Americans’ Views Of Police, Professors Split Along Party Lines

While 66 percent of Democrats gave professors a warm or very warm rating, only 30 percent of Republicans gave professors a warm rating.

Pro-police demonstrators wave to passing cars as they stand outside the Ferguson Police Department Sunday, March 15, 2015, in Ferguson, Mo. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

The majority of Americans in both political parties hold teachers and members of the military in high regard, but are starkly divided in their opinions of police and college professors, according to a Pew Research Center report released Wednesday. In a survey conducted between Aug. 8 to 21, Pew researchers asked 4,904 American adults about their

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Survey Finds White Christians Now A Minority In The US

Donald Trump drew 80 percent of votes by white evangelicals, about 17 percent of Americans now identify as white evangelical, compared to 23 percent a decade ago.

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cheer as he speaks during a campaign rally, Monday, Oct. 10, 2016, in Ambridge, Penn.

NEW YORK (AP) — The share of Americans who identify as white and Christian has dropped below 50 percent, a transformation fueled by immigration and by growing numbers of people who reject organized religion altogether, according to a new survey released Wednesday. Christians overall remain a large majority in the U.S., at nearly 70 percent of

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Poll: Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Fear A Major New War

An overwhelming majority of Americans — 76 percent — are worried that the United States will become engaged in a major war in the next four years.

Republican Presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is interrupted by a Code Pink anti-war group member during a demonstration by the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC)

Non-stop smaller wars, and officials always playing up the risk of bigger wars to get bigger military budgets have always had Americans worried about a new major war being on the horizon, but the latest NBC/SurveyMonkey poll shows that such fears have been growing dramatically in recent months. This new poll showed an overwhelming majority,

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New Survey Reveals Trump Has Sunk Public Opinion Of US Abroad To Historic Lows

The survey found that Trump’s first six months in the White House have done more to harm public opinion of the U.S. around the world than George W. Bush’s entire eight-year tenure. 

A Greenpeace banner showing U.S. President Donald Trump and the slogan '#TotalLoser, so sad!' is projected onto the facade of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, Germany, Friday, June 2, 2017. (AP/Michael Sohn)

President Donald Trump's approval ratings in the United States have been described as "historically low," and according to a new global survey published by Pew Research Center, he is not faring much better overseas. The survey, based on interviews conducted in 37 countries, found that Trump's first six months in the White House have done more to

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Survey: Most Americans Worried About Major War In Next 4 Years

The poll also showed that 41% believe the United States should be “less active” in world affairs, with only 25% believing the US should be more active.

NATO Trident Juncture

(REPORT) --- A new NBC News/Surveymonkey survey (PDF) was released today revealing that two-thirds of Americans are worried about the possibility that the United States will become engaged in a major war in the next four years. 36% were “very worried” with another 30% “somewhat worried”. Only 8% of Americans polled were not worried. The polls

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Survey: You’ll Never Guess What Americans Are Most Afraid Of

Americans are more afraid of their own corrupt government than anything and everything including death, rape, murder, nuclear war, pandemics, terrorism, zombies, and even clowns.

Top 10 Fears of 2015

Out of 88 potential horrors this batch of 1,500+ Americans were asked to rank in regard to their personal level of fear in 2015, you’ll never guess what the number one thing people are most afraid of in this country… Or perhaps you will. Americans are more afraid of their own corrupt government than ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ELSE including

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