Rex Tillerson Purges Remnants Of “Shadow Govt” At State Department By
Tillerson recently laid off several employees associated with the “7th-floor group” at the State Department, a group which FBI documents revealed is part of a “shadow government” that once stepped in to protect Hillary Clinton
From Taiwan Call To ‘One China’ Policy, Trump Keeps China — And Experts — On Edge By
Taking sides in the heated ongoing territorial disputes in the South China Sea between China and other countries in the region is only the latest piece of Trump’s erratic stance on China. But is this part of a carefully calculated strategy or a blatant display of ignorance?
Trump’s $300 Million Potential Conflict Of Interest With Deutsche Bank By
The massive German bank faces huge potential fines from the US government following federal probes into conflicts of interest between them and President Trump.
Making America Broke Again: Trump & The Inevitable Financial Crisis By
Trump can either ‘bite the bullet’ now if he really wants to improve the American economy or he can ‘kick the can down the road’ like his predecessors have, noted financial commentator Peter Schiff tells MintPress.
The ‘Inevitable’ War Against Iran & The Decline Of US Hegemony By
Only three weeks have passed since Trump’s inauguration, and the U.S. is already closer than ever to a full-scale military conflict with Iran.
Latin America’s Eco-Activists Struggle Against Corporate Feudalism, Colonialism & Resource Scarcity By
For Latin America’s environmental activists, the threat of death is always in the air -- either in the form of the slow poisoning of the earth or assassination. For many, inaction simply isn’t an option.
From Maverick To Lapdog: Trump Is Already Serving The Agenda Of America’s Oligarchs By
He campaigned on promises to ‘drain the swamp’ and radically alter the United States’ course in the world, but not even a week has passed and President Donald Trump has already made it clear that he’ll be following a very familiar agenda.
ACLU Asks Police To Turn Off Body Cams During Inauguration And Women’s March By
Thousands have gathered in Washington D.C. for the Presidential Inauguration and Women’s March, raising questions of police surveillance and protection of the First Amendment.
Syrian Govt Addresses Water Crisis After Rebels Contaminate Key Reservoirs By
US-backed “rebel” forces, who earlier this month poisoned and then damaged Damascus’ chief water supply, have now been ousted from Barada Valley reservoir.
Seven Arrested For Feeding Homeless In Tampa Park By
Activists with the group Food Not Bombs were arrested in Tampa, Florida on Saturday for feeding the needy without the necessary permits.