Syria Threatens Scud Strikes If Israel Attacks Again By
The Assad government says attacks by Israel on Syrian civilian targets will be met with counter strikes on Israeli military bases.
US Will Keep Ground Troops In Libya For ‘Foreseeable Future’ By
The US intends to keep ground troops in Libya for the foreseeable future to support “friendly forces,” and to “degrade” the ISIS forces
Hundreds Of Civilian Causalities Reported From Overnight US-Led Airstrikes In Mosul By
The casualties include an estimated 130 civilians from a single US airstrike on a large building in Mosul, Iraq.
Tillerson Confirms US Plans For Long-Term Military Presence In Iraq By
Tillerson presented this open-ended deployment as a “stabilization” operation, and said it would not amount to nation-building.
US Lawmakers Launch Bipartisan Effort Against Escalating War In Syria By
Barbara Lee (D – CA) and Walter Jones (R – NC) are pushing a bill aimed at forcing Congress to debate US involvement in Syria, and to repeal the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force .
US Launches Over 7,000 Airstrikes In Iraq, Syria In Past Two Months By
According to statistics posted online last week by U.S. Air Forces Central Command, the coalition released 3,600 weapons against ISIS in January and another 3,440 in February.
Russian Parliament Calls For Inquiry Into US Media Outlets By
The move singles out Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, both run by the federal government, as well as CNN.
Hezbollah: Israel Attacking Syria To Prevent ISIS Defeat By
Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah accused Israel of helping ISIS in Syria by carrying out airstrikes in the country.
John McCain Accuses Rand Paul Of Working For Vladimir Putin By
McCain accused Paul of working for Putin after the senator from Kentucky objected to a bill that would grant Montenegro NATO membership.
Syria Peace Talks Falter After Rebels Boycott By
Peace talks on Syria were derailed on Tuesday as Turkey-backed rebels boycotted the third round of meetings in Kazakhstan.