Cheap Mediterranean Natural Gas Could Spell the End for the NATO Alliance

It’s a strange and unprecedented spectacle when countries like Israel, Greece, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, and others lay claims over the Mediterranean, while NATO scrambles to stave off an outright war, among its own members.

Turkey NATO Natural Gas Feature photo

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an alliance in name alone. Recent events notwithstanding, the brewing conflict over territorial waters in the Eastern Mediterranean indicates that the military union between mostly Western countries is faltering. The current Turkish-Greek tension is only one facet of a much larger conflict

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New Evidence Suggests Turkey Preparing for Libya-Style Military Intervention in Yemen

Turkey is sending advisors and weapons into Yemen and flexing its influence in the war-torn country as it seeks to expand its power across the Middle East.

Turkey Yemen Feature Photo

ADEN, YEMEN -- As focus begins to turn to developments in Libya and the foreign interference that plagues the Arab country, it seems that Turkey already has its eye elsewhere, preparing for military involvement in Yemen in a move that has sparked concern among Yemenis already struggling against an intervention led by Saudi Arabia, famine and most

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Death at the Border: Syrian Refugees Should Not Be Used as Political Pawns

Turkey’s use of Syrian refugees as political pawns was one of the most tragic, heart-rendering episodes of the Syrian war and subsequent refugee crisis saga.

Turkey Syrian Refugees Feature photo

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced in a surprising move on February 29 that he would be reopening his country’s border to Europe, allowing tens of thousands of mostly Syrian refugees into Greece and other European countries. Expectedly, over 100,000 people rushed to the Ipsala border point in the Edirne province separating Turkey

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The Battle for Idlib: Did Erdogan Capitulate to Putin in Moscow?

Did Russia grant Turkey a quasi-permanent occupation zone inside of Syria in exchange for a broader troop withdrawal from Idlib?

Turkey Syria Feature photo

There was a celebration in Syria when Russia announced a ceasefire agreement with Turkey on March 3 following a six-hour meeting between Presidents Erdogan and Putin in Moscow. Under the agreement, Erdogan agreed to pull back Turkish forces and not to contest territory that Syria had recently reclaimed from terrorist groups in eastern Aleppo and

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The New Idlib Ceasefire Forces Turkey-Backed Extremists to Fall Back

Putin and Erdoğan met in Moscow in a last-ditch effort to strike a deal over the escalating violence in Idlib, Syria. Steven Sahiounie weighs in on who prevailed and what likely comes next.

Idlib Syria Feature photo

Mideast Discourse — Turkey increased its military invasion of Syria last month to prevent the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from liberating Idlib province from the occupation of terrorists, who are supported by Turkey and had been supported by the US before 2017 when President Trump cut off their funding through the CIA. The invasion of thousands of

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Pipeline or a Pipedream: A Conflict is Brewing Between Israel and Turkey over Natural Gas

Considering the massive deposits of natural gas needed to fuel struggling European markets, it is almost certain that Mediterranean natural gas will eventually become a major source of political disputes, if not all out war.

Massive natural gas discoveries off the eastern coast of Israel and Palestine is slated to make Tel Aviv a regional energy hub. Whether Israel will be able to translate positive indicators of the largely untapped gas reserves into actual economic and strategic wealth is yet to be seen. What is certain, however, is that the Middle East is already

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