Rex Tillerson Refuses To Address Exxon’s Climate Change Denial By
Environmental groups are terribly alarmed by the prospect of having Tillerson at the helm of the United States State Department, especially as the threat of climate disruption caused by humans intensifies.
Sessions Praises Far-Right Firebrand David Horowitz During Confirmation Hearing By
Horowitz is known for his overtly racist statements, such as 'the most racist people in the United States are “black racists.”' and 'too many blacks are in prison because too many blacks commit crimes.'
The U.S. Government And Media Made WikiLeaks What It Is By
If WikiLeaks and Assange are more friendly toward Russia and Russian-sponsored media, that is largely a result of the actions of the U.S. government and media.
Wife Of Jailed Online Activist Seeks Help From Trump By
“I’d like [Trump] to use his influence to get the charges dropped against Marty because of the nature of the whistleblowing, because Marty didn’t hurt anybody whereas the doctors at the hospital did hurt people and they’re not facing any charges.”
Obama’s Legacy: Leaving The Indefinite Detention Regime Intact By
The Obama administration will pass on a legal regime that enables President-elect Donald Trump to indefinitely hold alleged terrorism suspects in military detention away from any battlefield.
Rania Khalek On Aleppo And Western Media’s Whitewashing Of Rebels By
Rania Khalek breaks down media coverage, especially how Western media outlets no longer report the rebel groups in Aleppo are al Qaida-style groups the West has backed.
NSA Inspector General Facing Termination For Whistleblower Retaliation By
“This is a man, who runs an office that is supposed to protect whistleblowers, yet he described them as manic thieves and other such terminology and was quite hostile and intimidating."
Prosecutors Intensify Political Case Against Palestinian American Organizer Rasmea Odeh By
As the indictment shows, the trial against Odeh is not only a political prosecution against a Palestinian American organizer, but part of a concerted effort to further intimidate Palestinian solidarity activists.
Obama’s Legacy: Institutionalizing The Assassination Complex By
The Obama Administration has laid the groundwork, now Donald Trump will be president, and he will have a vast apparatus for carrying out targeted assassinations,
FBI Policy Of Manufacturing Terrorism Plots Reaffirmed By Appeals Court By
“Ordinarily the law prohibits the government from entrapping innocent citizens into crime, but the law provides an exception when the target is ‘predisposed.'”