Civil Rights Groups Warn of DOJ Efforts to Intimidate Voters

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not have his eyes set on voter suppression but is instead exploiting this moment to push a false narrative about voter fraud.”

Midterm Elections 2018

In a move civil rights groups denounced as a blatant attempt by the Trump administration to intimidate minorities, spread hysteria about non-existent voter fraud, and suppress turnout, the Justice Department announced on Monday that it is dispatching personnel to "monitor" 35 voting locations in 19 states during Tuesday's midterms just as President

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Indiana Accused Of Using Flawed Data To Purge Voters

The ACLU of Indiana is representing Common Cause Indiana in its fight to prevent state officials from removing voters from registration rolls.

Voters use electronic voting machines at the Schiller Recreation Center polling station on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015, in Columbus, Ohio.

A voting rights group claims Indiana unlawfully purges voters from the rolls by using a controversial anti-voter fraud program some say targets minority voters and violates federal law by not confirming residents moved out of state before they are removed. The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana is representing Common Cause Indiana in its

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Laughing Their Ossoff: Did Computer-Aided Fraud Play A Role In Georgia’s Special Election Upset?

In a special Congressional election recently held in Georgia, Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff, who went into the election with a significant lead in the polls. It may have been a good old-fashioned political upset – or the result of behind-the-scenes vote-counting fraud.

Republican candidate for Georgia's 6th District Congressional seat Karen Handel declares victory during an election-night watch party, June 20, 2017, in Atlanta. (AP/John Bazemore)

GEORGIA -- (Analysis) The recent special election to fill the Georgia Sixth Congressional District seat formerly held by Republican Tom Price, who was appointed to Donald Trump’s cabinet as Secretary of Health and Human Services, was the focus of extraordinary attention and expenditure. More than any of the other 2017 special elections, the

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Meet The Man Behind Trump’s Unsupported Claim Of Voter Fraud

Gregg Phillips, a former Texas official with the Health and Human Services Commission, appears to be the source of Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that “millions” of people voted illegally in the race for the White House.

Gregg Phillips, a former Texas official

When President-elect Donald Trump tweeted Sunday — without evidence — that "millions" of people voted illegally in the race for the White House, he invited a wrath of condemnation for again stoking doubts about the U.S. election system. But in Texas, he found at least one fan:

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WATCH: Computer Programmer Testifies He Helped Rig Voting Machines

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin (allegedly)

voting booths

One thing in US history is consistent throughout every single election cycle — allegations of voter fraud. These allegations, however, are not the ramblings of a kook with tinfoil wrapped around his head, they are substantiated and reach as high as the Supreme Court. Don’t believe it? Ask Al Gore and George W. Bush. If you think that the ruling

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University Statistician Suing Government Over Alleged Rampant Voter Fraud

“This is not just an anomaly that occurred in one place,” Clarkson said in April. “It is a pattern that has occurred repeatedly in elections across the United States.”

voting booths

(ANTIMEDIA) Wichita, KS — During every election cycle, politicians, the media, and citizens alike sing the praises of democracy and the power of the “vote.” The ritual is often lauded as the pinnacle of human achievement — assurance that politicians carry out the people’s wishes. In Kansas, however, a statistician from Wichita State University has

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