Just Like in the US, Policing in Israel is Rooted in Racist Violence

In the US, policing can be traced back to nineteenth-century slave patrols. In Israel, security forces have roots in Haganah, a Zionist militia group involved in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Israel Police History Feautre photo

HAIFA, ISRAEL — Israeli state violence manifests in several ways—police killings, home demolitions, displacement and detentions—but each is grounded in the same colonialist ideology spanning decades. In the U.S., policing can be traced back to the nineteenth century slave patrols designed to control and suppress Black people. In Israel, the

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Killer Cops: Police Killed Over 1,000 Americans in 2020

American police violence is off the charts compared to other developed countries, with homicides occurring at a per capita rate almost 70 times that of the UK, and nearly 170 times more than Japan.

Police Killings Feature photo

American law enforcement officers have killed well over 1,000 people in 2020. Between January 1 and December 15 of this year, the Mapping Police Violence project has recorded 1,066 people nationwide killed at the hands of the police, an average of around three killings per day. Despite the fact that 2020 has brought with it a pandemic forcing

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France’s New Security Law May Have Just Sparked a “George Floyd” Moment

Sparked by a new bill that would make publishing photos of police illegal and a viral video soon after that shows French police brutally beating a black man, it appears that France may be headed for its own “George Floyd” moment.

France Police Protest Feature photo

Award-winning Syrian photographer Ameer Alhalbi lies dazed on the ground. His head is heavily bruised and bandaged, blood covers his face, arms, and much of his body. Lengths of cotton wool have been stuffed up his broken nose, giving him an almost comical appearance. Alhalbi has been badly beaten by police. But this is not Syria, it is Paris,

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From British Israelism to the Miami Model: What’s Behind QAnon’s 2020 Resurgence?

The QAnon message is being subtly, and sometimes not-so-subtly, amplified by the very same members of the deep state they claim to abhor, spurring some of America’s most powerful forces to join the movement.

QAnon Feature photo

A simple wave of Trump's hand from his motorcade at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was enough for QAnon believers to race to their internet-connected devices and begin decoding the latest Q drops. These "encoded" social media posts spread through obscure internet forums like 8-Chan that are considered by adherents to be veiled

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Hundreds of Vehicle Ramming Attacks Mark New Norm in America’s Civil Unrest

There were 104 separate incidents of drivers crashing into protests between May 27, the date of the George Floyd killing, and September 5, including 96 civilians and 8 police vehicles.

Civil Unrest United States

Last week a black pickup truck plowed into a large crowd of anti-racist demonstrators protesting the police killing of Breonna Taylor in Hollywood. Video of the incident shows the driver hit a young man, subsequently accelerating over his body to escape a crowd converging on him. In Seattle, a man in a black sedan car barreled into a large

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$15,000 Bail for Breonna Taylor Killers. $1 Million Bail for People Protesting Police Violence

The lenient treatment that Brett Hankinson and other killer cops have received is in direct contrast to those protesting police violence.

Brett Hankinson, the sole Louisville police officer indicted Wednesday over his role in the killing of African-American ER technician Breonna Taylor, posted his $15,000 bail within hours of being booked. Hankinson is being indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment over the March 13 incident, where a squad of police conducted a no-knock raid

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