If Police Don’t Have to Protect the Public, What Good Are They?

The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed, most recently in 2005, that police have no constitutional duty to protect members of the public from harm.

Police ride on an armored vehicle through Baltimore on an armored vehicle following protests which occurred after the funeral of Freddie Gray, who was killed by police. A 10 p.m. curfew was in effect, April 28, 2015 (AP/David Goldman)

In the American police state, police have a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. In fact, police don’t usually need much incentive to shoot and kill members of the public. Police have shot and killed Americans of all ages—many of them unarmed—for standing a certain way, or moving a certain way, or holding something—anything—that

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Walls And Militarized Police: Israel Exports Occupation To American Streets

Israel is exporting its occupation tactics to the US, with Israeli military contractors opening subsidiaries across the country, promoting their surveillance technologies, walls, border monitoring equipment and violent tactics.

An armored police truck leads a troop of police through a residential neighborhood in Baton Rouge, La. on Sunday, July 10, 2016.

Israeli footprints are becoming more apparent in the US security apparatus. Such a fact does not bode well for ordinary Americans. US Senate Bill S.720 should have been a wake-up call. The bill, drafted by the Israel lobby group, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), as part of its “2017 Lobbying Agenda” is set to punish any

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Resistance Is Futile: The Violent Cost Of Challenging The American Police State

If you don’t want to get probed, poked, pinched, tasered, tackled, searched, seized, stripped, manhandled, arrested, shot, or killed, don’t say, do or even suggest anything that even hints of noncompliance.

Police Militarization Congress

Police are specialists in violence. They are armed, trained, and authorized to use force. With varying degrees of subtlety, this colors their every action. Like the possibility of arrest, the threat of violence is implicit in every police encounter. Violence, as well as the law, is what they represent.”—Kristian Williams, activist and author If

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Exporting Ferguson: US Armaments In The Middle East

Domestic attention has turned to the militarization of U.S. police forces, but our police aren’t the only ones being handed excess materiel.

Mideast Jordan US Obama

WASHINGTON --- Next week, both houses of Congress will take steps to address the militarization of America’s police forces. On Tuesday, the Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs will hold a hearing which aims to examine government programs that provide police departments with heavy armaments, while Georgia Rep. Hank

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#Mintcasts: Ferguson Reveals Parallels Between NDAA, Militarization Of Police

In the United States of America, home of the free, our police are gearing up for war, crushing peaceful protests and intimidating journalists.

Police Shooting Missouri

Hey everyone, and welcome to #MintCasts, our MintPress podcast series. I’m Mnar Muhawesh, editor-in-chief of MintPress, and I’ll be your host. Detention without charges and intimidation was the order of the day for Ferguson, Missouri, police again, with a heavily militarized force continuing to bully protesters while also vowing to continue

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