Phyllis Bennis: ISIS Is Filling The Holes Left By The US War On Terror By
What gave rise to ISIS and how is the group holding onto power? To answer these questions, journalist, activist and political commentator Phyllis Bennis connects the dots between the fall of Iraq, the U.S. “War on Terror,” and
Rich Investors Flock To Puerto Rico As Debt Crisis Pushes Poor To The Mainland By
Devastating economic times and myriad tax incentives are driving the wealthy to Puerto Rico, but they’re also forcing Puerto Ricans off the island.
Hunger Striking Palestinian Political Prisoner Mohammad Allan Slips Into Coma By
The 31-year-old Palestinian lawyer is one of a number of Palestinians held in Israeli jails who are taking action against abuses and mistreatment at the hands of Israeli authorities.
Local Police Take The Eye Of Big Brother And Spy On Americans By
“What we often see is police departments or local law enforcement agencies grabbing technologies without any policies in place for it, not asking anybody’s permission, just sort of getting it, [and] starting to implement it,” a digital rights activist tells MintPress.
What Norway Is Getting Right About Policing That American Cops Just Can’t Figure Out By
American police kill an average of three people a day. Norwegian police fired guns twice last year, and they haven’t killed anyone since 2006.
Roadside Remembrance For Samuel Shields Expresses White Solidarity For Black Lives By
Every Thursday evening, a small group of mainly white women hold “Black Lives Matter” and “Honk for Justice” signs on a busy corner in Washington, D.C., expressing their own frustrations with police brutality and America’s systemic racism.
The Politics Of Punishment: Greece Is Being Destroyed By Europe And Austerity Orthodoxy By
With Greece and the eurozone committing to reforms and a bailout that’s still unsustainable, it’s the people of Greece who are left to suffer, not knowing “what will come tomorrow. They don’t know if they’ll have their jobs or if they’ll have money to live,”
Richard Silverstein On Israel’s Gag Orders And ‘The Middle East’s Only Democracy’ By
“Security, as the government defines it, trumps everything,” says Richard Silverstein, a veteran journalist who’s made a name for himself by exposing stories Israel’s domestic media are forbidden from touching.
‘Come Back When You’re Dangerous’: How Police Are Failing The Mentally Ill By
Rather than providing the mentally ill with an opportunity to see a mental health professional, one expert says, “We say, ‘Come back when you’re in a crisis. Come back when you’re dangerous.’”
2016’s Horse Race: The Need For A Third Party And Greater Systemic Change By
“I think there’s a mistaken pessimism and defeatism among activists thinking that the mass of money stacked against us means there’s no point,” an advocate for third-party contenders tells MintPress.