Chelsea Manning Is Free And Pledges Not To Confine Herself To The Past By
"In the pantheon of cases involving disclosures motivated by whistleblowing, Pfc. Manning’s is far and away the most severe sentence ever adjudged."
New Documentary, Cruel And Unusual, Promises Unique Look Into Solitary Confinement By
"The great Constitution indeed forbids cruel and unusual punishment. And if any treatment can be called that, it is the decades-long treatment of the ‘Angola 3’ in solitary confinement.”
Max Blumenthal: The Left’s Failure To Confront Root Of Syrian Conflict By
“You might not be a leftist if you are an apologist for any of these rebel groups or if you are edging toward calling for the replacement of a post-colonial state with a Sunni Islamist theocracy that requires NATO or U.S. military intervention."
Immigrants In Georgia Detention Centers Hunger Strike For Medical Care, Instead Receive Solitary Confinement By
“When I requested medical care, sometimes no one would reply. I was not given medical care until ICE later approved it. When I reached out for medical help, I was placed in solitary confinement.”
Family Of Disabled Man Injured In Violent Immigration Raid Files Federal Lawsuit By
The victim ended up in a Chicago Police gang database after being the victim of a drive-by shooting while on his way home from work, that information was then passed onto ICE, who ultimately conducted the raid.
Tortured Women’s Rights Advocate Smeared By CNN Following Guilty Plea By
This was a political case from the beginning, but one would not know that from reading CNN’s atrocious coverage .
Snowden Documentarian Laura Poitras Endured Years Of Government Surveillance, Harassment By
Laura Poitras' travel nightmare began more than a decade ago when the award-winning filmmaker started getting detained at airports every time she tried to set foot back in the United States.
New Documentary Examines One State’s Struggle To Reform Solitary Confinement By
More than thirty states have pursued some kind of reform of their policies for solitary confinement. PBS FRONTLINE’s “Last Days Of Solitary” looks at Maine's attempts to reform the practice.
The Resurgence Of Climate Change Denial And Anti-Science By
Michael Mann addresses the chilly atmosphere for scientists currently in Washington, DC, and talks about the dire situation the world finds itself on as President Donald Trump rolls back initiatives intended to combat climate change.
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Unfazed By Deadly Nature Of His Ideological Agenda By
Scott Pruitt is possibly the first EPA administrator who has “no commitment to the mission of the agency.” That lack of commitment will mean increased rates of sickness and terrible stories of death.