American Indian Boarding Schools: A Legacy Of Pain Enters A Phase For Healing By
“What is clear is that you cannot tell any community how to do their own healing,” an attorney with the Native American Rights Foundation tells MintPress about healing the historical trauma of boarding schools. “They must define
A Mankiller Could Appear On The Next $20 Bill By
Wilma Mankiller, the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation and a descendent of one of the people President Andrew Jackson forced to walk the “Trail of Tears,” is one of four candidates in a popular vote for who should grace the next $20 bill.
Indigenous Tribes Are Abandoning American Style ‘Justice’ In Favor Of Traditional Punishments By
Tribal communities in the U.S. and Canada are increasingly turning to traditional punishments like banishment to handle crimes on their land. “It’s a lot more effective than putting someone in front of a judge or behind bars,” one advocate tells MintPress.
Indigenous People Win Unprecedented Legal Protections, US And Canadian Gov. Opt Out By
After 18 years of negotiations, the Organization of American States is gathering momentum on a declaration aimed specifically at protecting the rights of indigenous peoples throughout the Americas -- even without the participation of the U.S. and Canada.
GMO Labeling: What Are We Eating? And Who Doesn’t Want Us To Know? By
“Most people think GMO foods are for the future, for a time we have no food because of climate change,” a labeling advocate tells MintPress. But that “future” is now, as an estimated 70-80 percent of the food Americans eat contain GMOs.
Wisconsin Tribe Fights For Survival Following A Florida Company’s Plan To Build Massive Pit Mine By
After intense lobbying, a mining company secured favorable legislation to push forward an iron ore project in northern Wisconsin. It now says that wetlands are forcing it to re-evaluate the plan, but not everyone is convinced.
USDA Moving Toward Less Oversight, Regulation Regarding New GE Trees By
Without regulatory oversight or public consultation, the USDA allows for the commercial production of a new GE pine variety. Yet opponents warn that the implications of introducing this GE product are unknown, and unknowable, without long-term studies.
Breaking New Ground For Homeless Native Veterans By
American Indian and Alaska Natives are more at-risk for homelessness than others veterans, and a recent change to legislation is expanding a successful housing voucher program to directly serve tribal communities for the first time.
Native Communities Feel The Heat Of Climate Change In The Southwest By
Hopi officials’ moves to impound Navajo-owned sheep goes beyond a mere tribal dispute over grazing land to reveal how acutely climate change is impacting Native traditions and ways of life in the American Southwest.
Native Youth Ambassadors Carry Their Hope For The Future To The White House By
Young people represent 40 percent of tribal citizens in the U.S. MintPress spoke to some of the first-ever White House Youth Ambassadors, a group of 36 young Native Americans chosen based on the active roles they’re taking to serve their communities.