Obama’s Failed Legacy In Afghanistan: 300 Marines Headed Back To The Endless Afghan War

As Barack Obama’s presidency comes to a close, over 8,400 troops remain in Afghanistan. With hundreds more set to be deployed, there’s no end in sight for U.S. wars in the Middle East.
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    WASHINGTON — Despite campaign promises to bring an end to U.S. wars in the Middle East, there’s still no end in sight to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan as Barack Obama enters the final days of his presidency.

    As one Army unit rotates out of Afghanistan, The Washington Post reports that the Pentagon is sending 300 Marines to replace them.

    “The Marine Corps will send a new task force of military advisers to southern Afghanistan’s restive Helmand province this spring, returning to a region where tens of thousands of Marines fought during the Obama administration and hundreds were killed,” the Post’s Dan Lamothe reported on Friday.

    The unit will join 8,400 U.S. troops already stationed in Afghanistan. Despite being classified as an advisory mission, military officials admit that the Marines could be involved in combat.

    “We’re viewing this as a high-risk mission that really requires training that is going to ensure that our Marines are capable of countering a full-spectrum threat,” mission leader Brig. Gen. Roger B. Turner Jr. told Lamothe.

    Despite the ongoing U.S. war on the Taliban which began shortly after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the insurgent group remains powerful in Afghanistan.

    “Helmand is the main source of poppies for Afghanistan’s thriving opium trade, which is worth an estimated $4 billion a year, much of which funds the insurgency,” The Associated Press reported on Sunday.

    While the United States has spent over $7.6 billion to eradicate opium poppies in Afghanistan, production actually surged after the start of the U.S.-led war. Rumors persist that the CIA is involved in smuggling the narcotic drug, which is the main ingredient in heroin, into the West. Numerous photos released by the U.S. military depict forces openly patrolling poppy fields, leading journalists like Abby Martin to question U.S. motives in the region.

    Watch “How Opium Greed Is Keeping US Troops in Afghanistan”:

    “This is the first time in three years that the US military has been sent into that conflict zone, and it represents a final failure of Obama’s Afghanistan policy,” Dr. Ron Paul noted in a column published by the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity on Sunday.

    The former congressman, three-time presidential candidate, and long-time opponent of foreign wars and U.S. empire-building, continued:

    “The outgoing president promised that by the end of his second term, the US military would only be present in small numbers and only on embassy duty. … The interventionists in Washington continue to run our foreign policy regardless of who is elected. They push for wars, they push for regime change, then they push for billions to reconstruct the bombed-out countries.”

    Daniel DePetris, a fellow at Defense Priorities and a Middle East and foreign policy analyst at Wikistrat, Inc., agreed with Dr. Paul’s assessment of the president’s legacy in the Middle East.  

    “On the Obama administration’s watch, the war on terrorism has expanded to new frontiers and new countries, with very little evidence that those campaigns will enhance American security or end anytime soon,” DePetris wrote in an op-ed published on Monday by Townhall.

    Under Obama, the United States has dropped bombs in seven countries, and U.S. troops can be found in virtually every corner of the globe.  

    Watch “Mnar Muhawesh: US War In Afghanistan Is Fueling Global Heroin Epidemic & Enabling Drug Trade” from MintPress News’ “Behind the Headline”:

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    • guesst

      Muslims have the failed legacy. They’ve made no contributions to humanity worth squat. The best thing they do is try to annihilate each other. Good Luck.

    • James Wherry

      The “endless Afghan War” is being perpetrated by remnants of the Taliban backed by Pakistan using violence and threats of violence to destroy a democracy and take power by force.

      That said, Afghan troops can and should continue the fight against them. We can and should provide weapons, logistics and perhaps some INTEL/drone support. Short of that, this conflict has simmered down to a civil war and America never wins – no matter what the outcome – in a civil war.

      • As an American I do not understand you Zionist Khazars want to commit genocide against the Pashtuns.

        Why is it important to you that the Pashtuns and Northern Alliance are always in conflict?

        • James Wherry

          So you are a Muslim Pashtun. Why do you pretend to be an American, then? America helped the Pashtuns as part of the mujahedin against the Soviet union. You show us only hatred and you are as cruel as the Russians were.

          Pashtun warlords are trying to take over the entire nation of Afghanistan from Pakistan. They dominated, enslaved, and controlled much of Afghanistan during their reign of terror.

          Why did you murder the Shiite Hazars in central Afghanistan? Didn’t their children matter?

          • You Israeli American CIA goons and your Al Qaeda Buddies from Saudi Arabia funded and created the Taliban and the Madrassas and your continued persecution of the Pashtuns is what legitimizes the Taliban in the minds of the local Population. If you would just leave the Pashtuns would only have the Taliban to deal with instead of two Bullies hurting at the same time.

            I am a Shi-ite. I have Blond Hair and Blue Eyes and am of English Cherokee descent and my Family fought in every war America had since before 1776.

            I was converted to Islam after the 1991 Gulf War in Dubai when I was allowed to come ashore in late April of 1991 and I had lived worthily of Ramadan and I was befriended by some Irani Fisherman who took me to Mosque.

            This was just after I had been to the front on the Beaches of Kuwait.

            I was a Sailor who landed the 5th MEB of the USMC at Kafji on the Saudi Kuwaiti border on 18FEB1991. The war only lasted 4 days and the Shi-ite surrendered to us and only wanted to be our Brothers. Then lie many Shi-ite before me I was baptized American made sarin nerve agent by the US Army corp of Engineers. We swept the 8″ of talcum powder like sand off our weather decks and we had chest pain tunnel vision, twitching of all the major muscles and vomiting for hours.

            Over time my skin became like a big scab and fell off in chuncks, I was impotent and irritable bowel syndrome for 7 years. I registered in the Gulf War Registry in 1994 and have a claim in to the VA but to this day I have never been compensated by the VA for my severe injuries sustained by the instruments of warfare the International military industrial complex unleashed on me and I am still waiting for my disability rating.

            My Family needs the money now that I can not work from spinal cord damage I sustained in a construction accident.

            My Family has been here for centuries Mr. Wherry

    • petitor veritatis

      It failed before we even started, just like it did for the Soviet Union. Bush was a moron who wanted TAPI. Now we just keep losing loved ones in the military for that POS Bush’s war. Just get out, stay out, let them fix themselves.

    • Aer O’Head

      What? We’re STILL in Afghanistan?

      I’m reminded of Zbignew Brzezinski’s snide remarks about suckering the Russians into Afghanistan: “The secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter: We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war. Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government. a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire.”

      • James Wherry

        I’m neither a Jew or an Israeli or a CIA member, though I’ve always wanted to attend the Culinary Institute of America. As to the Wahabi’s they’re just as much bigots as the Shi’ite Twelvers and Eleveners.

        Thank you for your service and your story, but the Pashtun Taliban were bent and n murdering the Shi’ite Hazars as “apostates.”