Stadium Frenzy Ignores Economics By
As the economy bounces back from recession, so is stadium construction in the U.S. The structures cost more than a pretty penny, but few seem concerned about economics.
The Case for Optimism By
The economy is improving, but very slowly. There are reasons for optimism in 2014 as things are picking up, but this is nothing like a typical postwar “recovery”.
The Underground Economy By
Despite new ways of paying for things, cash isn't going away. It has an important place in today's economy, particularly the most dynamic part of it – unreported income that makes up an underground economy.
The Death Of Inflation By
There are at least two good reasons why inflation remains well below targets even as the economy is improving and despite years of economic stimulus.
Getting Real With Long-Term Investments By
Despite an historic bubble and bust cycle, many Americans still believe real estate is the best long-term investment option -- but is it?
What Is The Real Unemployment Rate? By
There’s only one problem with the headline unemployment rate of 6.7 percent: hardly anyone believes it.
Today’s Job Market Exploits Marginal Workers By
Is the notable rise in temporary workers a sign of an improving economy or the continuation of a trend toward less security and safety on the job?
Overhead or Head Count? Regressive Taxation By
Taxes on employment and other employee expenses add a lot of cost to per job, making employers slow to hire at a time when jobs are scarce. These regressive taxes are also a growing share of Federal revenue.
Trading At The Speed Of Light By
Many believe the stock markets are rigged. The hardest push to fix this isn’t coming from regulators, but from one trader who is sick of it all and has Wall Street’s attention.
Jobs: Back To Even By
Two years down, four years back up -- jobs have finally returned to their pre-recession peak.