US Policy May Soon Lead Iraq Into Syrian Style Civil War By
‘The result could be an Aleppo-style quagmire,’ warned a former U.S. army officer who believes that the efforts of U.S.-backed Iraqi forces to retake Mosul from ISIS could provoke a civil war.
Judge: Nestlé Can Keep Bottling California’s Water Under Permit That Expired In 1988 By
And a federal judge has ruled that the Swiss-based multinational may continue to do so until the Forest Service takes action on the permit it’s allowed to lapse for 28 years.
DARPA Developing ‘Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance’ To Track Drones By
One defense technology journalist argued that, ‘There is no good way to track the drones in the sky.’ However, that could change with a proposed scalable system that would track every unmanned aerial vehicle in an urban area.
Following Decades Of High Cancer Rates & Birth Defects, EPA Begins Cleanup Of Uranium Mines On Navajo Reservation By
The EPA and Navajo Nation have identified 523 abandoned uranium mines scattered throughout Arizona and New Mexico, including dozens located dangerously close to homes or water sources.
Dakota Access Pipeline: Archaeologist Group Urges Army Corps Of Engineers To ‘Learn From Past Errors’ On Sacred Sites By
The Society for American Archaeology is calling on government agencies to reconsider their approach to the Dakota Access Pipeline and similar fossil fuel projects.
Syrian Rebels Beg Israel For Help As Tensions Escalate In Occupied Golan Heights By
A video shows a field commander of a Syrian rebel group pleading for military aid from Israel.  
Study: Scientists That Won’t Link Pesticides To Bee Deaths Are Often Funded By Agrochemical Industry By
‘Syngenta and Bayer have a substantial amount of influence in the debate,’ said one neurobiology researcher in response to a Greenpeace analysis of corporate corruption in pesticide research.
After Over A Year Of Negotiation, Israel Accepts Record $38 Billion In ‘Aid’ Package From US By
Sen. Graham is reportedly trying to hold up the deal, demanding even more money.
15 Years Later, Obama Extends 9/11 ‘National Emergency’ To Justify A Perpetual War On Terror By
‘[I]t seems like we should consider dropping the charade of annual renewals and just admit that “emergency” 9/11 powers are now a permanent part of the landscape,’ the co-founder of Vox wrote in response to the White House memo.
New DNC Chair Donna Brazile Calls WikiLeaks’ Assange A ‘Criminal’ Over DNC Leak By
‘The DNC and other institutions are victims of a cybercrime led by thugs,’ Brazile said during a recent interview in which she also promised to prevent future leaks.