Israel High Court Rules to Allow and Expand Use of Torture

In a ruling that directly violates international law and conventions against the use of torture, the Israeli High Court ruled that Shin Bet was justified in torturing a Palestinian prisoner, setting a dangerous precedent.

Israel torture

In a ruling that directly violates international law and conventions against the use of torture, the Israeli High Court ruled Monday that Israeli intelligence officers were justified in their use of torture against a Palestinian prisoner. The ruling sets a precedent for the future use of torture and the expansion of such techniques used against

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Israel’s Shin Bet Interrogate, Threaten US Scholar Reza Aslan

According to Aslan Israeli officers threatened him saying things like “we can make it so you don’t see your kids for a long time,” and asking “you think because you’re a public person I can’t do whatever I want with you?”

Reza Aslan speaks at the UTA "United Voices" Rally at United Talent Agency headquarters on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017, in Beverly Hills, Calif. Willy Sanjuan | Invision | AP

The Iranian-American scholar and writer said he was threatened by Israel's Shin Bet of not seeing his children "in a long time." Iranian-American scholar Reza Aslan tweeted Tuesday that he was detained and questioned for hours by Israel’s Security Agency, known as the Shin Bet, while he was crossing into Israel from Jordan two weeks

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The Segev Case: Major Israeli Security Breach or Another Pretext for War with Iran?

While Iran has said little officially about the case, a senior political aide to Iran’s president said that the accusations that Segev was spying for Tehran should be ignored.

Gonen Segev, pictured left. at the Supreme Court in Jerusalem on August 18, 2006. Photo | Flash90

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL -- According to Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, Israel has indicted Gonen Segev, former energy minister, on suspicion of spying for Iran and assisting in its alleged activity against Israel. Segev reportedly sent information to his contacts in Iran regarding “Israel's energy sector, security sites in Israel,

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6 Israelis Charged For Racist Attacks Against Palestinians

Following investigations, charges were filed against the six suspects in an Israeli magistrate’s court for “committing nationalist crimes driven by terrorism and anti-Arab sentiment.

Israeli soldiers check the IDs of Palestinians near an Israeli checkpoint near Nablus, in the Israeli occupied West Bank, Tuesday, June 3, 2014.

Six Israelis, including two Israeli soldiers and one minor, have been charged over their involvement in committing “racist” attacks against Palestinians in recent months, according to an Israeli police spokesperson. Luba Al-Samri said in a written statement that the case was approved for publication after a gag order was lifted by Israeli police

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Israeli Security Agent’s Memoir Explores PTSD, But Not The Political Context Underlying His Murderous Career

In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an analysis that relies solely on the human element but does not consider political factors will fail. Individuals are not the ultimate problem here; it’s the systems under which they live.

Israeli youths wave national flags as they enter Jerusalem's Old City through the Damascus Gate during a march celebrating Jerusalem Day, Sunday, June 5, 2016. Thousands of Israelis marched through Jerusalem's Old City amid high tensions on Sunday to commemorate the capture of the city's eastern sector in the 1967 Mideast war. The annual event sees flag-waving Israelis march through the city's ancient core, including Muslim areas. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov)

SEATTLE --- Yizhar David devoted more than 20 years of his life to Israel’s domestic spy agency, known as the Shabak or Shin Bet. The agent, one of the organization’s best, directed a field unit, and he had an important job: running Palestinian informants throughout the West Bank. Through these informants, David foiled hundreds of terror attacks

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Israeli President Faces Death Threats After Condemning Jewish Terrorist Attack

President posted message to Facebook condemning the murder and urging restraint and co-existence; responses included threats to his life and accused him of being ‘traitor’ and ‘terrorist.’

The Shin Bet has instructed the President's Office to file a police complaint over threats made against President Reuven Rivlin, following his condemnation of the arson attack that killed an 18-month-old Ali Saad Dawabsheh in the West Bank last week. The Jerusalem District Police have yet to receive the complaint. Rivlin harshly condemned the

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