In Dem Debates, Corporate Media Push a Militaristic Foreign Policy: An Interview with Sam Husseini

MintPress News recently spoke to Sam Husseini about how the media promotes militaristic and even xenophobic approaches to foreign policy during the primary debates.

Election 2020 Debate Feature photo

On Tuesday, CBS News hosted the latest Democratic debate in South Carolina. Described by mainstream media outlets as both “feisty” and “chaotic,” the debate was largely characterized by efforts by other candidates to put heat on the current frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders. It noticeably touched more on foreign policy than

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Should Third Parties Support ‘Vote Pacts’ To Avoid ‘Spoiling’ Elections?

Unlike other vote swapping schemes which pair a voter in a swing state with a voter in a ‘safe’ state, a vote pact pairs voters across party lines who each promise to cast their ballots for a third-party candidate instead.

Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein, foreground, meets her supporters during a campaign stop at Humanist Hall in Oakland, Calif. on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016.

Third-party candidates are often accused of acting as “spoilers” by siphoning votes from the two major parties’ nominees and potentially tipping the balance in an election. Perhaps the most notable example of this is Ralph Nader. The former Green Party candidate is frequently accused of helping George W. Bush win the 2000 presidential election

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