A Historical Reckoning: Oxford Study Challenges Israel’s Claims Concerning Palestinian Refugees

Pro-Israel institutions and spokespeople like to claim that the Palestinian refugee issue has passed some imaginary statute of limitations, but as a comprehensive new Oxford study shows,  it “has since become even stronger.”

Palestinian refugees feature photo

There needs to be a fundamental change in the way Palestinian refugees are seen, no longer as victims but as people with rights who are entitled to shape their own destiny. This assertion is made in a new study whose importance cannot be overstated. According to international law, Palestinian refugees have a right to return to their homes and

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From Lebanon to Syria, the Arab World is Failing Palestinian Refugees

Refugees, regardless of their race, ethnicity or religion, should be treated with respect and dignity, no matter the political complexity of their host countries.

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Heinous racism. That is how the Geneva-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor described a recent decision by Lebanese authorities to bar Palestinian refugee expats from returning to Lebanon. Lebanon’s restrictions on its ever-diminishing population of Palestinian refugees is nothing new. However, this event is particularly alarming as it

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Imagining Return: Palestinians in Jordan’s Sprawling Refugee Camps Still Yearn for Home

Miko Peled recounts his visits to Jerash’s Gaza Camp, a refugee camp housing tens of thousands of Palestinians just hours away from their ancestral homeland.

Palestinian refugee camp Feature photo

Amman, Jordan -- Abna’a Gaza (the Children of Gaza) is a status given to Palestinian refugees who fled from the Gaza Strip to Jordan in 1967. They fled during the 1967 war and consequent Israeli occupation of Gaza. Today, over five decades later, these Palestinians who originally fled to Gaza from their homes in greater Palestine in 1948 number

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VIDEO: Palestinian Refugees In Iraq Struggle To Find Refuge From ISIS

Palestanian refugees who fled war with Israel for the hopes of a better life in Iraq are finding themselves once again seeking refuge, this time from ISIS. MintPress speaks with a family who fled Palestine for Iraq, who after having their home in Mosul bombed, found themselves once again bouncing from one refugee camp to another.

Palestinian Refugees In Iraq Struggle To Find Refuge From ISIS screenshot

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