“Unchallenged Orientalism”: Why Liberals Suddenly Love the Lab Leak Theory

The lab leak theory bears a striking resemblance to the WMD hoax of 2002, not only in the fact that one of its key players is literally the same journalist using potentially the same anonymous sources, but also in the bipartisan political and media support it enjoys.

Lab Leak Feature photo

WUHAN, CHINA -- The theory that the COVID-19 pandemic began life in a Chinese laboratory is going viral. Once considering it an anti-science conspiracy theory, the corporate press has done a full 180° turn — and many progressive, alternative media figures are following in its footsteps. Progressive news show “The Young Turks” recorded what was

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Lab Leak Theory Mainstreamed By Journalistic Frauds Who Love War

After more than a year of the media holding it in utter disesteem, the theory that COVID-19 came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China has been picking up steam.

Lab Leak Theory Feature photo

WASHINGTON (Substack // Alex Rubinstein) -- Now that the dust has settled, Donald Trump is no longer president, and the United States has demonstrably handled the virus poorly, a need for a new scapegoat has arisen, and China is the perfect pretend culprit. This narratives' power has the potential to ignite major conflict between the world's

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