Amid DNC Leaks Fallout, Protesters Urge Bernie To ‘Go Green’ And Root For Jill Stein At DNC 2016 By
‘Stop voting for the lesser evil and stand up for the greater good like your lives depend on it!’ the Green Party’s presumptive nominee for president, Dr. Jill Stein, told a crowd of hundreds on Monday.
See You In Philly: MintPress News Will Report Live From DNC 2016 Protests By
From demands for third party inclusiveness in American elections to protests against the war on drugs, the streets of Philadelphia could prove even more lively than the convention itself.
Hundreds Gather To ‘Wall Off Trump’ & Police Arrest 18 In Flag-Burning Demonstration At RNC 2016 By
Although targeted at the GOP and its nominee, Donald Trump, activists also criticized President Barack Obama, writing, ‘When he leaves office he will leave behind to his successor the most sophisticated and well-funded human-expulsion machine in the history of the country.’
$6B Spent Fighting ISIS, 50,000 Bombs Dropped In Iraq & Syria, And Still No End In Sight By
‘The U.S. taxpayers will pay once to blow the place up and then pay again to build it back up,’ wrote one analyst of the seemingly endless campaign to destabilize Syria and the Middle East.
From Anti-Trump Activists To Open Carry Advocates: RNC 2016 Opens With A Day Of Peaceful Protest By
The opening day of the Republican National Convention also featured a concert and protest by Prophets of Rage, a ‘supergroup’ featuring members of Public Enemy, Cypress Hill and Rage Against the Machine.
In Dallas & Baton Rouge, Media Ignores That Veterans Pulled The Trigger By
‘[I]f not for racism, those black male shooters being vets would do something interesting to the media narratives around these killings,’ one media analyst tweeted.
US Police Have Killed Nearly 9,000 Civilians Since 9/11 By
One analyst suggested in 2012 that Americans are eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist. But that estimate is probably low because police departments don’t have to disclose details on police killings and the U.S. government doesn’t formally track
Secretive Internet ‘Kill Switch’ And Apple Patent Could Stop You From Filming Police & Protests By
The Supreme Court refused to force the Department of Homeland Security to reveal further details of its program to shut off internet access during ‘emergencies’ despite the concerns this poses for freedom of speech.
Human Rights Watch Rated Among Least Transparent Think Tanks In US By
‘The number of organizations who still consider it acceptable to take money from hidden hands behind closed doors is rapidly dwindling,’ noted the executive director of an NGO studying think tank transparency.
From Bathroom Bills To Islamophobia: It’s All Connected In America’s Anti-Diversity Backlash By
‘There’s a lot of profit in paranoia,’ said the author of a report linking Islamophobia to a right-wing agenda that promotes the interests of the country’s shrinking white majority amid a dramatic demographic shift.