Trump Sides With Sunni Extremists In Middle East Sectarian War By
President Trump campaigned on getting the United States out of the Middle East and away from 'stupid wars'. But his actions and rhetoric so far as president indicate he is not ready to deviate from long-held U.S. policy.
The Battle For Raqqa And The Future Of Syria Feat. Joshua Landis By
Professor Landis discusses the difficulty the United States has in deciding who to work with once ISIS is driven out of its claimed capital of Raqqa.
Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace In Afghanistan By
The underlying logic of the Afghan policy is that in order to prevent the risk of Afghanistan becoming a launching pad for terrorist attacks like 9/11, it must be permanently occupied.
Despite Campaign Rhetoric, Trump Wades Further Into Middle East By
Despite that campaign platform and electoral mandate, now-President Donald Trump is doubling down on military intervention in the Middle East.
Michael Flynn Was Taken Down By A Deep State Leak Campaign By
There is a raging power struggle going on between the CIA and President Trump. Flynn was one of the CIA’s major targets, but hardly their only one.
Botched Raid Frays US-Yemen Relations As Slaughter Continues By
The raid, conducted on January 29th, killed numerous civilians including the eight-year-old daughter of Anwar al-Awlaki.
Trump Purges State Department, CIA May Be Next By
By “cleaning house” at the State Department, President Trump is going to be able to exert even more influence in shaping the department for years to come.
Trump Administration To Keep Entitlements, Obamacare Plan Unknown By
While Obamacare has largely proved to be a disaster, the Medicaid expansion was a pretty solid success given its objectives: create greater access to health services and improve health outcomes-and its modest cost overruns.
The Pentagon Re-Packaged Al Qaeda As ‘Khorasan Group’ To Sell Attack On Syria By
Only after the US conducted strikes in Syria against the Khorasan Group, national security officials began offering a “more nuanced picture” on the threat that verged on being outright defensive.
Will Trump Back Paul Ryan’s Plan To Destroy Medicare? By
Trump's populist economic message which included rolling back corporate trade agreements and preserving Social Security and Medicare, is at odds with one of Congress’ most important leaders, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.