What If Jon Ossoff Campaigned On A Message For Medicare For All? By
Ossoff ran with a health care message Clinton pushed. Ossoff said he would fight for “quality, affordable health care.” But what do these buzzwords mean in terms of policy?
Chelsea Manning Remains Steadfast In Face Of Mainstream Media Criticism By
In her first interview since being released, ABC News pits Chelsea Manning against a former NSA deputy director.
Pundits Seize On Tragic Shooting To Demonize Left-Wing Social Movements By
Angry protest, absent incitements to violence, is not a precursor to political assassinations. Voting third party or refusing to support the two-party system is not a precursor to violence.
Chicago PD Faces Lawsuit Over Secretive ‘Predictive Policing’ Program By
“We have learned too many times that a lack of transparency into the Chicago Police Department leads to unconstitutional policing and violations of civil rights.”
Reality Winner Arrest Tied To Same Reporters Behind CIA Whistleblower Prosecution By
Richard Esposito and Matthew Cole, two of the journalists behind The Intercept reporting which led to Winner's arrest, were both at the center of the leak prosecution against CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou as Journalist A and Journalist B.
Hillary Clinton’s Post-Truth Reasons For Her Loss By
Clinton and her most loyal supporters in the Democratic establishment frustrated efforts to build a grassroots resistance that can take power and enact policies that serve poor and working class Americans.
Trump Team’s Dysfunction Fuels Prospect Of Prosecution Over Leaks By
While White House officials, who speak out of turn, are not necessarily committing a crime unless they reveal classified information, dysfunction in the White House amplifies a frenetic and mad political climate.
NYPD Faces Suit Over Surveillance Of Black Lives Matter Activists By
The NYPD has a long and sordid history of dragnet surveillance of citizens, whether it involved targeting them for their political or religious beliefs.
Chelsea Manning Is Free And Pledges Not To Confine Herself To The Past By
"In the pantheon of cases involving disclosures motivated by whistleblowing, Pfc. Manning’s is far and away the most severe sentence ever adjudged."
New Documentary, Cruel And Unusual, Promises Unique Look Into Solitary Confinement By
"The great Constitution indeed forbids cruel and unusual punishment. And if any treatment can be called that, it is the decades-long treatment of the ‘Angola 3’ in solitary confinement.”