Corporations Hiring Ex-CIA, NSA, FBI Agents To Spy On Activist Groups By
The report details how corporations use their security teams, private contractors, and ex-federal agents to infiltrate nonprofit advocacy groups.
Western Electronics Creating Poisonous Land in Ghana By
The most dangerous of the globe’s toxic waste sites is located in Ghana, topping Chernobyl in terms of its toxicity.
Reid Goes Head-To-Head With Republicans Over Nominee Blocks By
Reid is threatening to ban filibusters for presidential nominations and and switch to a simple majority approval system in Senate.
Bangladesh Garment Workers Win Pay Hike, But Still Among Lowest Paid In The World By
Although the pay raise is relatively substantial, critics say it’s far from generous, as the garment industry in Bangladesh is worth $20 billion a year.
Following The Money: Investigation Probes Funds in Walker Recall By
Subpoenas delve after information related to fundraising and organizing of Walker’s recall campaign.
Plastic Pistols: Is Banning 3D Guns Practical? By
Concern for 3D weapons and regulations arose when a Texas student made a handgun with a home-based printer.
Government Report Highlights ‘Mommy Penalty’ By
The reports echoes the claims of experts who say mothers in the U.S. are on the losing end of the job-earnings spectrum.
Ethanol: Clean Energy Or The Source Of New Environmental Concerns? By
Environmental ramifications are causing second thoughts on laws requiring ethanol cultivation.
Environmental Groups Target NPR For Fracking Industry Ads By
Environmental advocates call the pro-fracking advertisments misleading, and question the partnership’s effect on NPR’s journalistic independence.
Scientist Warns of Impending US Disaster from Fukushima Fallout By
If an earthquake of 7 or greater were to hit, then “all hell breaks loose,” including the evacuation of the West coast of North America, the scientist said.