State Dept. Sued Over Refusal To Release Records On George Soros Foundation By
The U.S. State Department is being sued for refusing to release information regarding funding it has given to organizations affiliated with billionaire investor George Soros. These organizations are known to have connections with groups
After “Liberation,” U.S. To Give Control Of Raqqa To Rebels, Not Syrian Government By
The Syrian city of Raqqa – the “stronghold” of terror group ISIS – will be governed by a “civilian council” with the support of U.S. troops following its “liberation” from terrorists. Their refusal to return the city to the Syrian government will only worsen
Al Jazeera, CNN & BBC Cover Up Genocidal Crimes of US – Backed Syrian Rebels By
Through selective reporting, the omission of facts and reliance on dubious sources of information, media outlets have sought to twist the facts and whitewash crimes committed by the rebels.
Trump’s Massive War Power Giveaway By
The U.S. military under Trump is quickly morphing into judge, jury and executioner of any enemy they see fit and are, as recent events suggest, free to attack them in anyway they choose.
Wikileaks Reveals Hive: The CIA’s Top Secret Virus Control System By
Wikileaks’ latest release comes on the heels of CIA director Mike Pompeo’s aggressive statements against the transparency organization in which he labeled them “non-state hostile intelligence service.”
Manufacturing Consent For War In Syria: Trump’s Strategy Of Unpredictability By
Trump once promised that his trusted tactic of unpredictability, the cornerstone of his much-touted negotiation strategy, would be used to target foreign governments like China to carve out better deals for the American people. Now, Trump is using that same tactic against
The Prodigal Son-in-Law: Jared Kushner And The Rise Of The Neo-Cons In The Trump Admin By
Despite Trump’s campaign promises to not get involved in Syria or in regime change, it seems Kushner really is the “neo-cons’ back door” into the Trump administration.
Boston Bombers Claim To Have Been Contacted By FBI Before Attack By
In a newly released FBI interview, Tamerlan Tsarnaev claims he was approached by four mysterious men claiming to be FBI agents before the Boston attacks, corroborating earlier statements by his mother.
Israel Reconfirms Commitment To Treating Wounded Syrian Al-Nusra Fighters By
Israel has reconfirmed that it will continue to treat “war-wounded” fighters from Syria. However, most of the wounded it treats are fighters with links to terror groups. This is not the first time that Israel has been caught defending terrorists in the name of humanitarian
PA Dept. of Environmental Protection Sues Towns Over Fracking Ban By
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has taken legal action against two townships for their laws banning hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” within their communities, claiming that the local charters unlawfully interfere with state oil and gas policies.