Auto Mafia: State Bans On Tesla Sales Expose Monopolistic Nature Of Franchise Laws

Once seen as the wheels of choice for the environmentally conscious or the socially pretentious, Tesla Motors is shifting in major ways the conversation about electric cars. So what’s stopping sales from keeping pace with gas-guzzlers and other traditional autos?

Elon Musk

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, poses beside a Tesla in New York, Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014. Photo: Richard Drew/AP On Sunday, Tesla Motors, the producer of the world’s first fully electric sports car, pitted one of its luxury sedans, a Model S P85D, in a quarter-mile drag race against a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The P85D, which is capable of

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Tesla Station To Bring Electric Cars To Wyoming

In an effort to make cross-country electric car travel feasible, Tesla is putting charging stations in the the middle of the continent.

LUSK, Wyo. (AP) — In the least populated county in the least populated state, old Ford and Chevy pickup trucks roam — and rule — the roads. Finding a Tesla, the sleek and pricey all-electric car, around these ranching towns is about as likely as spotting the mythical jackalope. And yet, one day last month, a Model S sedan pulled quietly in at

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