Perspectives Diverge On Protective Edge’s Implications For Palestine

What does Operation Protective Edge mean for Palestine? That depends on who one asks. At the U.N. General Assembly, the conversation turned toward Israel’s “right to defend itself,” but the Russell Tribunal on Palestine’s discussion took a very different course.

Mahmoud Abbas

The aftermath of Israel’s colonial massacre of the Gaza Strip, dubbed “Operation Protective Edge,” featured strongly at the end of last month. It was a topic of conversation at both the U.N. General Assembly and the Russell Tribunal on Palestine -- two arenas with very different conclusions about the operation’s implications for

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Myth Vs. Fact: Breaking Down The Conflict In Gaza

These are the top 5 myths the American media left the public with about Israel’s brutal offensive of Gaza.

Israel Palestiniane

For Myth #2 click here.   If you're unable to to view the image above, below you will find the text.   1. MYTH: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a level playing field: Israel vs. Hamas FACT: This is the modern-day David versus Goliath. Why is the deadly Israeli assault collectively punishing over 1.7 million people in Gaza?

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