Ford’s “Vote of Confidence” In Trump Reversed – Company Will Send Jobs To China By
Ford has announced that it will move production of its Focus compact car to China, making the car the biggest automotive export from China to the U.S. in history. President Trump, who previously gloated about keeping Ford jobs in the
U.S. Coalition Cleansing Raqqa Of Arabs To Expand Kurdish “Autonomous Region” By
As U.S.-backed forces storm the Syrian city of Raqqa in their fight against Daesh (ISIS), a silent cleansing is taking place targeting the city’s Arabs. The U.S.’ Kurdish allies are set to benefit from this cleansing, as it will allow them to annex the city after the
Untreated Sewage Could Flood Gaza As Crippling Power Outages Worsen By
Conditions in Gaza are worsening, with grave consequences for both human health and the environment due to untreated wastewater. Worse still, Israel has announced it will cut the electricity it supplies to Gaza by nearly half.
Nikki Haley: UN Report ‘Reeks Of Anti-Israel Bias’ By
“This report is just the latest example of the Human Rights Council singling out Israel rather than focusing on the world’s actual human rights abusers.”
The Next “Standing Rock”? Florida Protesters Fighting Sabal Trail Pipeline By
A pipeline that is under construction in several southern U.S. states has local residents fired up, as they fear potential contamination of their groundwater. The EPA and local authorities have given the pipeline a thumbs-up, despite the likelihood of significant damage
U.S.-Backed Rebels Enter Raqqa, Division Of Syria To Be Pushed After Victory By
As U.S.-backed forces enter the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, a plan to divide Syria along sectarian lines is coming to fruition. The plan is not unlike those previously used by the U.S. to divide and conquer other countries in order to exploit their natural resources and strategic
Amnesty International Urges UK To Ban Imports From Israeli Settlements By
Amnesty International has called on the UK to ban all imports of goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements to help end multimillion-pound profits which have fuelled mass human rights violations.
Pentagon Requests $1.8 Training Program To Combat Sectarianism It Fomented By
The CIA has a known history of hiring torture experts to train extremists and paramilitary forces to do its dirty work. Next year, it plans to pay for training for Iraqi security forces who have a similar history of human rights violations, hoping to use these forces to
New Bill Would Reduce Police Accountability, Erode State Independence By
A bill that would create mandatory minimum sentences for people who assault police officers, as well as prevent police brutality victims from receiving compensation, is being considered by Congress. Critics say the bill will undermine officers’ credibility and do little
Philippine President Duterte Fears CIA Assassination, Blames U.S. for ISIS Presence By
In the wake of a recent Daesh (ISIS) attack that claimed one of his country’s cities, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed concern that the U.S. may be seeking to destabilize the country, even suggesting that the U.S. could attempt to assassinate him. This