Using Forged Emails, “Progressive” Journalists Smear Their Own for Challenging Syria Groupthink

Behind the campaign to silence these three critical, anti-war journalists was the same cast of characters that have become notorious in progressive circles for the viciousness of their attacks against anyone willing to come out against regime change in Syria.

Khalek Blumenthal Syria Feature photo

Three American journalists decided to do what many of their colleagues have done since the outbreak of the proxy war on the Syrian government: they traveled to the war-torn country to report what’s happening from the ground. But unlike the reporters who have made a name for themselves traipsing through some of the oldest cities in the world

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How a Small Team of Journalists Overcame Neocon-Cheered Facebook Censorship

“CNN manufactured a story: They investigated us, then got Facebook to censor us due to our funding source and then boom, they had a story about a Russian-funded outlet getting banned by Facebook.” — In The Now host Rania Khalek

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA -- Facebook seemed to have outdone itself again in its ongoing suppression of independent media when, earlier this month in coordination with CNN, it banned four pages belonging to a company that was not even accused of breaking any of the platform’s rules. The genesis of In The Now’s ban is striking as it has never

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These Four US Politicians Became Establishment Targets for Denouncing the Venezuela Coup

“The United States needs to stay out of Venezuela. Let the Venezuelan people determine their future. We don’t want other countries to choose our leaders — so we have to stop trying to choose theirs.” — Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI)

Anti War Dems

WASHINGTON -- Democrats have remained largely silent since the U.S. wasted no time in lavishing its pre-emptive blessing on a coup in Venezuela earlier this week, beginning with Vice President Mike Pence’s video address on Tuesday followed by President Trump’s recognition of Juan Guaido, a relatively obscure figure in Venezuelan politics, as the

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Max Blumenthal: The Left’s Failure To Confront Root Of Syrian Conflict

“You might not be a leftist if you are an apologist for any of these rebel groups or if you are edging toward calling for the replacement of a post-colonial state with a Sunni Islamist theocracy that requires NATO or U.S. military intervention.”

Max Blumenthal

Hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola welcomed Max Blumenthal, journalist, senior editor of AlterNet’s Grayzone Project, and author of The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza. Blumenthal has appeared on the show before, but this time he was our guest because multiple listeners requested an episode featuring him. His interview is more than

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Oregon Student Group Defies Pressure To Cancel Event With Arab Journalists

“We are expecting more pressure to cancel the event, but we hope our definitive stance deters any more dissent.”

Mnar Muhawesh (left), Rania Khalek (center), Abby Martin (right)

Published in partnership with Shadowproof. A student group hosting an event at Oregon State University on Palestine, Syria, and Yemen, has received requests to disinvite two Arab journalists scheduled to speak. However, the student group immediately took a stand and refuses to cancel the event scheduled for April 11. The event is called

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Should Controversial Speakers Be Kept Off Campus?

When controversial speakers have their events canceled, they instantly become a cause célèbre for those who value free speech.

Milo Yiannopoulos speaks on campus in the Mathematics building at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo. Right-wing provocateur Yiannopoulos was trying to clarify past comments on relationships between boys and older men after a conservative site posted a collection of edited video clips that set social media abuzz. After the polarizing Breitbart News editor was invited this weekend to speak at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference sparked a backlash, the Reagan Battalion tweeted video clips Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017 in which Yiannopoulos discusses Jews, sexual consent, statutory rape, child abuse and homosexuality. (Jeremy Papasso/Daily Camera via AP, File)

Published in partnership with Shadowproof. Independent journalist Rania Khalek, who is a colleague and friend of mine, had her speaking event canceled at the University of North Carolina in February. She was disinvited by the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter on campus because several activists and scholars in SJP chapters

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