Come To Guantanamo & See The Iguanas: Snowden Files Offer Glimpse Inside NSA Culture By
Newly released internal NSA documents show that torturing prisoners and water skiing were part of the daily routine for agents stationed in Guantanamo Bay during the Iraq War.
After Iraq War, Monsanto, Cargill & Dow Chemical Took Over Iraqi Agriculture By
According to one environmental activist, under U.S. diplomat Paul Bremer’s orders, ‘Iraqi farmers are not allowed to save seeds, they are not allowed to share seeds ... and they are not allowed to replant harvested seeds.’
Texas Grand Jury Won’t Indict Cop Who Shot Naked, Unarmed Black Teen By
The lawyer for the family of the slain teen called it ‘a sad day for justice’ and said the case ‘calls into question the entire grand jury process in cases involving police misconduct.’
How A 100 Year-Old British Colonial Contract Continues To Shape The Middle-East By
One Palestinian living in Kuwait suggested the agreement created an atmosphere of defeatism and weakness: ‘Today, the Middle East continues to see itself as the result of Western dominance.’
WikiLeaks: Brazil’s Acting President Michel Temer Is US Diplomatic Informant By
The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald noted that Temer will 'faithfully serve the interests of Brazil’s richest' along with the interests of Goldman Sachs and the International Monetary Fund.
No Sneakers For Nakba: Reebok Denies Shoe Celebrating Israeli ‘Independence’ By
A Palestine organizer of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement called the sneaker an ‘unethical, insensitive and irresponsible’ show of support for Israeli apartheid.
Noam Chomsky: Europe Shows ‘Real Cowardice’ In The Face Of US Imperial Power By
The renowned linguist, philosopher and scholar declared Europe’s unwillingness to aid Edward Snowden ‘a revelation of real cowardice in the face of a power that the European elites are unwilling to confront.’
Maryland’s Green Party Senate Candidate Says It’s Time To ‘Build A Political Alternative’ By
Inspired by the success of Seattle’s third-party City Council member, Kshama Sawant, Margaret Flowers is using her campaign as an opportunity to ‘build a political alternative that’s the opposite of the two corporate parties.’
Trolling Her Way To The White House?: Clinton-Linked PAC Launches $1M Campaign Against Trump & ‘Bernie Bros’ By
Even as Clinton calls for campaign finance reform, one activist accused the PAC of ‘exploiting a loophole in campaign finance law’ that permits this kind of aggressive social media campaign.
FBI & DOJ Defend Secrecy Of WikiLeaks Investigation In 113-Page Court Filing By
The FBI and Justice Department called Chelsea Manning’s Freedom of Information Act request ‘a quintessential example of an improper attempt to use FOIA to force the government to open its investigative files to public inspection.’