Israeli Extremists Taunt Hunger-Striking Palestinian Prisoners With BBQ By
Palestinians who are being held in deplorable conditions in Israeli prisons recently announced a hunger strike in return for improved conditions. Right-wing Israeli extremists have decided to torture the strikers by barbecuing right
Investigators Claim U.S. Failed To Prevent Civilian Casualties In Airstrike On Syrian Mosque By
Several organizations, including Human Rights Watch, Forensic Architecture and Bellingcat, have investigated the U.S.-coalition bombing of a mosque in Syria last month. All found that the U.S. failed to prevent civilian casualties and suggested the attack could constitute
Federal Judge: Public Has No Right To Know About Dakota Pipeline Spill Risks By
Energy Transfer Partners, the pipeline’s developer, has argued that keeping information regarding spill risks from the public is essential, as it could be “useful to vandals and terrorists.” However, the move is looking more like a way to hide any potential negative
Venezuela Calls for Expanding Armed Civilian Militias To Counter U.S.-Backed Opposition By
Venezuela is continuing to endure violent protests from U.S.-funded right-wing opposition groups that seek to destabilize the country and remove its socialist leadership from power. But now, the country’s president is calling for expanding armed civilian militias to combat
WaPo Gives Raytheon Lobbyist Free Range To Publish Pro-War Editorials By
The Washington Post has given Ed Rogers, top lobbyist for Raytheon, an outlet for his blatantly pro-war editorials. The Post has failed to disclose Roger’s ties to the weapons manufacturer - whose missiles were used in last week’s strike against Syria - generating yet
US Vets Exploited By Saudi Arabia Into Lobbying Against 9/11 Bill By
New proof has emerged that Saudi Arabia paid at least one US lobbying group to bring military veterans to Washington to lobby for changes to JASTA.
Oil Prices Soar After US Strikes Syria – A Promising Development For Trump’s Saudi Allies By
Saudi Arabia’s economy has been on shaky ground in recent years due to continuous drops in oil prices. But new U.S. airstrikes in Syria have sent oil prices climbing, which will prove to be a boon for the U.S.’ Saudi ally both economically and geopolitically.
Comey May Have Been Blocked From Reporting Russia’s Tampering In U.S. Election By
A recent Newsweek report claims that the Obama administration may have prevented FBI Director James Comey from revealing the full extent of Russia’s alleged tampering in last year’s U.S. presidential election. The revelation comes as the Russia scandal continues to dominate
Senators Debut New Anti-Iran Legislation Just Days Before AIPAC Conference By
Just days before a powerful Israeli lobbying organization began its annual conference in Washington, D.C., new legislation targeting Iran was introduced by U.S. senators. The timing is likely far from being a coincidence.
The True Legacy Of David Rockefeller By
While often remembered for his philanthropy, the last surviving grandson of America’s first billionaire died today, leaving behind a dark legacy indicative of how American nobility often shape policy from behind the scenes.