion of Belgium and Northern France. Thousands of people died a ghastly death on the roads and these mass flights seriously impeded military operations by blocking lines of communication and disorganizing transport. Thus, two considerations — the security of the population and “imperative military reasons” — may, according to the circumstances, justify either the evacuation of protected persons (paragraph 2) or their retention (paragraph 5). In each case real necessity must exist; the measures taken must not be merely an arbitrary infliction or intended simply to serve in some way the interests of the Occupying Power.

                    OCCUPIED TERRITORY

                    This clause was adopted after some hesitation, by the XVIIth International Red Cross Conference . It is intended to prevent a practice adopted during the Second World War by certain Powers, which transferred portions of their own population to occupied territory for political and racial reasons or in order, as they claimed, to colonize those territories. Such transfers worsened the economic situation of the native population and endangered their separate existence as a race.
                    The paragraph provides protected persons with a valuable safeguard. It should be noted, however, that in this paragraph the meaning of the words “transfer” and “deport” is rather different from that in which they are used in the other paragraphs of Article 49, since they do not refer to the movement of protected persons but to that of nationals of the occupying Power.
                    It would therefore appear to have been more logical — and this was pointed out at the Diplomatic Conference — to have made the clause in question into a separate provision distinct from Article 49, so that the concepts of “deportations” and “transfers” in that Article could have kept throughout the meaning given them in paragraph 1, i.e. the compulsory movement of protected persons from occupied territory.

          • GIVVO6_B

            Hasbara means explanation. Unfortunately it explains nothing and is a cover for land thieves and mass killers. I find the anti Israel land thief position very tenable. We just need to return to 1946 borders before the rogue state even existed.

            • James Wherry

              There were no “1946 borders” because there were no nations, there. The only Palestinian nation from the Mandate is Jordan and you are welcome to it. I’m happy to agree to a final division of land with a Palestinian state getting the West Bank and Gaza (with the exception of the Jewish Quarter and the Etzion bloc), but Palestinians proved what they really wanted in 1948, when they ethnically cleansed ALL Jews from the West Bank and Gaza, as they had tried to do in 1919, 1929, 1936 and 1947-48.

              Their Arab accomplices proved what they were up to, when they did the same thing to the land and homes of 1 million Jews from 23 Arab nations which were taken through pogroms, massacres, murders, riots and expulsion orders.

          • GIVVO6_B

            Many Jewish people are anti-Zionist. You vile clowns never use facts and statistics, but use fairy stories about how God is your real estate agent. Telling lies about how you have been there for 4,000 years. Liars, frauds, thieves and killers who should stop trying to covet Palestinian and Syrian land.

            • James Wherry

              I know no Jewish people who want to see the nation of Israel destroyed. They do want a two-state solution. It is also my position. That makes me a “moderate.”

              You’re free to tell me otherwise, but somehow I suspect you want to eliminate the nation of Israel and its right to exist, either directly, or by overwhelming it with Arab refugees. That makes you an “extremist.”

        • Holly Anderson

          Jewish this, Jewish thyat. No analysis here. Subterfuge under the cover of hatred for Jews and the purposeful mixing of the terms Jews and Zionists. Notice few but myself even respond to this crap?

          • tapatio

            According to almost all Jewish sources, 65 to 85% of all Jews are Zionist supporters, so your game doesn’t work.

      • cliffcollins

        Land grab in the Ukraine? You watch to much CNN! The people of Crimea VOTED in a referendum March 14,2014 to secede from Ukraine and rejoin Russia. That’s called DEMOCRACY! Americas FAILED coup in the Ukraine and FAILED attempt to grab the Black Sea Fleet base which is in Crimea is not going over to good with you guys. As for Georgia, last time I checked it is run by an American PUPPET Government so that’s two strikes. And finally…, “elsewhere” ? Please name where that is located. Strike Three! Your OUT!

        • James Wherry

          The people of crimea were given no choice. It was “leave the Ukraine under one constitution” or “leave the Ukraine under the other constitution.”

          Putin told Obama in advance of his intention, yet the President of the United States did not try and stop him. That proves your “puppet” allegation is a lie.