Mexico’s Imminent Marijuana Legalization Law Leaves US Lawmakers Holding the Joint

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is expected to make Mexico the largest legal cannabis market in the world when he signs a new marijuana law awaiting passage in the Senate. When he does, U.S. lawmakers will have to choose between the people and the prison industrial complex.

Mexico Marijuana Feature photo

MEXICO CITY -- For years now, dozens of pro-marijuana activists have gathered in front of Mexico's Congressional building on Reforma Avenue in the largest city in the Americas to spark up and tacitly remind lawmakers of a landmark 2012 ruling by the country's Supreme Court, that declared a ban on recreational marijuana to be

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New Report Details the Shocking Growth of the Prison Exploitation Across the US

“This report is really hoping to unveil the prison industry, the government and corporate actors who are exploiting the fact that they have been in the shadows,” — Bianca Tylek, Founder of Worth Rises

Prison Labor Feature photo

A new report from prison abolition group Worth Rises has exposed the extent to which corporate America profits from the desperation of the incarcerated. The 132-page study, entitled “The Prison Industry: how it started, how it works, how it harms,” blows the lid off the scandalous business practices organizations involved in what has become known

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China Releases Human Rights Report On US

“The colonial history, enslavement, segregation, racial terrorism and racial inequality in the U.S. remained a serious challenge,” the report noted.


(REPORT) --- On Thursday, China’s State Council Information Office released a human rights report on the U.S., noting that while that country continues to act as "the judge of human rights" it continues to ignore its own "terrible problems." The report, called "Human Rights Record of the United States in 2016," cites both international and

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1 in 36 Americans Are Tied up in the Prison System… And That’s a 20 Year Low

Despite the widespread attention mass incarceration has received over the last few years, findings reveal it has actually plagued the United States far longer.

A prison guard on horseback watches inmates return from a farm work detail at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, La.

Over the last several years, the United States has earned the troublesome accolade of being the most incarcerated population in the world. Nearly every fourth person behind bars globally resides in the U.S. While a new report from the Bureau of Justice, a faction of the DOJ, indicates the number of American inmates recently increased, change might

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White Collar Crime Prosecutions At 20 Year Low

Not only are fewer white collar criminals being incarcerated, they are not even being prosecuted in the first place.

Presented in partnership with Shadow Proof. The US justice system is notorious for its high incarceration rate and tough sentences, even for low level and non-violent offenses. The US now has more people incarcerated than were in the gulags in the Soviet Union under Stalin. Prison has become such an important and powerful concern that the term

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Activists Bring Solitary Confinement To College Campus For Alvaro Luna Hernandez

The small protest on the UT Austin campus was part of a national day of action for long-term anarchist political prisoners like Hernandez.

AUSTIN, Texas --- Dressed in a real prisoner’s clothing, an activist sat in silence on a busy college campus, alone inside a simulated solitary confinement cell drawn in chalk, on Thursday. Thousands of Texas prisoners spend about 23 hours a day in tiny confines with real walls holding them inside. “Will you sign a postcard for my friend

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