Militants In Aleppo ‘Make A Fortune’ Selling Humanitarian Aid To Locals By
According to an embedded journalist, the UN and its human right agencies failed to maintain humanitarian aid supplies to Aleppo residents.
Assad: All Western Aid For Syria Sent To Terrorist Groups, Not Civilians By
All the aid that the western countries delivered to Syria was sent to terrorist organizations, which means that the West does not care about the Syrian people, Syrian President Bashar Assad told the RT broadcaster in an interview.
‘Facebook Suppressed My Piece’ On Clinton Email Leaks, ‘CIA Lie’ – Ex Ambassador By
A blog by former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray comprehensively debunking CIA claims of Russian interference in the US Presidential election was actively suppressed by Facebook after its publication.
China To Back Iran In ‘Sanctions Standoff Between Tehran, Washington’ By
During a meeting in Beijing, representatives of China and Iran reaffirmed their readiness to expand economic cooperation, investment and banking activities.
Advocacy Group To File Complaint About Toys Capable Of Collecting Personal Data By
Advocacy groups for children and consumers are going to sue national authorities for allegedly gathering personal data toys, the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) said in a statement on Tuesday.
Trump Proposes Jail Or Loss Of Citizenship For Burning American Flag By
US President-elect Donald Trump proposed on Tuesday to punish US citizens for burning the US flag by revoking their citizenship or by imprisonment.
Facebook Develops Censorship Tool In Bid To Enter Chinese Market By
From fake news to censored posts: facebook is facing a backlash over it's China suppression tool.
US, Saudi Ammunition Bound For Syrian ‘Moderate’ Rebels Ends Up In ISIS Hands By
Ammunition supplied by the United States and Saudi Arabia to moderate Syrian opposition groups has been found in the possession of ISIS, representatives of a UK-based organization monitoring weapons movement said.
Moscovici: Anti-Establishment Populism Pushing EU Into Unknown By
The current revolt against the political establishment and globalization in Europe could send the EU into a US-style leap into the unknown and potentially rip apart the European Union, EU Commissioner Pierre Moscovici has warned. Moscovici, the EU Commissioner for Economic
Samples Taken In Syria’s Aleppo Prove Militants Used Chlorine Gas By
Sunday's attack is the third chemical attack by militants in Aleppo in the past two weeks.