Investigation Reveals Broken System Lets Problem Cops Jump From One Department To The Next

Some officers are permitted to quietly resign and never even face decertification. Others are able to keep working because departments may not be required to report all misdeeds to a state police standards commission, or they neglect to.

A police car drives into the Springlake Police Station in Oklahoma City, on Oct. 7, 2015. Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, who worked in the department's Springlake Division, is accused of sexual offenses against 13 women he encountered while on patrol. In an investigation of sexual misconduct by U.S. law enforcement, The Associated Press uncovered about 1,000 officers who lost their badges in a six-year period for rape, sodomy and other sexual assault; sex crimes that included possession of child pornography; or sexual misconduct such as propositioning citizens or having consensual but prohibited on-duty intercourse. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Law enforcement officers accused of sexual misconduct have jumped from job to job — and at times faced fresh allegations that include raping women — because of a tattered network of laws and lax screening that allowed them to stay on the beat. A yearlong Associated Press investigation into sex abuse by cops, jail guards, deputies and other state

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America Needs A Way To Police The Police

Communities want to be safe, and police want to do what’s asked of them by both the public and City Hall without fear of recrimination. To strike this balance, communities, law enforcement and politicians are going to need work together.

Bill de Blasio, Bill Bratton

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, right, and NYPD police commissioner Bill Bratton, center, stand on stage during a New York Police Academy graduation ceremony at Madison Square Garden in New York. Mayor Bill de Blasio declares he has moved past the crisis with police that threatened to derail his administration. He says in an interview with The

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Scandals Beckon A Call To Re-examine US Nuclear Triad

34 intercontinental ballistic missile launch officers have been implicated in cheating on the ICBM officer proficiency test.

Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James announced on Jan. 15 that 34 intercontinental ballistic missile launch officers have been implicated in cheating on the ICBM launch officer proficiency test. The officers -- ranking from second lieutenants to captains -- participated in a cheating regime that occurred at the Malmstrom Air Force base in

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