2014 Financial Industry’s Bonuses Were Double The Combined Earnings Of All Full-Time Working Americans Making Minimum Wage

The $28.5 billion in bonuses doled out to Wall Street employees is double the annual pay for all 1,007,000 Americans who work full-time at the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

Protesters Richard Hanzel, left, Brendan Hutt, and Richard Shavzin, right, of the Screen Actors Guild, dressed as wall street bankers, march from Goldman Sachs' office to a rally in Federal Plaza demanding Wall Street reform, Wednesday, April 28, 2010, in Chicago. Wall Street banks handed out $28.5 billion in bonuses to their 167,800

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Campaign Aims To Foster Popular Uprising Against Crisis of Inequality

‘We live in a time of profound crisis, a time where virtually everywhere, nearly all systems and institutions fundamental to society — political, economic, social and religious — at best fail to meet people’s needs and at worst cause widespread suffering.’


'The global economic crisis,' say organizers for a new campaign, 'has revealed the fundamental weakness in our global economic order. As the nation commemorates the fifty years that have passed since the height of the Civil Rights struggle that marked the 1960s as a time of historic progress in U.S. history, a diverse coalition of advocacy

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Low-Wage Workers ‘Movement’ Flexes Its Muscles Nationwide

Employees of the fast-food industry demand $15 minimum wage and better workplace protections as actions expected in 150 cities across the country.

Striking fast-food workers

Fast-food workers are out in force nationwide on Thursday as they participate in a day of action designed to highlight the scourge of low-wages and push a series of demands to combat the persistent poverty endured by those who form the backbone of  the profitable multi-billion dollar industry. Led by organizers at FightFor15—and supported in

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