Maduro’s Beijing Visit Spooks a US Plotting Venezuela’s Isolation

Given the humble goal of Caracas to free itself from the domineering whims of a U.S. imperialism keen on reviving the notorious Monroe Doctrine, it is obvious why the U.S. would see sinister motives in the fraternal reception Beijing has offered to the Venezuelan head of state.

China Venezuela

BEIJING – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro received a rare yet exceedingly warm welcome Thursday as he landed in Beijing, where the oft-maligned leader and target of U.S.-spearheaded regime-change efforts will discuss new ways in which his government and the People’s Republic of China can deepen their relations and strengthen their long-running

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China Offers African Nations $60 Billion in Development with ‘No Strings Attached’

In response to accusations of encouraging “debt trap” diplomacy in Africa, Chinese President Xi Jinping said the announced aid package is not “a scheme to form an exclusive club or bloc against others. Rather it is about greater openness, sharing and mutual benefit.”

An unidentfied Chinese national and a Zimbabwean man hug while welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping upon his arrival in Harare, Zimbabwe, Dec. 1. 2015.(AP/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

Chinese President Xi Jinping has offered a $60 billion aid package to African countries over the next three years, in response to the continent’s increasing debt distress -- with no strings attached. China’s investment plans include $5 billion in African exports, $10 billion for development, and $15 billion grants and interest-free loans. A $20

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Report: Kissinger Urged Trump Policy of Pursuing Russia to Contain China

Kissinger is known as the figure who pushed the U.S. into its devastating Cold War interventions in Angola, Cambodia, Chile, East Timor, Cambodia, and Vietnam, where hundreds of thousands died as a result of the actions of the U.S. Armed Forces and/or CIA.

President Donald Trump meets with Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under President Richard Nixon, in the Oval Office of the White House, May 10, 2017, in Washington. Evan Vucci | AP

WASHINGTON – As President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki last week faced withering criticism for everything ranging from his “fondness for strongmen” to alleged “treason,” the geostrategic objectives of his attempt to advance détente were largely ignored or taken at face value alone. Yet Trump’s own

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As Trump and Xi Wage Trade Roar, Kim Sees Both Sides of His Bread Buttered

Donald Trump has backed himself into a corner with his tariff-imposed trade war with China, undercutting the most important lynchpin of peace with North Korea.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, right, hosts North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Dalian, China in this undated photo released on May, 9 2018 by KCNA.

BEIJING – Tremendous; great, incredible and tremendous; very historic, and very, very comprehensive. Such were the terms U.S. President Donald Trump used to praise last Tuesday’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and he was far from alone in welcoming what appeared to be a major breakthrough in burying the memory of nuclear crisis on the

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China Bans George Orwell’s Classics 1984 and Animal Farm

Chinese censors have suppressed phrases including “incapable ruler,” “I oppose,” “shameless,” “disagree” and “emperor,” as well as the names of George Orwell’s books 1984 and Animal Farm and Winnie the Pooh, a cartoon that critics have used to mock Xi.

George Orwell’s Animal Farm

Beijing, China – The ruling Chinese Communist Party government announced plans on February 25th to remove a constitutional clause limiting presidential service to two five-year terms, paving the way for current Chinese President Xi Jinping to retain control of the country indefinitely after his second term expires in 2023. The proposed amendments

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White House: ‘The Clock Has Now Run Out’ On North Korea

The rhetoric is seen more as a message to China than a practical threat to North Korea.

North Korean traffic police women chat next to a residential building while off duty Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016, in Pyongyang, North Korea.

The US has been talking up the idea of “all options” being on the table against North Korea, unilateral military attacks in particular, for weeks now, and appears to be stepping up that narrative again today, declaring that “the clock has now run out” on North Korea. It’s not clear this actually means imminent US action, or even that such action

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