Washington Post’s ‘Fake News’: MSM Supports ‘Shameful,’ Anonymous Attack On Independent Media By
‘The article is rife with obviously reckless and unproven allegations, and fundamentally shaped by shoddy, slothful journalistic tactics,’ Glenn Greenwald and Ben Norton wrote in an analysis of the Washington Post report attacking
New Study Suggests Cannabis Could Help Ease The Opioid Epidemic By
‘I like to say that instead of cannabis being a gateway drug into harder drugs, I think that we might see cannabis being used as a gateway drug out of our current opioid epidemic,’ a cannabis industry consultant with a background in law enforcement tells MintPress News.
BDS Activists Plan Black Friday Protests Against HP’s Support For Israeli Apartheid By
‘People of conscience today should boycott HP companies for providing imaging and technology for Israeli apartheid,’ declared an activist who helped target South Africa’s apartheid policies in the 1970s.
PayPal Serves Illegal Israeli Settlers But Won’t Let Palestinians Open Accounts By
‘Without access to PayPal, Palestinian entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and others face routine difficulties in receiving payments for business and charitable purposes,’ an open letter from a coalition of American activists reads.
Trump’s Pick For Nat’l Security Adviser Is An Islamophobic Former Army General By
Michael Flynn, a retired Army general and former intelligence officer, sits on the board of ACT For America, a group that the Council on American-Islamic Relations says is part of the ‘inner core’ of America’s multimillion-dollar Islamophobia industry.
Stephen Bannon: Anti-Black, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Semitic, But Pro-Israel By
‘Anti-Semitism and right-wing Zionism are varieties of ultra nationalism, or … tribalism,’ one sociologist noted in response to the apparent contradiction between Breitbart’s support for anti-Semitism and Zionism.
Major Gains For Cannabis On Election Day Make Full Legalization Almost Inevitable By
‘It’s likely now a question of when, and not if, the rest of the country will follow suit,’ according to an analysis published after legalization made major gains in voting booths around the country on Election Day.
#NoDAPL Spills Over: Musicians Boycott Dakota Access Pipeline CEO’s Record Label & Festival By
‘I do not play for oil interests. I do not play for companies who defile nature, or companies who attack demonstrators with trained attack dogs and pepper spray,’ declared singer-songwriter Jackson Browne.
In 2016, Israel Demolished Over 200 West Bank Homes In Illegal Settlement Expansion By
‘True to Israel’s entire history, it’s a story of moving in where people already live and kicking them out,’ noted Abby Martin, a journalist who traveled to Palestine earlier this year to document Israel’s oppressive occupation.
Could US Elections Be Stolen? Election Integrity Activists Say Yes By
‘If it’s a close election, the cheaters are going to win,’ says Mark Crispin Miller, a professor of media studies who’s spent years combing through U.S. election results for evidence of electronic voting machine fraud.