Samidoun’s Charlotte Kates Discusses The PA’s Complicity In The Death Of Omar Nayef Zayed By
The true “embassies” of the Palestinian people are the community centers and grassroots institutions built by Palestinians in exile and diaspora everywhere in the world, that support Palestinian refugees, prisoners and strugglers
Will The Thaw In US-Cuban Relations Chill Cuba’s Revolutionary Zeal? By
“That conscience is ingrained in our internationalism, and is at the essence of our policies of international solidarity. It won't change just because we establish a normal relationship with the U.S. or any other government,” the Cuban Five’s René González tells
Right-Wing Victories In Argentina, Venezuela Could Accelerate US Dominance In The Region By
Recent elections in Argentina and Venezuela have yielded major changes that could ultimately open the door to greater interference by corporate interests and the U.S.
Valletta Summit Highlights Discrepancies In EU, African Priorities On Refugee Crisis By
“I think it is better to invest in people than weapons,” Luxembourg’s prime minister told journalists ahead of a migration summit, highlighting what would be a major point of divergence between European and African representatives in attendance.
EU Nominates Violent US-Backed Venezuelan Opposition For Human Rights Prize By
The EU nominated Mesa de la Humanidad Democrática for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, despite the opposition coalition’s role in anti-government protests that grew increasingly violent before culminating in a coup attempt against the Venezuelan president.
Crimes Of US-Backed Dictatorship Era Still Being Prosecuted In Chile By
As Chile buries one face of the horrors of the dictatorship era, the country moves to prosecute those responsible for the burning death of an American resident.
ANALYSIS: Cuba-US Relations: Diplomatic Ties Emerge, Mired In Suspicion By
The normalization of relations could be hailed as a positive move, but given the history of U.S. intervention under the guise of democracy, not everyone is convinced that the U.S. isn’t simply manipulating diplomacy to subvert the island’s revolutionary forces.
Desperate To Halt BDS, Israel Threatens To Sue Boycotters By
Considering the millions of dollars and ramped-up rhetoric the Israeli government is throwing at efforts to thwart the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, one might safely assume that the movement is making powerful strides.
Meet The Tiny Country Pushing For Huge Change In Palestine By
Malta’s foreign minister tells MintPress: “If Israel continues to expand, there is going to be no land left for a two-state solution. There are volumes of condemnation but no concrete action against Israel.”
While Europe Wrestles With Migrant Issue, A Vigil Is Held In Malta By
Though anti-immigrant sentiment runs high in Malta, a tiny island in the Mediterranean, it’s not stopping citizens from reflecting on the humanitarian disaster reflected in the deaths of 1,500 refugees fleeing to Europe so far this year.