Who Will Stand Up for Palestinian Activists? The Brutal, Tragic Murder of Nizar Banat

Blaming the PA for the death of Nizar Banat is the same as blaming the finger of the person pulling the trigger, or blaming the poison rather than those who administered the poison.

Nizar Banat Feature photo

OCCUPIED PALESTINE -- The inexcusable, tragic murder of Palestinian activist Nizar Banat,-- the fierce critic of the Palestinian Authority, or PA, whose “health deteriorated” mysteriously last week while he was in PA custody -- shows us once again that Palestinians have no protection. No Palestinian is safe when they decide to stand up and demand

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Elections Are Not Democracy: Call To Boycott Upcoming Israeli and Palestinian Votes that Don’t Matter

Elections will matter in Palestine when they are called to include all people who live between the River and the Sea — one person, one vote for a single legislature and executive in a Palestine that is liberated.

Israel Election Arab Voters Feature photo

JERUSALEM -- Elections for the Israeli Knesset are scheduled for next month. It has also recently been announced that in May and June there will be elections held for the Palestinian Authority’s legislative and executive branches. Since both the Palestinian Authority and the State of Israel exist to deny Palestinians the rights and freedom they

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The PLO’s Half-Hearted Attempt to Counter Israeli Annexation of Palestine

As soon as Washington’s plan was announced in January, followed by Israel’s insistence that annexation of Palestinian territories was imminent, the PLO spun into a strange political mode, far more unpredictable and bizarre than ever before.

Israel Feature photo

The painful truth is that the Palestinian Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas has already ceased to exist as a political body that holds much sway or relevance, either to the Palestinian people or to Abbas’ former benefactors, namely the Israeli and the American governments. So, when the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, Mohammed Shtayyeh,

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Abuse, Oppression and Murder: The PA Does Israel’s Dirty Work in the West Bank

Arbitrary arrests, torture, and violence are regular occurrences in occupied Palestine. While Israel is responsible for the greater share of the violation of Palestinian human rights, the PA is part and parcel of that same Israeli strategy.

PA West Bank Feature photo

Merely two weeks after Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, declared that the PA will suspend all ‘security coordination’ with Israel, Palestinian security forces in the West Bank killed unarmed teenager, Salah Zakareneh. Zakareneh is not the first and, sadly, will not be the last Palestinian to be killed by the PA security forces,

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The Last Lifeline: The Real Reason Mahmoud Abbas Called for Palestinian Elections

The call by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for elections in the Occupied Territories is a political ploy. There will be no true, democratic elections under Abbas’ leadership. The real question is: why did he make the call in the first place? 

Mahmoud Abbas Feature photo

On September 26, Abbas took on the world’s most important political platform, the United Nations General Assembly, to call for “general elections in Palestine - in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip”.  The Palestinian leader prefaced his announcement with a lofty emphasis on the centrality of democracy in his thinking.

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The Book of Palestine: National Liberation vs Endless Negotiations

What will it take for the Palestinian government to abandon the American option and, instead, to develop a rounded strategy that is founded on national unity, democratic representation and international solidarity? asks Ramzy Baroud.

Palestine Israel

Those who are still hoping that the new American agenda on Palestine and Israel is temporary, or reversible, should abandon this false hope. Washington’s complete adoption of Israel’s messianic, extremist policies regarding Occupied Palestine has been a long time in the making. And it is here to stay.  Despite the unmistakable clarity in the

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