LGBTQ Protest Under Fire from Zionists for Banning Pro-Israel Symbols

A Washington “Dyke March” is under attack by Zionist groups for its ban on Israel pride flags, which they say represents Israeli nationalism – not Judaism.

LGBTQ Protest Under Fire from Zionists for Banning Pro-Israel Symbols feature photo

A “Dyke March” scheduled for Friday in Washington is under attack by Zionist groups for its ban on Israeli pride flags at the event. Dyke marches are a tradition in the U.S. that typically precede regular pride marches: they are distinguishable because they tend to engage in direct action, such as dropping banners and blocking traffic, and the

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Are Death Threats the New Norm for Zionists and the Rampaging Right?

Ilhan Omar is not the first prominent politician to challenge Zionism or its methods of shoring up support in the U.S. She is, however, the first Hijabi in Congress.

Ilhan Omar

As death threats against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) continue to mount, President Racism continues to fan the flames of hate. On Saturday, President Donald Trump spoke to an audience of staunch, right-wing Zionists with the Republican Jewish Coalition. It had all the elements one would come to expect of such an event: casino magnate and political

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From the River to the Sea: The Inevitable End of Settler Colonialism in Palestine

The assumption that a free Palestine calls for the expulsion or killing of Jews is one that is made mostly by those who can see Palestine only as a place where one side rules over and kills the other, but never where all people live in peace.

Jewish settler | Israel Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, PALESTINE -- The call “From the River to the Sea, Palestine shall be Free” brings out the worst in the Zionist spokespersons. From CNN and Fox News to the various Zionist trolls and spokespersons around the world: “Aha!” they say, “The true face of these anti-Semites has been exposed.” Panic seems to strike as they assert that this is “a

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The Palestinian People Are As Unified as Hamas and Fatah are Obsolete

There is a solid, grassroots leadership in Palestine. From Al-Jalil in the north to the Naqab in the south, and from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea, Palestinians on the ground are well aware that the Hamas-Fatah politics have little to do with them.

Israel Palestine

JERUSALEM, PALESTINE – Among the myths that cover the reality in Palestine is the one that says Palestinians have no leadership, no unified message, and that the Hamas-Fatah divide represents the entire political reality in Palestine. There is also a myth that claims that the Palestinians of 1948, who carry Israeli citizenship, are somehow not

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In US Tour, Saudi Crown Prince Meets and Greets the Heavies of the Zionist Lobby

In an apparent bid to prove his reliability as an ally and his willingness to tackle the tough issues requiring “modernization,” bin Salman met with a veritable who’s-who of the hard-right pro-Israeli Jewish community.

Mohammad bin Salamn meets with Jared Kushner on March 20, 2018 to discuss the Israel, Palestine conflict. Photo | Saudi Press Agency

NEW YORK -- Saudi Arabia’s king-in-waiting, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman or “MBS,” has long been suspected of pushing to forge a historic alliance between the Gulf Arab monarchy and apartheid Israel as a part of his reform agenda. However, a recently-leaked itinerary of his tour in the United States has revealed the extent to which the Saudi

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More Than Couscous: The Effort to Eradicate Palestine’s History

In the Zionist narrative, Palestine does not exist – nor is it allowed to exist – even if merely as a cultural conception.

Palestinian refugee Shaher Al-Khatib, 71, holds a handmade symbolic key to his family houses left by relatives in 1948, during a rally marking the 63rd anniversary of the "Nakba", Arabic for catastrophe, in the village of Alberrj near Ramallah. Palestinians mark the day when many thousands were forced to leave their ancestral homes during the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. (AP/Majdi Mohammed)

As soon as Virgin Atlantic Airlines introduced a couscous-style salad “inspired by the flavors of Palestine”, a controversy ensued. Israel’s supporters ignited a social media storm and sent many complaints to the company, obliging the airline to remove the reference to Palestine. In the Zionist narrative, Palestine does not exist – nor is it

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