The Israeli Defense Forces: The Most Inept Army in the World

There is a constant argument from Zionists that the Israeli Army is “the most moral army in the world,” but there is another aspect of the IDF that is rarely discussed and that is the fact that it is inept, maybe even the most inept army in the world. 

Israeli Defense Forces Feature photo

HEBRON, PALESTINE -- There is a constant argument between Zionists, who claim that the Israeli Army is “the most moral army in the world,” and those who live in the real world, who understand that it is nothing but a ruthless army of occupation and oppression. But there is another aspect of the Israeli Army that is not discussed as often and that

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If Bibi Was the Frying Pan, Is Bennett the Fire? What To Expect from Israel’s New PM

“It’s not like [Israel is] replacing Netanyahu with a person who believes in equality for all, who believes in freedom for all, who believes in human rights for all. They’re replacing Netanyahu with an ultra-nationalist who is going to put forward his ultra-nationalist agenda.” – Diana Buttu, former PLO spokesperson

Naftali Bennett Feature photo

JERUSALEM -- After more than a decade, four elections, three corruption charges, and a tumultuous parliamentary vote, someone other than Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in as Israel’s prime minister this week. Naftali Bennett, the far-right nationalist who has replaced Netanyahu, heads the most politically diverse coalition in the nation’s history,

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An Opportunity That Can’t Be Passed: On Blinken’s Historic Meeting With Palestinian Activists

For the first time, an American Secretary of State has given time and attention to the Palestinian voice. It was not a photo-op, it was a serious meeting with various Palestinian voices who are actively resisting on the ground.

US Palestine Blinken

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM -- In an unprecedented and welcome move, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with four grassroots Palestinian activists in Ramallah yesterday. The four activists were Hadeel Qazzaz from Gaza, Aref Husseini from Jerusalem, Dalal Irikat, the daughter of the late Saeb Iriqat, and Issa Amro from Hebron. I met Issa in Hebron

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Facebook, Social Media Giants Admit to Silencing Palestinian Voices Online

Social media companies including Facebook have admitted to MintPress that pro-Palestinian posts were removed, blaming “technical bugs” and “spam filters.”

Israel Social Media Feature photo

OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM -- In a video posted on activist organization Jewish Voice for Peace’s Twitter account, Muna El-Kurd explained why social media is so vital for the Palestinian cause. “We rely on the honorable people standing in solidarity with us, people who tweet #SaveSheikhJarrah everyday,” Muna El-Kurd said. “Even a short tweet or

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Israel’s Pogroms in Jerusalem Could Spark the Destruction of al-Aqsa

There is every reason to believe the tragic (and seemingly unbelievable) scenario that one of Jerusalem’s holiest sites, and one of the world’s most revered monuments, could soon lay ruined in ashes as Zionist forces smile in satisfaction.

Jerusalem pogroms

JERUSALEM -- As the holy month of Ramadan comes to a close, it is becoming clear that the violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem has been ramped up in a coordinated effort by the Israeli government, the Jerusalem municipality, the Israeli police, and violent Zionist gangs. These latest events must be seen in the larger context of the ethnic

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Safely Past Another Election, Israel Turns Attention Back to De-Arabization of The Zionist State

The Zionists openly say that they will allow Palestinians to choose whether they remain in “Israel” as residents without rights, leave, or fight and be killed by the Israeli forces — the same forces that have been killing them for more than seventy years.

De-Arabization Feature photo

JERUSALEM -- As these words are being typed, The Holy Month of Ramadan is about to begin and I want to begin by wishing my Muslim brothers and sisters, friends, and all Muslims around the world Ramadan Karim. I was born and raised in Jerusalem, which has been an Arab and Muslim city for over 1,500 years. The sight of this beautiful ancient city

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