Debate Protesters Forced To Walk Miles To ‘Free Speech Zone’ Across A Highway From Clinton & Trump By
Journalist Abby Martin told MintPress News that many activists were forced to walk miles to reach the free speech zone. “It seems like there was a purposeful tactic to deter people from finding the protest site.”
Nestle Spent $11M Lobbying Congress To Control Water, Cocoa & Trade Since 2013 By
Nestlé is also a funder of the American Legislative Exchange Council, the controversial corporate think tank which produces model legislation that’s later introduced by the state legislators it sponsors.
Brazilian President Michel Temer: Dilma Rousseff Impeached Because She Didn’t Support Neoliberalism By
Rousseff rejected a proposal by Temer’s party which included ‘cuts to health and education spending, reduced welfare benefits, a raised retirement age, new private sector partnerships and decreased market regulations,’ according to a journalist at The Intercept Brasil.
Most Americans Would Rather See $38 Billion Invested In Vets & Education Than Israeli Military Aid By
According to a recent poll, 81 percent of American internet users would rather see aid to Israel channeled toward efforts to address domestic issues, like caring for vets, improving education, paying down the national debt or rebuilding infrastructure.
What’s Behind The Surge In US Pipeline Construction? By
Native American activist Winona LaDuke explained that the US would rather ‘create this filthy infrastructure’ through the Dakota Access Pipeline and other domestic fossil fuel projects than do business with Venezuela.
British Judge Rules Alleged Hacktivist Lauri Love Can Be Extradited To US By
Lauri Love, who remains free on bail until September 16, has threatened to take his own life if U.K. courts send him to the U.S. to stand trial under the controversial Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
Despite Safeguards, 2016 Sees Rise In Heat-Related Police Dog Deaths By
Of 16 police dogs which have died this year, 11 died as the result of being left unattended in vehicles parked in areas with soaring temperatures.
American Legion Asks Congress To Reschedule Cannabis As Vets Continue To Suffer Under War On Drugs By
The American Legion, which represents 2.4 million military veterans, wants the DEA to recognize therapeutic potential of cannabis to treat PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and other conditions frequently encountered by veterans.
Neoliberalism: ‘Profit Goes To Apple And Microsoft, Not To The Taxpayer’ By
In conversation with noted political philosopher Noam Chomsky, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said neoliberalism is “just 19th century power politics of crushing anyone who dares stand up to them and say a simple word, ‘No.’”
Prison Strike Organizer Melvin Ray: ‘International Human Rights Issues’ In Prisons Would Embarrass The US By
‘If you’re compassionate about human rights, support what we’re doing,’ says Melvin Ray, an inmate who was placed in a solitary confinement unit in an Alabama prison for organizing with the Free Alabama prison reform movement.