MintPress, Grayzone Journalists Endure US Govt Blackout and Siege at Venezuelan Embassy in DC

The Trump administration is violating international law and harassing American journalists in plain sight. These actions are sadly taking place in a country that prides itself on upholding the First Amendment to its Constitution, which should be protecting press freedom.

Embassy Protection Collective

WASHINGTON -- MintPress News journalist Alexander Rubinstein and a reporter for The Grayzone, Anya Parampil, are besieged inside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, and have been since April 30, in an egregious attack against press freedom. On Wednesday evening, events took a turn for the worse as the Metropolitan DC police cut off the power and

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Secret Service Blocking Food From Reaching Activists Inside Venezuelan Embassy

“It is a strange irony that the same tactics being used against Venezuela are being used against the Embassy Protection Collective.” — Activist and Embassy Protector Kevin Zeese

Venezuelan Embassy

WASHINGTON -- Since April 30, the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington has been under siege by pro-coup activists who have repeatedly stated their intention to prevent the access of food to the people inside, who are living there at the invitation of the elected government of Venezuela. The U.S. Secret Service is outsourcing its desires to remove the

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New Law Could Send Armed Secret Service Agents to Polling Places

Nestled into the Department of Homeland Security Authorization Act, a new provision allows the president to send armed Secret Service agents to America’s polling places.

Voters use electronic voting machines at the Schiller Recreation Center polling station on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015, in Columbus, Ohio.

SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION AT POLLING PLACES. This section shall not prevent any officer or agent of the United States Secret Service from providing armed protective services authorized under section 3056 or pursuant to a Presidential memorandum at any place where a general or special election is held. [emphasis added]– H.R. 2825, section

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Republican Protester Says He Was Nearly Killed After Trump Says ‘Take Him Out’

Secret Service whisk candidate off stage as supporters create scare by attacking lone anti-Trump Republican at Nevada rally

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Laconia Middle School, Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016, in Laconia, N.H.

So who nearly killed whom in Reno, Nevada on Saturday night? A fracas at a Donald Trump rally captured on live television Saturday night saw the Republican candidate whisked off the stage by Secret Service agents and left those watching perplexed by what happened in the front rows as police in military gear appeared on the scene with one man

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Anonymous Stumps The Trump, The Secret Service, And The FBI

Though the joke was on Trump this time, it proves his fascist tendencies are nothing to joke about.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responds to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's closing remarks during the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland.

United States — Anonymous just pulled a fast one on Donald Trump, his campaign staff, the Secret Service, and the FBI — in one brilliant and telling fell swoop. To support the White Rose Society and the White Rose Revolt, which began as a response to fascist leanings by Trump and his supporters, Anonymous launched #OpWhiteRose — and the

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Americans Losing Faith In Nation’s Most ‘Trusted Agencies’

In the space of just a few months, the reputations and approval ratings of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Secret Service, as well as the Veterans Administration, have been seen a decline.

Air Force One

Even as Americans' trust in government eroded in recent years, people kept faith in a handful of agencies and institutions admired for their steadiness in ensuring the country's protection. To safeguard the president, there was the solidity of the Secret Service. To stand vigil against distant enemies, the U.S. nuclear missile corps was

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