Trump’s Historically Brutal Budget Eliminates 19 Federal Agencies, Boosts Military

“You see reductions in many agencies as he tries to shrink the role of government,” said White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney.

President Donald Trump smiles while speaking to a meeting of the National Governors Association, Monday, Feb. 27, 2017, at the White House in Washington. (AP/Evan Vucci)

Ahead of its formal release Thursday, the White House unveiled key details about U.S. President Donald Trump's first budget proposal which would gut key departments, going as far to entirely eliminate 19 federal agencies, all in the name of boosting military spending and increasing "border security". While nothing in the budget is a surprise

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Economic Recovery Mostly A Myth For The 99 Percent

93 percent of U.S. counties haven’t recovered from the Great Recession according to the National Association of Counties.

Marijo Beckman greeted Black Friday shoppers at a Boynton Beach,Fla. Walmar

Published in partnership with Shadowproof. The famous United States stock index known as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (or simply the Dow) flirted with approaching a historic high of 20,000. The index, which shows how the largest 30 companies publicly traded in the U.S. are performing, is considered a key indicator of how well U.S. business

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Fear Of Economic Blow As Births Drop Around World

“After we had a kid in 2009, I thought, ‘This is not happening again,'” says Strumwasser, 41, adding, “I never really felt comfortable about jobs, how solid they can be.”

Recession Population

NEW YORK — Nancy Strumwasser, a high school teacher from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, always thought she'd have two children. But the layoffs that swept over the U.S. economy around the time her son was born six years ago helped change her mind. Though she and her husband, a market researcher, managed to keep their jobs, she fears they won't be so

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Jobs: Back To Even

Two years down, four years back up — jobs have finally returned to their pre-recession peak.


As of March, the total net loss of jobs in the United States during the official recession of 2008-2009 was finally made up. The graph below says it all: The total number of jobs in the U.S. stood at 116.0 million in January 2008, then fell to 107.2 million by February 2010. The net loss of 8.8 million jobs was finally regained in March

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Eight Headlines The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Have The Courage To Print

The following are all relevant, fact-based issues, the “hard news” stories that the media has a responsibility to report. But the business-oriented press generally avoids them.

1. U.S. Wealth Up $34 Trillion Since Recession. 93% of You Got Almost None of It. That's an average of $100,000 for every American. But the people who already own most of the stocks took almost all of it. For them, the average gain was well over a million dollars -- tax-free as long as they don't cash it in. Details available here. 2. Eight

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A Photographic Look At How Graffiti Is Healing Detroit

Graffiti has become an important art form that has turned the dark, crumbling buildings in the largely abandoned Motor City into a visual display of hope.

(Photos courtesy of Chris Freitag, Pieces of Detroit) Widely regarded as a colorful form of vandalism and an indication of a lesser affluent, crime-inflicted part of town, graffiti is rarely, if ever, viewed as a positive addition to any community. But as community members in cities such as Detroit struggle to piece back together a city

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