Illinois Judge Rules State Requirements For Third Parties Unconstitutional

Established political parties are not subject to the same rules as third parties, and Illinois is the only state in the nation with a full-slate requirement.

Kimberly Fisher, from White Haven, Md., casts her ballot at a polling place at the Wicomico County Youth and Civic Center in Salisbury, Md., Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012, after superstorm Sandy passed through the area. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The Seventh Circuit handed a victory to the Libertarian Party on Friday, declaring an Illinois requirement that third parties run a full slate of candidates to get on the ballot unconstitutional. “We have little difficulty concluding that the full-slate requirement severely burdens the First Amendment rights of minor parties, their members, and

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Army Captain Sues Obama For Unconstitutional War Against ISIS

The fact that it would even come to this — that our military members are to the level of suing our president to get him to follow the Constitution — should tell you how far gone things are.

ISIS Obama

Most Americans don’t even know how many countries their government is currently bombing (it was at least seven by 2014). Obama dropped 23,144 bombs in Middle Eastern countries in 2015 alone. By that count, you’d think ISIS would be erased from the face of the planet. Instead, more and more “boots” are being placed “on the ground” in Iraq and Syria

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Supreme Court Strikes Down Unconstitutional ‘Three Strikes’ Law

The Three Strikes Laws across the nation have now been gutted so that in the states where this approach has been implemented, it must be completely rewritten now if it is to exist at all.

The controversial “three strikes” law has come before the Supreme Court no less than five times in past seven years. The court justices has now decided that the constitutionality of the law needs to be weighed in on. Justice Antonin Scalia explained the court’s decision to declare the provision unconstitutional, noting that there is nothing

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Decision To Remove Judge In Stop-And-Frisk Case Deeply Flawed: Civil Rights Lawyers

Civil Rights attorneys argued that removing Judge Scheindlin, who had earlier ruled that the NYPD must change its stop-and-frisk policy, was unwarranted.

In this June 20, 2012 file photo, Det. Anthony Mannuzza, left, and Police Officer Robert Martin, right, simulate a street stop during a training session at the New York Police Department's training facility in Rodman's Neck, in the Queens borough of New York (AP Photo/Colleen Long, File)

The U.S. Court of Appeals' decision to remove District Judge Shira Scheindlin from examining the constitutionality of the New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policy was “unprecedented and unwarranted," according to civil rights attorneys who filed an appeal on Monday in the federal appeals court. The lawyers argued that the three judges

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