What Is The Real Unemployment Rate?

There’s only one problem with the headline unemployment rate of 6.7 percent: hardly anyone believes it.

What is the real rate? The number most commonly reported is 6.7 percent, down considerably from 2010, but everyone seems to have their own opinion. “The 6.7 percent is probably 21 or 22 percent in real numbers,”Donald Trump reported to the Conservative Political Action Conference in March, citing nothing about how he arrived at that

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Jobs: Back To Even

Two years down, four years back up — jobs have finally returned to their pre-recession peak.


As of March, the total net loss of jobs in the United States during the official recession of 2008-2009 was finally made up. The graph below says it all: The total number of jobs in the U.S. stood at 116.0 million in January 2008, then fell to 107.2 million by February 2010. The net loss of 8.8 million jobs was finally regained in March

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