Librarians in Oregon Trained to Administer Drug Used to Prevent Deaths

A pilot effort at five libraries is training managers to administer naloxone, a drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose.

Opioid epidemic

Although librarians are best known for worrying about overdue books, lately many have been concerned about overdoses, too. This summer, the Multnomah County Library in Portland, Oregon, is conducting a pilot effort at five libraries to train managers to administer naloxone, a drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose long enough for

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Feds Defend Bulldozing Native American Burial Grounds For Highway Expansion

The Oregon Department of Transportation took special care not to disturb wetlands that ran along the road and to avoid encroaching on a roadside tattoo parlor, but did not give that same courtesy when razing Native American burial grounds.

Johnny Jackson, left, and Carol Logan, both plaintiffs in the case, overlook and area near the tribal burial ground that was bulldozed when the federal government widened U.S. Highway 26 Mount Hood, Ore. In 2008. (Photo courtesy Becket Law)

A federal judge seemed skeptical Monday about the government’s argument that it was within its rights to destroy burial grounds and a ceremonial site sacred to members of the Klickitat and Cascade Native American tribes to widen a highway. In 2008, the government widened U.S. Highway 26, which runs from the Pacific Ocean over Mount Hood and into

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Oregon Decriminalizes Cocaine, Meth, Heroin And More

The new law reduces possession of illegal drugs to misdemeanors rather than felonies as long as the person in possession does not have prior drug convictions.

Ecstasy MDMA pills

Oregon’s state legislature just reduced penalties for drug possession in a bill also intended to reduce racial profiling by law enforcement agencies. H.B. 2355 passed both the House and Senate last week and reduces possession of illegal drugs to misdemeanors rather than felonies as long as the person in possession does not have prior drug

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2016 Goes To Pot: Colorado Cannabis Sales Top $1 Billion & Oregon Sales Defy Expectations

The tax revenue from sales of legal cannabis in Colorado is expected to exceed the sales tax collected on cannabis in 2014 and 2015 combined.

Farmworkers transport newly-harvested marijuana plants, at Los Suenos Farms, America's largest legal open air marijuana farm, in Avondale, southern Colorado, Oct. 4, 2016. (AP/Brennan Linsley, File)

DENVER --- Legal cannabis is booming, and with Colorado netting $1 billion in legal, regulated sales in the first 10 months of 2016, the industry’s growth isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Sales of both recreational and medical cannabis hit $1.1 billion by October, according to analysis of sales data from the Colorado Department of Revenue. A

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Oregon Is Epicenter As Trump Protests Surge Across Nation

Around the country from New York to Chicago to California, in red states as well as blue, hundreds of demonstrators marched through streets, many for the third straight night though in somewhat smaller numbers.

A protesters unhappy with the presidential election blocks traffic on JFK Blvd. as they march between cars on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, in Philadelphia. (Charles Fox/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

PORTLAND, Ore. — Another night of nationwide protests against Donald Trump's election came to a head in Portland, where thousands marched and some smashed store windows, lit firecrackers and sparked a dumpster blaze. Police termed the protest a riot and used "less lethal munitions" to help clear the streets. Some 4,000 protesters surged into the

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ACLU Of Oregon Condemns State’s Surveillance Of Black Lives Matter Activists

Monitoring the social media use of Black Lives Matter activists in Oregon is an example of ‘how the level of trust between law enforcement and communities of color has been so damaged,’ the civil rights group says.

PORTLAND, Oregon --- An investigation of social media surveillance of Black Lives Matter activists shows a pattern of systemic racism and disregard for the law, according to an Oregon civil rights group. The comments from the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon came in response to a report issued this month by the Oregon Department of

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