Obama-Era Officials Call for More Government Control of Your Facebook Feed

Facebook content is already partially curated by government-linked think tanks, but for Samantha Power and others, that is simply not enough.

Facebook disinformation Feature photo

Writing in the Washington Post, senior Obama-era official Samantha Power has called on social media giant Facebook to do more to crush what she calls conspiracy theories and disinformation circulating on its platform. Describing it as being “overrun with foreign disinformation,” Power demanded Mark Zuckerberg “take far more drastic steps” to

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US Abstains For 1st Time In UN Vote Rejecting Blockade Of Cuba

Only the United States and Israel voted against the resolution calling for an end to the blockade last year.


A historic step toward lifting the blockade on Cuba, the United States abstained Wednesday in the United Nations general assembly vote calling for the end of the Cold War measure for the 25th consecutive year. "The United States has always voted against this resolution," said U.S. representative to the U.N. Samantha Power. "Today, the United

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Former Human Rights Defender Samantha Power To Receive Award From War Criminal Henry Kissinger

Power, who once criticized U.S. empire building, recently defended the United States’ intervention in Libya, although she admitted that, ‘The aftermath has proven very challenging.’

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power stands near the first Cameroon Ivory Burn at the Palais des Congres in Yaounde, Cameroon, Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

Before Samantha Power became the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations she was known as a human rights defender and opponent of genocide. In that role, she sharply criticized the record of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who she considered complicit in American war crimes and empire-building. But on June 8, the former statesman

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Christmas Carnage: AU Peacekeepers Killed In Central African Republic

Central African Republic teeters on Somalia-style chaos, as the country has been hindered by five coups and several rebellions since independence in 1960.

The already inflamed situation in the Central African Republic intensified on Christmas Day, after fierce fighting left six peacekeepers from neighboring Chad dead in the capital, according to various reports. In the last 48 hours, the violence in Bangui, the country’s decaying capital, also left bodies reportedly strewn about the

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A Humanitarian Hawk Heads To The UN

In many ways, Samantha Power is the liberal mirror image of Paul Wolfowitz and his neoconservative ilk.

The elevation of liberal firebrand Samantha Power to the post of America’s ambassador to the United Nations is an interesting, if dangerous, choice for President Obama. On the one hand, Power represents everything that a liberal progressive could wish for in a UN ambassador. On the other, her unflinching support of the use of force in support of

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Obama’s Ruffles Some Feathers With His New National Security Advisor Pick

Replacing Rice as ambassador to the UN will be Samantha Power, an anti-genocide activist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

On Wednesday, President Obama introduced former Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice as the replacement to Tom Donilon as National Security Advisor. In doing so, the president may have rubbed salt into congressional Republicans’ Benghazi wounds and also may have slammed shut any remote chance of a bipartisan truce. Replacing Rice at the UN

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