Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Censored By Saudi Gov’t After Criticizing Trump By
‘The author Jamal Khashoggi does not represent the government of Saudi Arabia or its positions at any level,’ a representative of the Gulf Kingdom said.
‘Liberal Global Order’: How Bush’s Neocons Crafted Obama’s Policy Of Endless War By
Foreign policy analysts at the Brookings Institution urged Obama to begin ‘the provision of lethal assistance by an American-led coalition’ to Syrian rebels, while acknowledging the presence of al-Qaida fighters among their ranks.
After Brutal Assault By Police, Volunteers Prepare A Thanksgiving Feast For Standing Rock Water Protectors By
‘To this day, treaties are being broken for the benefit of white expansionism,’ wrote the organizer of a Thanksgiving Day feast to be served at the encampment where Native ‘water protectors’ and their allies continue to resist the Dakota Access pipeline.
The Hate Spiral Of 2016: 701 Acts Of ‘Hateful Harassment’ Since Election Day By
Southern Poverty Law Center has documented 701 incidents targeting Muslims, immigrants, LGBT people, women, blacks, and other minorities since Election Day.
Sweden Finally Questions WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange At Ecuador’s London Embassy By
‘There was no need for the Swedish authorities to delay for over 1,000 days before agreeing to carry out this interview, given that the Swedish authorities regularly question people in Britain,’ noted Ecuador’s foreign minister.
WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Panics After Obama’s Statements On Private Email Server By
‘Clinton campaign panics after Obama misleads public over Clinton emails,’ WikiLeaks tweeted on Tuesday, referencing a 2015 email from hacked from the Gmail account of Clinton campaign head John Podesta.
Wife Of FBI Official Probing Clinton Emails Got $675K In Donations From Dems By
‘Evidence keeps turning up suggesting that the FBI probe into her emails was influenced by political favoritism and double standards,’ noted a Wall Street Journal editorial.
What Donald Trump Gets Wrong About ‘Inner Cities’ And Poverty In America By
Contrary to Trump’s rhetoric, the majority of black Americans no longer live in the so-called ‘inner cities,’ and rural and suburban poverty are a growing issue in America that he seems to ignore.
Experts Warn Retaking Mosul Won’t Stop ISIS, But Could Make Syria’s Civil War Worse By
Despite Obama’s promises to avoid U.S. ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria, as many as 5,000 special forces troops are currently fighting ISIS alongside Iraqi forces in Mosul.
WikiLeaks’ Podesta Emails: Lawyer For 9/11 Families Warned Campaign About Clinton’s Saudi Ties By
‘Those of us who have been concerned about that politicization have had some thoughts about how to defang the issue and would be happy to knock those around with you,’ wrote Jack Quinn, former White House counsel and current lawyer to families of 9/11 victims.