New Documentary ‘Risk’ Renews Attention To ‘Political Prisoner’ Julian Assange By
The Oscar-winning filmmaker also revealed that she is under investigation by the U.S. government as an ‘anti-U.S.’ filmmaker.
Saudi Press Accuses US Govt Of Carrying Out 9/11 Attacks By
The Saudi press has been in a frenzy since the unanimous Senate vote to allow for the House of Saud to be held liable in U.S. federal court for the 9/11 attacks.
The Government’s Insane War On Tiny Homes And Humanity By
Luke Rudkowski travels to Compton, California to talk to Elvis Summers, the man behind the ” Tiny Houses For The Homeless in Los Angeles.”
Leaked Transcripts Detail How Elite Orchestrated Overthrow In Brazil By
Revelations detail 'national pact' between government, military, and oil executives.
Ikea Looks Into Replacing Styrofoam With Biodegradable Mushroom Packaging By
‘We always look for new and innovative processes and sustainable materials that can contribute to our commitment’ to sustainability, an Ikea representative said.
Syrian Al-Qaida Faction Ahrar Al Sham Goes To Washington By
The report suggested that the Ahrar al Sham “moderate” terrorist leader (who appears to have the profile of a US “intelligence asset”) would be meeting with “third parties” in Washington DC ”who might influence policymakers” –e.g. D.C. think tanks, research
Police And Prison Guards Fight Calif. Marijuana Legalization With Big Money By
As law enforcement agencies have come to depend on the millions they rake in from the war on drugs and asset forfeiture laws, maybe it’s no wonder they’re not advocates for change in the state’s drug laws.
UN Assessment: Global Destruction Of Earth On Fast Track By
Without a change in current trends, 'the state of the world's environment will continue to decline.'
March Against Monsanto Takes Manhattan As Global Protests Approach By
Representatives of the March Against Monsanto campaign reported that glyphosate, the major ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide, ‘is consistently being discovered in everything from hospital feeding tubes and tampons to the breast milk of nursing mothers.’
Government Docs Reveal White House Efforts To Stop The Next Whistleblower By
One linguist employed by the military even faced police investigation due to an ill-timed visit to the WikiLeaks website.