South Korea Rejects Trump’s Demand To Pay For US Missile Defense By
Trump’s notion that he might be about to get South Korea to pay for the costly system is the latest in a string of such notions that has come very much after the fact.
US State Dept Defends Israeli NGO’s Targeted By Netanyahu By
Netanyahu has made a concerted effort to isolate the NGOs from the international community, condemning any involvement the groups have with the United Nations.
USS Mahan Fires Warning Flare At Iranian Ship Sailing Off Iranian Coast By
President Trump has long played up the idea of using such an incident to pick a fight with Iran, saying he thinks the US should just blow up any Iranian ship they decide has gotten too close.
Poll: Americans Support Immigration, Free Trade At Record Levels By
60% of Americans are now favorable toward immigration, and the public is split 37% to 37% on freedom of trade.
Turkish Air Force Pounds US-Backed Rebel Positions In Iraq & Syria, Killing Dozens By
US officials have expressed “deep concern” tonight following early attacks by the Turkish military against American allies in both Iraq and Syria.
Report Warns Assad’s Downfall Would Be Big Win For ISIS By
42% of all ISIS' fighting in Syria has been focused on attacking Syrian government forces and their allies.
Despite Iran’s Compliance, State Dept Attempts To Undermine Nuclear Deal By
Rex Tillerson's hastily arranged statement before cameras at the State Department reflected the competing forces pulling at the Trump administration as it develops its policy toward Iran.
Amid Renewed Arms Shipments To Rebels, McMaster ‘Doubts” US Will Send More Troops To Syria By
The U.S. will provide additional arms to the U.S.-backed Syrian rebel force, but it hasn't been clear about troops.
US Refuses To Attend Afghanistan Peace Conference In Moscow By
The State Department, in addressing their non-attendance, said as much, insisting that they feel it is “not constructive” for Russia to be allowed to exert influence in Afghanistan.
US Sending Troops To Somalia For The First Time In 24 Years By
The new deployment will be the first time US ground troops are officially deployed to Somalia.