Whole Foods To Pay For Overcharging California Shoppers

A year-long investigation into Whole Foods’ pricing schemes in California shows that customers were being charged for more than premium groceries.

Earns Whole Foods

In a settlement with California prosecutors, Whole Foods has agreed to pay approximately $800,000 in fees and penalties on allegations of overcharging California customers. The premium supermarket chain came under criticism after a year-long investigation by state and county Weights and Measures inspectors found that Whole Foods failed to deduct

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Do You Know Where Your Seafood Comes From?

With ecosystems at risk and concern over GM seafood, environmental advocates call for regulations that allow consumers to know the origin of their seafood.

When it comes to retail seafood standards, most grocers miss the mark, failing to stock their shelves with sustainable seafood that environmental and health organizations can get behind, prompting health and environmental organizations to advocate for laws to amp up regulations on seafood entering the U.S. Greenpeace organized a report

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Whole Foods Workers Say They Were Suspended For Speaking Spanish

Two employees of a New Mexico Whole Foods claim they were suspended after complaining about a store policy that bans employees from speaking Spanish.

Two employees of a Whole Foods in Albuquerque, New Mexico claim they were suspended after complaining about a store policy that bans employees from speaking Spanish. Store employee Bryan Baldizan told The Associated Press he and a female colleague were suspended for a day last month after they wrote a letter in response to a meeting with a

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