Trump Pardoning War Criminals, Prosecuting Whistleblowers

“What is the message to the soldiers and to the world if blatant war criminals are pardoned, while Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are severely persecuted for exposing war crimes?” — Gerry Condon, Veterans for Peace

Donald Trump | Pardons

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump has already made clear his soft spot for war criminals, having brought one - Elliot Abrams - into his administration. Then, earlier this month, Trump pardoned Army First Lieutenant Michael Behenna. Now, reports indicate Trump is just getting started. And while Trump appears to be making moves to pardon more

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Obama Pardons 22 People In Federal Prison For Drug Crimes

Obama has now approved a total of 43 commutations during more than six years in office.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Tuesday shortened the prison sentences of nearly two dozen drug convicts, including eight serving life in prison, in an act the White House said continues Obama's push to make the justice system fairer by reducing harsh sentences that were handed down under outdated guidelines. The effort could lead Obama

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