“It Can’t Be Illegal to Help a People”: The Persecution of Alex Saab

Saab is virtually unknown in the United States, where he is currently languishing in a Miami prison, but he has been vital to Venezuela’s ability to survive the brutal economic war being waged by the U.S.

Free Alex Saab Rally

MINNEAPOLIS -- “It’s not a crime to fulfill a diplomatic mission. It’s not a crime to evade sanctions that are harming an entire country. It can’t be illegal to help a people.” Camilla Fabri Saab made these impassioned remarks when explaining the situation behind the illegal arrest and extradition - the kidnapping, in essence - of her husband,

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“Every Option Is on the Table”: US Prepping for Libya-Style Intervention in Ethiopia

While many in the Horn of Africa clearly need help, the Biden administration’s idea of “help” might not be exactly what they had in mind. 

Ethiopia Tigray Feature photo

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – Amid a bloody civil conflict and increasing great-power competition between the United States and China, there are a number of alarming signs that Ethiopia will become the next Libya – an African nation where the U.S. intervenes militarily under the pretext of stopping an impending genocide. A considerable military

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Diego Sequera Discusses the Underpinnings of Venezuelan Election and Huge Maduro/Socialist Victory

Sunday’s result underscores the notion that the Venezuelan people blame the U.S. sanctions for their suffering, rather than purely pointing the finger at the government.

 The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) is celebrating as, with almost all votes counted, they appear to have won 20 out of the country’s 23 states in Sunday’s regional “mega elections.” More than 70,000 candidates stood for one of 3,082 public positions, including local mayorships, councillors, regional legislators and state governors

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John McEvoy Exposes Britain’s Role in Suppressing Democracy at Home and Abroad

Lowkey and John McEvoy discuss how the United Kingdom is playing a key role in upholding the established world order and doing the dirty work to suppress any challenges to it.

 The Watchdog podcast is dedicated to uncovering hidden truths and exposing the secret affairs of Western governments. One individual doing more than almost anyone in revealing the true nature of the British state and its affairs worldwide is journalist and academic John McEvoy. Today Lowkey and John discuss how the United Kingdom is playing a

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Cubans Say They Are More Excited About School Reopening Than Regime Change

Most Cubans seem more concerned with getting their economy fired up than toppling their leaders. Even if they blame their government for mismanagement, corruption and a system that stifles private enterprise, few fail to recognize the enormous impact of U.S. sanctions.

Cuba Feature photo

HAVANA -- “If you build it, they will come,” said Kevin Costner in the Field of Dreams. In Cuba, they didn’t come. Dissidents on the island, with their U.S. backers, had been working feverishly for months to turn the unprecedented July 11 protests into a crescendo of government opposition on November 15. They built a formidable structure, with

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Syria Rebuilds Relations with Regional Foes Despite Ongoing US Opposition

Investigative reporter Vanessa Beeley joins us to help get us up to speed with the war that was once the focus of mainstream coverage pushing a humanitarian interventionist narrative.

 Welcome to MintCast, the official MintPress News podcast featuring dissenting voices the establishment would rather silence. Today MintCast host Mnar Adley is joined by Vanessa Beeley, an independent investigative journalist and war correspondent based in Damascus, Syria. While the U.S. military occupies a third of Syria -- mostly in the

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