America’s Most “Jewish” Secular College Votes to Divest from Israel

Barnard has the highest proportion of Jewish students among secular colleges in the United States. Fully a third of its student body is Jewish, meaning that a significant number of those Jewish students either supported the divestment referendum or were uninterested in actively opposing it.

A display erected by students at Barnard College and Columbia University in protest of Israeli apartheid. (Photo: Godland)

NEW YORK – Students at Barnard College just voted overwhelmingly to ask the school’s administration to divest from and boycott eight companies that do business with Israel and profit from the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians. Barnard, a women’s college that is part of Columbia University, passed the referendum by a 64 to 36 percent

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Against The Blacklisting Of Activists, Writers Who Expose NATO Destabilization Efforts In Syria

An open latter and statement of support against the blacklisting of journalists who expose US-NATO destabilization efforts in Syria.

Journalist and co-host of "Unauthorized Disclosure," Rania Khalek.

The cancellation of a lecture by journalist Rania Khalek, who was invited to speak on the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill campus by Students for Justice in Palestine on February 27, 2017, raises important issues of tactics and strategy within movements for social change. The whole statement, posted on facebook the night before,

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Supporters Of Syrian Rebels Using Pro-Israel Tactics To Silence Journalist

“I’ve never been as marginalized and ostracized as I have been by these pro-regime change in Syria pressure groups. This includes my reporting on Palestine. That never got me this much backlash, ever.”

Journalist and co-host of "Unauthorized Disclosure," Rania Khalek.

Published in partnership with Shadowproof. A clique of individuals, many of whom hold themselves out as advocates of the Syrian rebels, pressured a Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at the University of North Carolina and convinced the chapter to cancel an event with journalist Rania Khalek. The individuals employed pressure in the

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Fordham University Employs Bizarre Tactics To Curb Student Activism

Following previous efforts to block SJP, Fordham’s Dean of students insisted that University policy required he meet alone, behind a closed door, with a student representing the group, with a white noise machine turned on.

Students protest against Fordham University's decision to block Students for Justice in Palestine from registering as an on-campus student group.

NEW YORK --- Fordham University sanctioned a student leader on Thursday, sending senior and Fordham Students for Justice in Palestine lead campus organizer Sapphira Lurie a hand-delivered “disciplinary reprimand” of “official warning” as protests of its refusal to recognize SJP as a campus organization continued. The admonition came after Lurie

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Fordham University’s Ban On Palestinian Rights Group Sets Dangerous Precedent

‘As far as we’re aware, this is the first time a college has summarily banned a group supporting Palestinian rights before students even held their first meeting,’ an attorney representing those hoping to establish a Students for Justice in Palestine group at Fordham told MintPress News.

Students and supporters protest Fordham University’s ban on Students for Justice in Palestine, a student group which advocates the rights of Palestinians. (Photo: Joe Catron/MintPress)

NEW YORK --- Nearly a hundred students and community members rallied on Fordham University’s Manhattan campus before marching to nearby Columbus Circle on Monday. The protest marked the latest chapter in an ongoing effort by students at the Jesuit institution to found a chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine on their campus. SJP

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The Rise & Fall Of The Jewish Forward

The Jewish Forward needs to decide: Will it become a repository of listicles and fast-food news, or will it maintain its record of journalistic excellence? Its latest media experiment shows that it can’t do both.

Laura Adkins atricle, “Pro-Palestinian Student Group Accused of Compiling List of Jewish Student Dorm Addresses”, published at 'The Forward'. has now been removed from the site.

SEATTLE --- (Analysis) For over a century, America’s great Jewish newspaper has been the Jewish Daily Forward, known to its readers and admirers simply as The Forward. It began in the rough and tumble days of New York newspapering in the late 19th century, when every Jewish political faction -- communist, Bundist, socialist, anarchist, Orthodox --

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