Google Hit With Record Number Of Requests For User Data In Second Half Of 2015 By
More tech companies now release transparency data, and the tech giant wrote that it ‘is proud to have led the charge on publishing these reports.’
Orlando & Nice Killers Were Troubled Loners With Histories Of Domestic Abuse, Drinking, And No Ties To ISIS By
One analyst noted that media outlets quickly labeled the driver in a deadly truck attack in Nice a terrorist, ‘despite the absence of any evidence of a political motivation, or indeed any motive at all.’
Move-In Day: Riot Police Take Over College Dorms To Support RNC 2016 Police State By
A Case Western professor expressed shock at being ‘expected to cancel a week of summer classes in order to accommodate the quartering of the paramilitary force’ during the Republican National Convention.
Ron Paul: US Experiencing Something Similar To Breakup Of USSR By
The two-time Republican presidential candidate told Fox Business that both major parties want to prop up the stock market and the Federal Reserve in a futile attempt to ‘preserve a system that can’t be preserved.’
WikiLeaks’ Sarah Harrison: Julian Assange Fears Torture At The Hands Of US Gov’t By
Harrison said Julian Assange and whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden are victims of a ‘very successful propaganda attack’ by the U.S. that suggested their actions caused harm to the American government and people.
Black Open Carry Activist Flees Death Threats After Dallas Police Wrongly Accuse Him Of Mass Shooting By
A Time magazine reporter called the false accusations against Hughes ‘a story of everything that is wrong with race relations and policing in America today.’
‘They’re Just People Like You And Me’: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actors Condemn Treatment Of Syrian Refugees By
The people in refugee camps are ‘successful people who have had everything taken away from them,’ said an actor from the hit HBO TV series, adding that Syrians are suffering ‘because people in offices in capitals around the world have decided to visit them with cruelty.’
In 2007, Seymour Hersh Predicted U.S., Saudi Arabia & Israel Would Destabilize Syria By
Nine years ago, the award-winning investigative journalist warned that U.S. support for extremists in Syria would lead to destabilization and civil war in the region.
Obama Granted Over 1,500 Underwater Fracking Permits In Gulf Of Mexico After Deepwater Horizon By
An environmentalist attorney warned that despite the Deepwater Horizon disaster, ‘the federal government is rubber-stamping practices like fracking without doing any environmental review or notifying the public.’
Israel And Turkey Strike Deal That Would Secure Control Of Syrian Oil By
Israel agreed to establish a $20 million fund for activists killed in a 2010 attack on a Turkish aid ship bound for Palestine, but the deal has far more to do with oil than human rights.