“People Come Out Completely Crazy”: A Palestinian Survivor Talks Israeli Torture

One has to wonder how the Israelis who frequent the restaurants and bars around the Moskubiya would feel if they could see the sights and hear the screams of those being held there.

Israel torture Feature photo

BIL’IN, PALESTINE -- When Abdul-Khaliq Burnat was a little boy, I would see him stand on the roof of his house and look over at the soldiers assembling on the hill across the road. His father Iyad Burnat and I would stand there too, watching the army prepare for the assault on the village. Abdul-Khaliq wanted to join the weekly protests that were

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Palestinian Protesters Recount Harrowing Details of Torture at the Hands of Israeli Police

Officers wounded the detainees, terrorized them, and whomever dared to lift his head upwards risked more beatings by officers. According to affidavits, the floor of the room was covered in blood from the beatings.

Israeli police torture Feature photo

NAZARETH, ISRAEL — In May, the world watched Israel’s brutal occupation on full display: The forcible displacement of Sheikh Jarrah residents was underway; Israeli security forces attacked Muslim worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan; Israeli rocket fire rained down on Gaza; and Jewish extremists chanted “Death to Arabs!” in the

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Why Senators Must Reject Avril Haines for Intelligence

This unassuming spy may look and sound like your favorite college professor, but that facade masks a ruthless wolf in sheep’s clothing who enabled murder by remote control and wielded a thick black pen to cover-up CIA torture.

Avril Haines Feature photo

Even before President-elect Joe Biden sets foot in the White House, the Senate Intelligence Committee may start hearings on his nomination of Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence. Barack Obama’s top lawyer on the National Security Council from 2010 to 2013 followed by CIA Deputy Director from 2013 to 2015, Haines is the proverbial

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No, Joe, Don’t Roll out the Red Carpet for Torture Enablers

President-elect Biden is considering some of the most prolific enablers of the Bush-era CIA torture programs to posts that would give them even more power as America’s top intelligence officials.

Jo Biden Cabinet Feature photo

It was painful enough to live through the U.S invasion of Iraq that caused untold devastation and human misery for no justifiable reason. Now we are again reminded of the grim Bush legacy with President-elect Biden’s nomination of Avril Haines for Director of National Intelligence. Haines, who has an inside-the-beltway reputation for being nice

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David Price Takes on the CIA Over Its Secret Torture Program, But Is He Asking the Right Questions?

A Congressman wrote to the CIA looking for answers about his state’s role in an illegal program that unlawfully detained and tortured hundreds of Muslims, but his late and limited election-time appeal smacks of political showmanship.

This photo depicting two people, appearing to be bound, was released the by Department of Defense as part of a long-running ACLU lawsuit relating to prisoner abuse on February 5, 2015.

Democratic Congressman David Price wants the CIA to come clean about its Rendition, Detention, and Interrogation (RDI) program which detained, interrogated, disappeared, and tortured potentially thousands of Muslims at CIA "black sites" around the world from the fall of 2001 until 2009 when its discovery led to its notorious end. In a

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Judge Orders Release of Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Following Suicide Attempt

Manning was confined for 365 days or one year after being held in civil contempt because she refused to testify before a grand jury empaneled to investigate WikiLeaks.

Chelsea Manning

Shadowproof -- Federal judge Anthony Trenga ordered a jail in Alexandria, Virginia, to release United States Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning. The order came after the grand jury investigating WikiLeaks was dismissed. Manning was confined for 365 days or one year after being held in civil contempt because she refused to testify before a grand

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