Western Media Blitz Aimed at Russia’s Sputnik V Vaccine May Already Be Costing Lives

People are already needlessly suffering as a result of renewed great power competition as a recent DHHS report reveals that the first deaths in the second Cold War may have already occurred. 

vaccine wars Feature photo

WASHINGTON — A new report from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) boasts that, throughout 2020, it worked with other U.S. government agencies to combat the “malign influence” of Russia, Cuba and Venezuela in the Americas. The two examples it cites are “persuading Brazil to reject the Russian COVID-19 vaccine” and pushing Panama to

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Sovereign 2: Could Cuba’s Covid Vaccine Break Big Pharma’s Grip on Production?

“A successful coronavirus vaccine from Cuba would help to break the global control of the market by the big pharmaceutical companies in the US and Europe.” — Antiguan Barbudan diplomat Sir Ronald Sanders

Cuba Covid vaccine Feature photo

The worldwide Covid vaccine rollout has gone anything but smoothly, with only a handful of countries able to immunize even 10% of their populations yet with a first dose. Two primary causes of this have been rich nations hoarding precious doses and their refusal to waive the intellectual property rights to their creations, both of which have led to

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Saturday Night Live Controversy Hides Greater Issues Around Israeli Apartheid

“The real joke here is how this extremely obvious reality is taboo and calling any attention to it is subject to a massive pressure campaign when the real pressure campaign should be against Apartheid, not those calling attention to it.”

Israel vaccine Feature photo

Saturday Night Live (SNL) has come in for a storm of criticism after airing a joke critical of Israel’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout policy. The show’s anchor Michael Che quipped that “Israel is reporting that they vaccinated half of their population. And I’m going to guess it is the Jewish half.” Despite addressing the topic for fewer than seven

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Poor Nations Left Reeling After Bill Gates Advised Oxford to Ditch Open Source COVID Vaccine

Unable to secure a profit in immunizing poorer nations, Western multinationals, including Oxford’s private partner AstraZeneca, have prioritized those who can pay the most.

Bill Gates Vaccine Feature photo

Europe is reeling from the shock news that biotech giant AstraZeneca will not be delivering anything like the number of vaccines it promised. The company informed European Union officials that they will only be supplying 31 million doses to 27 E.U. countries, rather than the 80 million they had promised would arrive by the end of March. Italian

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Covid-19 under Apartheid: How Israel Manipulates Suffering of Palestinians

While Israel’s behavior is not entirely surprising, it is consistent with the sordid reality of military occupation and institutional racism, it is also self-defeating.

Israel Apartheid Feature photo

Israel’s decision to exclude Palestinians from its COVID-19 vaccination campaign may have surprised many. Even by Israel’s poor humanitarian standards, denying Palestinians access to life-saving medication seems extremely callous. Amnesty International, among many organizations, condemned the Israeli government’s decision to bar Palestinians

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Cuba Could be on the Brink of a Revolutionary COVID Vaccine, But US Sanctions Are Slowing It Down

Cuba is already a medical powerhouse, and if it can successfully navigate the minefield of US sanctions, it could supply much of Latin America with a COVID vaccine.

Cuba COVID vaccine Feature photo

Cuba has announced positive and promising results for a number of separate COVID-19 vaccines it is currently developing, but U.S. sanctions against the small island nation are hampering the development and rollout of the potentially life-saving treatments. Two candidates, named Sovereign 1 and Sovereign 2, have generated antibodies blocking

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