WikiLeaks Associate Kamphuis’ Belongings Found Floating in Sea, Sparking Homicide Fears

Bodø — where Arjen Kamphuis was last seen — is home to important Norwegian and NATO military installations as well as being a critical node of NATO’s “cyber defense” network.

Arjen Kamphuis Wikileaks

BODØ, NORWAY -- The belongings of Arjen Kamphuis, a Dutch cybersecurity expert closely associated with the transparency organization WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange, have been found in Norway, sparking fears that Kamphuis was the victim of a criminal act. Kamphuis’ belongings were found on Tuesday floating in the sea east of the

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It’s Time for Norway to Drop NATO

Suddenly the Nordic peoples are embracing the beast with new fervor. The Nordic countries have grown closer to the U.S. in terms of common response to Russian behavior (which is to say, Russia’s response to NATO expansion).

U.S. Secretary for Defense Jim Mattis, center left, speaks with Norway's Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen, center right, prior to a group photo at a NATO defense ministers at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Thursday, June 7, 2018. NATO defense ministers gather Thursday determined to show fresh resolve against Russia while hoping to prevent a series of festering trans-Atlantic disputes from undermining unity across the 29-nation military alliance. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)

Norway has announced that it has invited the U.S. to expand the contingent of Marines it sent to the country last year to 700, and to post troops closer to the Russian border. Russia protests that this undermines trust between Oslo and Moscow. Why is this important? In 1949 Norway joined NATO pledging to the USSR that it would not accept the

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The Norwegian Menace: Beware the Viking Hordes

Imagine what this country might actually be like if it were overwhelmed by Norwegian immigrants.

sanctions on iran

In the past couple of weeks, thanks to the president’s racist comments about Haiti and African countries he can’t even name — remember “Nambia”? — as well as the stamp of approval he awarded future immigrants from Norway, we’ve seen a surprising amount of commentary about that fortunate country. Let me just say: those Norwegians he’s so eager to

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While US Backs Carnage, Norway Cites Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen – Halts Weapons Sales

The US backed -Saudi led war has killed more than 10,000 civilians according to U.N. estimates, left three million displaced, and has set off a cholera epidemic that’s affected more than a million people and killed more than 2,000. More than eight million Yemenis are “a step away” from famine due to a number of blockades imposed by the Saudis.

Boys stand on the rubble of a house destroyed by Saudi-led airstrikes in Sanaa, Yemen, Friday, Aug. 25, 2017. Airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition targeted Yemen's capital early on Friday, hitting at least three houses in Sanaa and killing at least 14 civilians, including women and children, residents and eyewitnesses said. (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)

Citing grave concerns over the humanitarian crisis that's exploded in Yemen as a result of the U.S.-backed war in the impoverished country, Norway has taken action to curb its support of the violence and carnage. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Wednesday that the country would stop supplying weapons and ammunition to the

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Documents Reveal Norweigan Officials Teamed With Oil Lobby To Stop Ban On Arctic Oil Drilling

This comes as the Norwegian government faces legal action from NGOs – including Greenpeace – over its decision to offer new drilling licenses of the Arctic waters of the Barents Sea.

Two Walrus surface in front of the Arctic Sunrise, outside of a Walrus colony/ haul out which is on the west side of Kvitøya, Svalbard archipelago.

Norwegian officials are lobbying to kill an EU resolution calling for an end to offshore oil drilling in Arctic waters, according to documents obtained by Energydesk. A letter from Norwegian MP Eirik Siversten – who leads the delegation for Arctic parliamentary cooperation – urges members of the European Parliament “to delete in the plenary

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US Tanks Pouring Into Norway Caves For ‘Russia War’

Officials claim pre-positioning will reduce the cost of future conflict.

U.S. Marine Corps amphibious assault vehicles line up by the Trondheim Fjord, Norway, Jan. 9. These vehicles from the Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway will support exercise Cold Response 16, scheduled for later this month, with crisis response equipment including M1A1 battle tanks, amphibious assault vehicles, artillery, and logistics equipment drawn from Norwegian caves. (Photo: U.S. Marine Corps)

Echoing previous deployments during the Cold War, the Obama Administration is deploying a significant number of tanks and artillery forces into a series of secret caves near the Russian border in Norway. Officials say the caves have 6,500 pieces of equipment, and have in recent years been used to “support” the war in Iraq. Nominally, the new

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